Thrashole ‘Blasphemy’ EP

Blasphemy – Ooh, a very different kind of intro on this!  A triangle, followed by various other light percussive instruments, before the characteristically metal riffs and heavy drums come into play.  Still continuing, though, with the unique emphasis on percussion, throughout, bringing in the heavy set vocals slightly later than is usual.  Some highly inventive riffs, containing lots of melody and speed/power angles, along with standard throw down doomy ones.  Long enough to be able to pay attention to it and generally, an extremely noticeable song, with far more instrumental than vocal emphasis.  A very original track, with a sound so individual that it’s certainly hard to pigeonhole.  This definitely stands out from the crowd.

Chain – Opening with a couple of hits on the cymbals, rapidly joined by a hard, heavy drum section, some very nice metal riffs and melodic vocals, combining solos with harmonies; it’s a more generic sound and style, holding a decent catchy tune.  Liking those scales!  Faster, faster, faster!  It has to be said that this track contains some great bass work, which is far more memorable than most.  Bringing out that nice gritty vocal quality towards the end and finishing on a very nicely placed speed riff and drum hit.  This is one for the metal aficionados.

Averice – The Boneyard – Most intriguing title.  A loud, explosive intro, evoking imagery of enemy fire being opened on you.  Maintaining that whole feel throughout; this is a classically steel feel, heavy metal song.  Just nice and loud; growing harder and darker until the end.  Few drummers hit the drums as hard as that; making that the standout factor in this track.

Solitary Confinement – A vast change here again, with the beautiful acoustic opening, gradually giving way to a more electric, amped up chorus, of significant power.  Closely followed on its heels, by a typical power/speed section, increasing the heaviness and holding a deep drum feel within it.  A good selection of sounds and a very much magnified sense of heaviness.

Overall – A particularly heavy piece of work, capturing great depth and an actual physical sense of ‘deepness’, within its performance.  It’s an EP requiring real focus and demonstrates clearly, the level of concentration inherent within its creation.  Each track has something unique and noticeable about it, which, in itself, makes the EP, collectively, far less forgettable than many.  It’s big advantage is that in utilising variety in the way that it does, it strays away from being samey and following traditional conventions.  The risk taker element is prominent here and is also cleverly executed, in a way which still makes it fun.

8/10 ********

For fans of inventive heavy metal, directed away from the mainstream.



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