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Colour Trap – Compilation   Leave a comment

Somethin’s Comin’ Over Me – Very nice smooth melodic acoustic guitar intro, with some gorgeous tuneful vocals.  I’m feeling this one immediately.  Great well timed harmonies and absolutely lovely melodies, with really clear vocals; conveying total passion and plausibility.  Well constructed, soulful and very pleasantly haunting.  A deeply enjoyable listen.

P.S.L. – Opening with a slightly heavier riff, but maintaining the gentle easy listening feel, this is another great listen, with a good beat to it and an immensely catchy flavour.  A very bluesy edge to this and one which works very well indeed.  Moving at a decent pace, it’s one you can follow easily and fades out so nicely on the final riff and vocal.  A really relaxing listen, with lots of catchy  hooks and rhythms.

Brother Crow – Getting straight in there with a really intuitive flow; the drums roll along in such an effortless way that they really stand out on this one.  The whole track holds an extremely rocky vibe to it and its collective greatness is in its simplicity.  Clear in its direction, unpretentious and quietly confident; this is one to go to when calm escapism is the order of the day, to blow the cobwebs away.  Gently powerful, with a pleasant vibe.

Deathly Highs – A more rapid pace to this intro; uplifting and charmingly rocky in its own way).  There’s a real competence about this bands’ performance – it says, ‘we’ve nothing to prove and everything to gain’.  The whole thing holds a very clear 60s feel to it and a sound reminiscent of a ‘Heartbeat’ soundtrack.  I keep expecting the heart stoppingly sexy Nick Berry to drive past on his police motorbike.  What I’m saying is this track’s extremely visually evocative and therein lies its power.

March – Aha! The most powerful intro yet!  Deviating from the norm (always good, especially with the closer), with its opening shout of ‘March’ and subsequently bringing the whole sound up, creating greater focus on harmonies, it rocks hard.  This one’s just harder and more forceful altogether in its style and volume.  So powerful.  An incredibly strong track and immediately uplifting. Oh, here it comes, the humming along with the beat.  Instant success.  Gorgeous fade out.  Just delicious.

Overall – Instantly likeable rocky mood enhancer.  Everyone needs this in their lives.  A veritable escapist feat of luxurious blues tinged pure and simple rock, to carry you away to another world.  Ditch the antidepressants and listen to this instead.

8/10 ********



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The Dutch Duke – ‘The Dutch Duke’   Leave a comment

Saevus Umbra – Opening with that familiar mysterious rain effect, that’s always a good start. Oh and what’s that?  The cry of a werewolf, a crack of thunder and some very cool riffage to go with it.  Much lyrical emphasis on the night time world.  Nice steady pace, creating room to contemplate the lyrics and building a sense of intrigue and movement till the end.

Blooded Sights – An equally calm, consistent pace to this one.  Something a bit early 60s rock about it.  It definitely flows well.  A fairly short, but concise track.

No Mercy – Moving along much the same lines as the previous track, this also has a bit of a Motorheadesque feel in places, but it’s a bit staid and more of a filler track than anything.  A tad repetitive for me and lacking the excitement factor.

Dracula – Okay, this opens with a more noticeable drum roll.  Still, I have to say the vocals are just a little bit too flat and monotone for me.  However, the sound quality is decent and it does have some quite nice riffs in there.  Ending on a final, firm vocal, it’s okay as a background number, but is somewhat lacking in substance.

Overall – Passable and it does offer some fair nods to some of the early 60s style rock, as well as odd echoes of Motorhead, here and there, but it’s just a bit lacklustre and ordinary for me.  This would be improved by a much more upbeat tone and a lot more variety in the vocal stakes; perhaps throwing in a few experimental modern riffs with more vibrant tones and generally, including a standout feature or two.  At present, it has nothing unique to offer and whilst it’s not a bad production, it could do with livening up. Promising start, but ultimately, disappointing in the samey stakes.

5/10 *****

For fans of graveyard rock and basic early 60s rock.

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Accelerator – ‘Accelerator’   Leave a comment

Originally formed in Athens, Greece, in 2007, Accelerator have been producing material in one form or another, with different line-ups ever since.  The current self titled album reached completion at the end of 2014.

Higher Than The Sky – Opening with a typically fun speed riff, this instantly reminds me of the traditional classic bands that first perfected these sounds.  Very typically NWOHM.  Quick pace throughout, fab power vocals and just the right kind of blistering drums you want in a production of this ilk.  Note that here, it’s not about the heaviness of the drum hits, but the frenetic pace, working brilliantly alongside the fast-paced sexy riffs and practiced to perfection power screams.  This one slides down nicely).  That’s the way to open an album!

By The Blade – Oh yeah! Nice smooth bluesy steady intro, with more of those heavenly sexy vocals and brilliantly timed drumming and all the time, those gorgeous twiddly riffs continue moving higher and higher up the scale).  Very much a sing along instant hit you can get straight into.  That’s what you call a winning beat!  Pounding, rhythmic and flawless.  Love it.

Warchildren – Ooh, get that riff intro – that could almost have been the intro to Metallica’s ‘Kill ‘Em All’ album.  A dam good thing to my mind, when you’re able to make such a reference.  Another get straight into, sing along, catchy winner.  This gets better and better.  Nice acoustic slowing of the guitars in the midsection there; steadily speeding up again in that truly metallic way that just makes you want to scream for more.  Some real truth and passion in those vocals.  Nice riff and drum closing section on that last vocal.  Stunning.

Final Destination – Here’s an intriguingly ripply type riff intro, immediately and expertly followed by slightly more melancholic lyrics and vocal sounds and more of the highly pro drumming. OMG that beat is just divine!  Another sense of reminiscence of old inspirational metal tracks that stick for ever in the memory; at this point, Judas Priest’s ‘Out in the Cold’ springs immediately to mind.  This title summarises it well, cos it knows exactly where it’s going and it’s sung with such total and utter conviction, especially on that ‘final’ line at the end.  Simply sublime. 

A Heavenly Quest – Now this carries a mediaeval sound to its string and woodwind intro and it’s quite beautiful.  Closely followed up by another ‘Tallica style riff, with equally soundalike drum beats, only these vocals are very much individual to this particular singer.  A great rapid pace throughout and honestly, I could listen to these riffs and vocals for ever.  You just literally feel the power within them so strongly.  Oh yes!  That power scream just clinched it for me.  These guys could produce a ‘Heavy Metal Killer’s’ album all of their own.  I’d defy anyone not to join in with this and reserve it for all eternity, in their very own mental notebook of top-rated power metal songs of all time.

The Bells Of Notre Dame – Bang!  That just about sums up this intro.  It’s like these guys have taken every classic historical riff and rejigged it into their own unforgettable, racy formula.  High-powered vocals, riffs to die for, drum beats you could just climb all over and … well you get the idea.  The whole thing just literally screams power!  This track, in particular, thoroughly epitomises the band’s name.  That’s really the best way to sum it up.  It’s basically, an audio-visual representation of an accelerator.  Yes, I know, yet another reference to fast, sexy cars, but you know what?  There’s no getting away from it – fast cars and sexy metal go together well.  See how carried away this track’s got me?  That says something.

On Through The Night – A lovely gentle, finger picking, bluesy riff intro … inevitably followed by more of that awesome heaviness.  Very Hair Metal, this one.  Into its stride and flowing brilliantly.  Slight fluctuation between different rhythms towards the end, all of which are all you could want in a sexy metal song.  Very strong, powerful ending.  Never loses its momentum for one second.

Accelerator – *Title Track*. Back to a modern-day ‘Tallica – this is good, in my eyes.  Damn you, guys, this is yet another pen I’m about to wreck, drumming along with your songs!  Loving those continuously meaty riffs!  Just had to scream along with that final closing scream).  Hit it perfectly too!  Just another stunner.

I Take My Path – Slower and more contemplative intro here.  So far, we seem to have a new and unique version of Priests’ ‘Diamonds and Rust’ – beautiful – truly beautiful.  The riffs on here just sing their heart out to you.  This is how to truly get inside the hearts of listeners.  You feel the very real rawness of these vocals and it’s a genuinely great unique, closing feature.  The longest track so far and if this doesn’t get right into your heart and soul, then you really have to question your very existence.  It’s very true to say you feel this entire track quite literally bleeding out its pain and sorrow on a very deep level.  This song is the absolute crux of everything.  Here lies the shining heart and soul of absolute metal purity in its most sincere and human form.  I’ve got to tell you that I just want this track to go on forever.

Overall – An essential metal masterpiece of epically sustained proportions.  Holding within it everything that was good about metal’s history and moving it solidly into the present.  This will get you, mind, heart and soul.  A demonstration of the utter love, beauty, passion and perfection that lives within metal.   There truly aren’t words.  Bliss.  Sheer metallic bliss.

10/10 **********

For fans of Metallica, Judas Priest, Anthrax, speed/power/thrash metal and NWOHM in general.


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Deaf Row ‘The Proving Grounds’   7 comments

Introducing power trio Deaf Row’s new EP ‘The Proving Grounds’.

Intro – Slow, haunting, progressive intro – consisting of spoken, contemplative lyrics – a unique feature, in itself.

Remember This Day – Heavy riff opening, joined by equally heavy drumming and vocals, demonstrating immediate enthusiasm and a definite warmth.  It’s a nice easy rolling, rocky sound to get into and the catchy beat continues throughout.  Aptly titled, given the memorable quality of this track.  Increasingly uplifting and yes, it’s one I could happily and easily return to.

Defined By Our Enemies – Opening with a steady relaxed rhythm, both the vocals and instrumentals are performed so fluidly and effortlessly; carrying that quality that makes them such an easy, go to listen, that it’s really the overriding feeling.  Full of catchy hooks and holding your attention well.  Nice fade out riff.

Afflicted – A faster pace to this, it’s another uplifter, which is clear right from the start.  Some very well placed and proven solid rocky riffs and it just works.  Though the vocals could just do with bringing up a bit in places, generally, everything gels well and this is one of those very cohesive bands who work intuitively well together.

Abomination – Ooh, now you’ve got to love that intro!  That’s the stuff of memorably classic influences and carries a delicious taste of the ‘old school’.  Just full of really meaty, tasty riffs and smooth, heartfelt, gritty vocals, captivating me completely.  Plentiful masterful drum beats too.  This was a great choice for the closer and it definitely leaves me wanting more.  Sexy riffage?  Check.  Nice hard, heavy drums?  Check.  Decent, sincere, honest metal vocals?  Check.  This definitely wins my vote.

Overall –  A great new spin on vibrant metal with an old school flavour.  Grooves aplenty and laden with all the right ingredients.  One for racing down country lanes in a fast, sexy car.  Or even for anything, really.  Background music, get up and rock out music, frankly this would work every time.  Out now! 

8/10 ********

For fans of new wave metal, with an old school tinge.  Melodic groove, with a bluesy edge.

Album Art can be found here:



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Koncept ‘You Can’t Rush Art’   3 comments

Nocturnal – Nice ripple effect on that opening riff and straight in there with a good heavy drum roll, holding back at just the right points and upping the ‘moving through the floor’ factor with intuitive timing.  Jamie’s vocals are just right for this track – rocky, steady, rhythmic, conveying effortless passion and they know just where to go and when.

Running on Reserve – Following on with a similar catchy beat; a great rolling cohesive feel to this and yes, it’s definitely memorable.  Ooh, yes, very nice riffage there!  Melodic and very fitting.  Something of the timeless simple rock anthem about this.  Ending with a distinctly satisfied feel of winning the game.  Warm and upbeat.

Losing Faith – Higher, faster pace and tempo, with a slightly more thrashy sound.  All the time, retaining the clearly consummate professionalism which just moves fluidly into each section with complete ease and confidence.  Good solidifying track.

Double Standard – Another great heavy beat, with such smoothness of vocal movement this time, carrying an almost palpable firmness of direction, particularly with the immediacy of the ending.

DK – Lovely acoustic riffage and vocals here.  Now this is how you keep it gentle, yet heavy, simultaneously injecting pure beauty, lyrically and instrumentally.  Nailed that immediately.  Very visually evocative and just such a joy to listen to.  Not many bands can keep the acoustic material characteristically rocky, while mellowing it out and giving it such a listenable sound.  Did it for me.  Perfection right there.

A rare beauty, of decent length, although I’d love to hear more.  This belongs in rock’s treasure troves section.  Succinct, with gritty realism.  It’s got that special something.  One to go back to when nothing else quite hits the mark.  All the right noises for placement in the true rock gravitas arena.  Highly recommended.

9/10 *********

For fans of solid, tuneful rock, with groove and bluesy intonations and ultimate ‘catch all moods’ listenability.  I’m not comparing this to any other bands, because it’s in a class all of its own.


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Harmony Disorder ‘Heaven’s Secrets’ EP   4 comments

Heaven’s Secrets – A fresh, upbeat exotic feel to this intro.  Growly vocals, with fast-paced melodic riffs and hammering drums.  Nice steady continuous rhythm, confident performance, with hints of more melodic vocals occasionally.  Rapid close, with more hammering drums.  Liking the guitar tones.  Standard death metal fare.  An acquired taste, this one, with slightly more melody thrown into latter sections of the song.

Ocset – A slower, chugging intro here, with a more downbeat feel in places; increasing the pace again, retaining the growly vocals, briefly morphing into a more ‘shouty’ style in places, before returning to form.  Consistently quick paced heavy drumming.  An echoey, but impressionable, haunting fade out, on the word ‘rise’, following the insistent, determined lyrics.  Similar feel to the opening track, if somewhat calmer and mellower.

Overall, a very competent production, with no holds barred.  Its secret is in its simplicity, in terms of the way it gets in your head and bugs you with its easily memorable hooks, whether you want it to or not.  That says something, whatever your tastes.  For me, this is generally an acquired, but catchy sound.  Short, but packed with decent audible effort.  Good audio quality and musically, hard to fault the performance.  Difficult to categorise, so one for those with more mixed metal tastes.

5/10 *****

For fans of generic death, melo-death, techno, metalcore and other sub genres and crossover styles of metal.


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