Harmony Disorder ‘Heaven’s Secrets’ EP   4 comments

Heaven’s Secrets – A fresh, upbeat exotic feel to this intro.  Growly vocals, with fast-paced melodic riffs and hammering drums.  Nice steady continuous rhythm, confident performance, with hints of more melodic vocals occasionally.  Rapid close, with more hammering drums.  Liking the guitar tones.  Standard death metal fare.  An acquired taste, this one, with slightly more melody thrown into latter sections of the song.

Ocset – A slower, chugging intro here, with a more downbeat feel in places; increasing the pace again, retaining the growly vocals, briefly morphing into a more ‘shouty’ style in places, before returning to form.  Consistently quick paced heavy drumming.  An echoey, but impressionable, haunting fade out, on the word ‘rise’, following the insistent, determined lyrics.  Similar feel to the opening track, if somewhat calmer and mellower.

Overall, a very competent production, with no holds barred.  Its secret is in its simplicity, in terms of the way it gets in your head and bugs you with its easily memorable hooks, whether you want it to or not.  That says something, whatever your tastes.  For me, this is generally an acquired, but catchy sound.  Short, but packed with decent audible effort.  Good audio quality and musically, hard to fault the performance.  Difficult to categorise, so one for those with more mixed metal tastes.

5/10 *****

For fans of generic death, melo-death, techno, metalcore and other sub genres and crossover styles of metal.


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4 responses to “Harmony Disorder ‘Heaven’s Secrets’ EP

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