Koncept ‘You Can’t Rush Art’

Nocturnal – Nice ripple effect on that opening riff and straight in there with a good heavy drum roll, holding back at just the right points and upping the ‘moving through the floor’ factor with intuitive timing.  Jamie’s vocals are just right for this track – rocky, steady, rhythmic, conveying effortless passion and they know just where to go and when.

Running on Reserve – Following on with a similar catchy beat; a great rolling cohesive feel to this and yes, it’s definitely memorable.  Ooh, yes, very nice riffage there!  Melodic and very fitting.  Something of the timeless simple rock anthem about this.  Ending with a distinctly satisfied feel of winning the game.  Warm and upbeat.

Losing Faith – Higher, faster pace and tempo, with a slightly more thrashy sound.  All the time, retaining the clearly consummate professionalism which just moves fluidly into each section with complete ease and confidence.  Good solidifying track.

Double Standard – Another great heavy beat, with such smoothness of vocal movement this time, carrying an almost palpable firmness of direction, particularly with the immediacy of the ending.

DK – Lovely acoustic riffage and vocals here.  Now this is how you keep it gentle, yet heavy, simultaneously injecting pure beauty, lyrically and instrumentally.  Nailed that immediately.  Very visually evocative and just such a joy to listen to.  Not many bands can keep the acoustic material characteristically rocky, while mellowing it out and giving it such a listenable sound.  Did it for me.  Perfection right there.

A rare beauty, of decent length, although I’d love to hear more.  This belongs in rock’s treasure troves section.  Succinct, with gritty realism.  It’s got that special something.  One to go back to when nothing else quite hits the mark.  All the right noises for placement in the true rock gravitas arena.  Highly recommended.

9/10 *********







For fans of solid, tuneful rock, with groove and bluesy intonations and ultimate ‘catch all moods’ listenability.  I’m not comparing this to any other bands, because it’s in a class all of its own.



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