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Saevus Umbra – Opening with that familiar mysterious rain effect, that’s always a good start. Oh and what’s that?  The cry of a werewolf, a crack of thunder and some very cool riffage to go with it.  Much lyrical emphasis on the night time world.  Nice steady pace, creating room to contemplate the lyrics and building a sense of intrigue and movement till the end.

Blooded Sights – An equally calm, consistent pace to this one.  Something a bit early 60s rock about it.  It definitely flows well.  A fairly short, but concise track.

No Mercy – Moving along much the same lines as the previous track, this also has a bit of a Motorheadesque feel in places, but it’s a bit staid and more of a filler track than anything.  A tad repetitive for me and lacking the excitement factor.

Dracula – Okay, this opens with a more noticeable drum roll.  Still, I have to say the vocals are just a little bit too flat and monotone for me.  However, the sound quality is decent and it does have some quite nice riffs in there.  Ending on a final, firm vocal, it’s okay as a background number, but is somewhat lacking in substance.

Overall – Passable and it does offer some fair nods to some of the early 60s style rock, as well as odd echoes of Motorhead, here and there, but it’s just a bit lacklustre and ordinary for me.  This would be improved by a much more upbeat tone and a lot more variety in the vocal stakes; perhaps throwing in a few experimental modern riffs with more vibrant tones and generally, including a standout feature or two.  At present, it has nothing unique to offer and whilst it’s not a bad production, it could do with livening up. Promising start, but ultimately, disappointing in the samey stakes.

5/10 *****

For fans of graveyard rock and basic early 60s rock.

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