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Somethin’s Comin’ Over Me – Very nice smooth melodic acoustic guitar intro, with some gorgeous tuneful vocals.  I’m feeling this one immediately.  Great well timed harmonies and absolutely lovely melodies, with really clear vocals; conveying total passion and plausibility.  Well constructed, soulful and very pleasantly haunting.  A deeply enjoyable listen.

P.S.L. – Opening with a slightly heavier riff, but maintaining the gentle easy listening feel, this is another great listen, with a good beat to it and an immensely catchy flavour.  A very bluesy edge to this and one which works very well indeed.  Moving at a decent pace, it’s one you can follow easily and fades out so nicely on the final riff and vocal.  A really relaxing listen, with lots of catchy  hooks and rhythms.

Brother Crow – Getting straight in there with a really intuitive flow; the drums roll along in such an effortless way that they really stand out on this one.  The whole track holds an extremely rocky vibe to it and its collective greatness is in its simplicity.  Clear in its direction, unpretentious and quietly confident; this is one to go to when calm escapism is the order of the day, to blow the cobwebs away.  Gently powerful, with a pleasant vibe.

Deathly Highs – A more rapid pace to this intro; uplifting and charmingly rocky in its own way).  There’s a real competence about this bands’ performance – it says, ‘we’ve nothing to prove and everything to gain’.  The whole thing holds a very clear 60s feel to it and a sound reminiscent of a ‘Heartbeat’ soundtrack.  I keep expecting the heart stoppingly sexy Nick Berry to drive past on his police motorbike.  What I’m saying is this track’s extremely visually evocative and therein lies its power.

March – Aha! The most powerful intro yet!  Deviating from the norm (always good, especially with the closer), with its opening shout of ‘March’ and subsequently bringing the whole sound up, creating greater focus on harmonies, it rocks hard.  This one’s just harder and more forceful altogether in its style and volume.  So powerful.  An incredibly strong track and immediately uplifting. Oh, here it comes, the humming along with the beat.  Instant success.  Gorgeous fade out.  Just delicious.

Overall – Instantly likeable rocky mood enhancer.  Everyone needs this in their lives.  A veritable escapist feat of luxurious blues tinged pure and simple rock, to carry you away to another world.  Ditch the antidepressants and listen to this instead.

8/10 ********



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