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Four Star Revival – Knights Of The Revival   2 comments

Knights Of The Revival – Ooh, a very different intro to usual here.  A church organ, playing sinister and very striking tones…. the kind you’d expect to hear in a vampire film.  Top marks for originality and intrigue straight away.

Red – Opening with a single cymbal hit and a typically heavy riff, drum roll and rocky vocal, this is a classic old school metal vibe.  Very pleasing to the ear.  If ever I heard the reincarnation of DIO, this is it.  Liking the symbolic lyrics, illustrating the title perfectly and it’s chock full of great sexy riffs and a general metallic feel.  Catchy, accomplished and a nice enjoyable length.  Fun and faultless.

Faith – Great vibe and rhythm to this, opening as it means to go on and never deviating from the heaviness for a second.  This can’t fail to make you smile.  Some brilliant crashing drum rolls in there and such a cultured voice, simply oozing power and passion.  Slight variations in the arrangements just after the midsection; slowing the pace for a while; injecting some truly smooth and sexy riffs, before picking up the pace again and ending so abruptly, you wonder where it’s gone.  It’s one of those that just hits you hard. Love it.

Hold On – Another crashing intro, with a sound that could have been lifted straight out of a classic old school metal track.  I don’t need to tell you that this is a good thing.  So DIOesque in its whole construction and feel, it definitely rocks.  Cohesive, meaty and uplifting, with top-notch sound quality.  Again, flawless.

Perfect Life – A slightly lower intro tone, but certainly no less exciting.  Loving those vocals.  Such warmth and character and so, so catchy.  If this doesn’t have you singing along in the first few bars, you need a lobotomy.  Very strong lyrics, if somewhat funereal, in places, but sung with utter conviction.  Great backing harmonies too.  Maintaining that catchy beat consistently.  Just beautiful.

Somewhere To Run To – Opening with a gorgeous acoustic riff, leading quickly on to an equally gorgeous vocal and rapidly seguing into the by now characteristic heaviness.  This just carries you away to another world.  Metal Heaven incarnate.

Let Love – A more downbeat intro to this, but it’s absolutely stunning.  Reflective and very resonant.  Extremely reminiscent of Maiden’s ‘Wasting Love’.  Just full to the brim with some of the most memorable, heart rending metal instrumentals you’ve ever heard.  I believe this song completely.

Save Me – Blistering guitar intro there; very well placed.  There’s more of a Priestesque feel to this, reminding me slightly of some of the riffs to ‘The Green Manalishi With The Two-Pronged Crown’.  There’s some great heavy riffage and drum hits in here.  Very fiery, both instrumentally and vocally.  It holds a very catchy flavour and to be honest, I wish it didn’t have to end.

Broken Man – A cymbal opening, immediately followed by more classic heaviness and sexy beats.  Predictably rocky, heavy, metallic and altogether lovable.  Good job I bought that box of new pens, as I’m on the verge of destroying yet another one, drumming along, yet again.  Strong, heady and has it all in spades.

Home – Now here’s a solid example of hearing a guitar sing.  Some gorgeous harmonies and it just feels warm, plausible and true.  Filled with all the sounds you’d want from a new wave, with an old school twist track.  Emphatic drum fills, hard and powerful vocals, accomplished bass lines and riffs to die for, performed with skilful timing, high quality production and unforgettable emotion.  Top drawer.

Shine – Banging intro; heavy, unhesitant and crystal clear.  Softer and gentler tones towards the mid-section, with more of those passionately felt lyrics.  Ending with a combo of leading and backing vocals, holding those notes so well.  Immense.

Fade – (Aptly titled for a closer).  Opening with a darker feel altogether.  A much more negative sense to these lyrics and again, you really feel it, very powerfully.  I could swear I just saw a streak of lightning move across my computer screen during this track.  More of those heavenly riffs you could just melt into.  Captivating, seasoned, totally professional and inexplicably good.  Containing some really well honed harmonies towards the end, followed by yet more of those killer riffs.  A sheer delight.

Overall – Absolutely sublime!  Mark my words, this will go far.  Here is an album undeniably deserving of placing alongside the greatest and the best in rock and metal history.  Believable, joyous and extremely memorable.

10/10 **********



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