Beckon Lane ‘Self Titled’

Welcome to the debut self titled EP from Beckon Lane.  Hailing from Nottingham, amongst their influences are modern American rock bands such as Alter Bridge, Shinedown, Nickleback, Pain of Salvation and Black Stone Cherry.  Having played their live debut at Nottingham Rock City in 2014, Beckon Lane have subsequently played many other Midlands based rock venues and have a video TBC in 2016.

Divided – Opening with a seasoned low bass rumble, an equally down-toned, if somewhat melancholy vocal tone, gentle percussive support and a steady, rolling rhythm; there’s a gradual but consistent direction.  Meaningful and resonant lyrics and a quiet insistence are what forms the bedrock of this track.  There are some definite audible soft rock influences.  It does have a certain kick to it.

Jaded – Oh, a darker, heavier intro and a faster, more upbeat tone.  The drums are standing out the most.  Slight reverb to the vocals in places, but a clear melody and higher pitch, with a little more emphasis on the guitar work, which holds a quality I’d like to have heard more of.

Lost Myself – Opening with a noticeable sombre tinge, this feels very reflective so far…. that is, until the drums and riffs kick in, with more power; joined by the vocals and the harmonies are adding that special something here.  There’s a definite catchiness in the mid-section, bringing out the flavour and the feel of the riffs that bit more and that final vocal and drum hit just nailed the ending.

Overall, a good quality production, with a lot of effort, which just needs a bit more power injecting into it, to bring it to life.  Obvious talent and enthusiasm, but the guitars are hiding in the shadows and they need to come out.  Great potential generally.  It would just benefit from a stronger sound and greater cohesion, to show the band in their true light.  A lot more riffs and a louder tone would propel them upwards to their rightful place.

6/10 ******



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