Blacksmith Legacy ‘Metal Never Dies’

Formed in 2009, Blacksmith Legacy are a pure heavy metal band.  Influences include Judas Priest, Helloween, Accept etc.  After three years of line-up changes and experimentation with musical styles, various live performances and recording sporadic singles, the band started recording their debut album in 2012.  It was released and debuted live in 2013.

In 2015, the current EP, ‘Metal Never Dies’, was completed.  Its completion was marked by a sold-out release party, along with a video of the title track.  Since then, the band have been busy with video & song production and gigs throughout South Sweden.  A new album is on its way and gigs already planned for 2016.

Having supported the likes of Helix, Amaranthe and Lillasyster, B.L.  are currently looking for a record company.

Close To The Abyss – Very Ozzy style in its intro riff, (or if you want to be pernickety about it, more in the style of Zak Wylde and the late Randy Rhoads), straight into the pure metallic vibe.  Right from the start, this has it all.  Excitement and heaviness factor abounds.  Melodic and clear-sighted, with a hard groove; incorporating riffs from a well-known popular soundtrack around the mid-section – work it out, if you can…  it rocks big time!  Fun, sexy and just too damn short!

Forged – More of that awesome heaviness, in a great pounding rhythm, with incredibly metallic lyrics.  This one’s got ‘made for metal lovers’ stamped all the way through it.  Riffage aplenty, strong, almost viking like vocals, melody infused with metal, drums of steel; the works.  There’s something very party like about this one.  Made for repeated listens.  In every well-made metal EP, there’s an instant favourite.  This is it).

Metal Never Dies – Gentle, acoustic intro, followed by the most gorgeous gritty vocal harmonies and some perfectly smooth riffs and all the while, retaining that pure metal beauty.  A 100% sincere metal track, positively exuding metal truth.  It just makes me want to climb inside that guitar and make love to it all night.  You just have to love the sentiments of the title and the absolute honest purity with which it’s performed.  Where have Blacksmith Legacy been all my life?

Saints And Sinners – Crashing intro, with the drums taking centre stage and lyrics to die for.  Engaging and powerful; oh and there it is… the catchy singalongability.  Is that a word?  If not, then the Rock Queen just invented a new word.  There.  This is a great choice of closing track.  A very Dragonforceesque feel to this.  Sheer force of metal is probably the best way to put it.  Ace.

Overall, a pure and honest steel plated slice of metal.

10/10 **********

For fans of Ozzy Osbourne, Dragonforce, NWOBHM, European metal, classic metal, speed/power/thrash metal, Viking/Pirate metal, Pure Heavy Metal.




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