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Amken, ‘Adrenaline Shot’   Leave a comment

Winners of the first ‘Top of the Rocks’ contest, Amken originated in Athens, Greece in September 2011.  They’re a Bay Area thrash band, currently touring live around Greece and various other countries and preparing their debut album, set to be released in early 2016.  Having previously played support slots with Six Feet Under, Skeleton Witch, Skullfist, Reactory and Biocancer etc, their biggest performance to date has been at Schoolwave Fest 2015, supporting Planet of Zeus, to a crowd of 1000 plus.  Featured on Metal Hammer’s compilation album, ‘Lessons in Violence’, this, their debut EP, was released in 2015, via Mexican label EBM Records.

Adrenaline Shot – Wow!  Blistering riff and drum intro, with very fiery vocals and I’m loving it already.  Great rapid pace; well-suited to the genre and if the raging lyrics are anything to go by, they’ve started as they mean to go on).  It’s got all the right ingredients, including a blazing closing section.  Municipal Waste springs to mind within this sound.  Perfect opening.

Zombie Pets – Banging intro, with the most gorgeous melodic riff.  Really bloody catchy and those drums are just the right kind of quick and steady pace you want, to keep your attention.  Liking the power screams lots.  This holds a fresh and exciting feel to it, whilst sounding so accomplished you know you’re in good hands.  Filled with hooks and plenty of paradiddles in there too.  It’s got that great blend of serious metal and uplifting tones, which to my mind, is a recipe for success.

Nightmares – Oh! Intrigue… nicely done novel and curious intro, with a combo of typically metal storms and drastically untypical sounds, reflecting what could be any range of external influences.  Seguing into familiar metallic territory at just the right time – it appeals to my sense of experimental, mixed with good old predictable metal sounds.  Alternate pacing, here and there, in a sheer dizzying way, especially in riffage terms and the fade out riff’s just pure beauty.

Gods Asleep – Ooh, hammering it home, with an unhesitantly hardened, heavy sound – well placed styles in the closer.  Playing around again cleverly with the riff tempo, but never losing their thread for a moment.  Heightening the pace just before the mid-section and injecting more catchiness and melody, to fuel the song’s energy in just the right ways and places.  It’s a nice length – allowing focus and fun at the same time.  No room for boredom here).  Slight reminder of CSOD’s ‘Sexsomnia’ at this point and ending on a well timed closing riff).

Overall – A delightfully melodic thrash project, to please and satiate your metal sensibilities.  You’ll have fun with this.  A perfectly sized, enjoyable package of fun, reliable metal for the purists amongst us.

10/10 ********** 

For fans of power/speed metal, Bay Area thrash metal, such as Testament; Slayer, Municipal Waste, The Heretic Order, CSOD.  www.facebook.csoduk


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Cypher 16 ‘The Great Surveyor’   4 comments

Cypher 16 combine metal and industrial sounds, to create an original sound.  They’ve played alongside Amaranthe, Fear Factory, Children of Bodom, Behemoth, Lamb of God and Slayer already.  They’re already confirmed for Hammerfest in March 2016 and prepped to tour internationally to promote the album.

I Am The Great Surveyor – Very unusual intro.  A bit like a film soundtrack of an ocean based adventure movie, initially.  Seguing gradually into the industrial section and ending abruptly.

The Whole Sea To Cross – See?  Told you it was something to do with the sea.  Melodic industrial, mixed with standard rock; strong beats and generally, strong sound, which strikes me as a possible acquired taste.  More of a visual track for me than anything else.

In My Line Of Country – Accomplished and eloquent, with just a hint of sentimentality about it.  It does have a catchy feel to it, but definitely carries more of a new metal sound than an old school/classic vibe.  Unquestionably articulate, but so far, I’m still waiting for that ‘something unique and memorable’ to appear.

The Deep Six – Again, it does an excellent job of evoking visual imagery, especially that surrounding film soundtracks, but audibly, I’m afraid I can’t find anything that does it for me or stands out from anything else.  Their musical skills are certainly without doubt, though.  Nice fade out.

Open The Dark Door – Fresh and clear intro.  Still, though, this has too much of a ‘pop’ sound for my liking.  This track holds more of a gentle feel and pace.  A tad too light for the title, really.

Before The Reign – Very samey sound to previous tracks and whilst it shows their musical aptitude clearly, I just can’t find anything to distinguish it from other tracks or to make it noticeable in itself.

Castle – More of the same.  A slight melancholic feel to this.  There is a booming sound to it and you can hear the industrial influences clearly.  I’m just not feeling it, though.  It does have some very pleasant riffs at the close, but I’d have liked a lot more of those.

Down A Level – Part 1 – Quite a dark quality to this track; don’t listen to this when you’re feeling down.  It’s a shame, cos as with previous tracks, it’s not their performance abilities in question; simply the monotonous form it takes.  It does contain some brief almost exciting riffs, but they’re soon overtaken by the repetitive, dull lyrics and tones.

Down A Level Part 2 – I’m sorry to say it gets worse. I apologise, but I think I’m going to slit my wrists.

Curtains Close – I thought they already had.

Overall – Unfortunate. In terms of instrumental and vocal competence, it’s good, as is its general sound production, but it’s let down by morose, samey repetition and some distracting skipping during a couple of tracks. Very little exists to differentiate one track from another, or even where one ends and another begins, after the first few tracks. I don’t usually say this, but to my ears, it’s boring, with very little to redeem itself.

4/10 ****

For fans of industrial, techno and pop rock, with the emphasis on pop.


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Kickin’ Valentina ‘Super Atomic’   2 comments

Kickin’ Valentina was formed in early 2013 and the debut album ‘Super Atomic’ was recorded in 2015, with renowned producer/engineer Andy Reilly, (Bruce Dickinson, Cradle of Filth, UFO, Asia, The Quireboys) and released in November.  The band has since played headline shows and festivals, supporting Buckcherry, Queensrÿche, Skid Row, LA Guns and Faster Pussycat and was named Rock Band of the Year at the Georgia Music Awards in 2014.  Their debut singles ‘Get Ready’ and ‘Alone’ both feature in new horror movie ‘Altered’ and they’ve also been nominated for best rock band and video of the year for ‘Wrong Way’ at the 2015 GA Music Awards.  European dates are in the pipeline.

Sermon – That’s different!  An ‘anti-rock’ sermon, decrying the evils of supposedly satanic rock music).

On My Side – You couldn’t have asked for a better follow-up than this high-grade, catchy rock and roll blast.  Imagine you’ve just stepped back into the heydays of metal and pure rock gold and here, we have a modern version, followed by the tinkling of glass.  Nice touch).

Wrong Way – Sassy beat and sexy rhythms, to hook you in immediately.  Raw power.  Hard-hitting drums, heavy riffs and high-class, raunchy vocals, with an equally sexy, rhythmic bass line all add up to pure rock in experienced hands.  You’ll love it.

Get Ready – Rolling straight along there, with sex appeal to die for; it’s immediate, catchy and uplifting.  This aint gonna leave my stereo ever again.  Fiery, fast and fun.  It’s all you could want in a rock song.  No living being could fail to love this at first listen.

Fist ‘n’ Twist – It just gets better.  Classic old school and filled with raging rock ‘n’ roll fire.  It blisters along, with some great solo drum fills, fast-paced riffs and class act gravelly rock vocals.  I think he’s swallowed glass and made it sound metal).

Super Atomic Poster Boy – I’ve just been transported to Sunset Strip, with Motley Crue headlining an extended set.  Got to love the way he hits those drums.  It rocks and it rolls and there’s just no other way to say it.  Bliss.  It’s happened.  I’m too busy singing along to write any more.  This just rocks!  Big time.

Alone – This is one of those which injects a unique atmosphere right at the intro, never losing that far away feeling of being somewhere else.  Fantastically paced, unrelentingly catchy and warm with feeling.  You’ll wonder where these guys have been all your life.  Just like one of those moments of instant mutual attraction between two people who know they’ve met before in another life.  I swear, you’ve been waiting all your life for these guys to come along.

When You’re Gone – Retaining that high level rocky vibe and likability; it just carries you away with the beat.  Some fabulous backing vocal harmonies in here too.  It’s the height of rock purity.

Anita – In here, you can hear a range of old school influences, wrapped up in a new wave flavour.  This one’s for all those 80s hair metal fans and that ‘when rock was young’ generation.  It’s all about Anita, obviously.

Some Kind Of Sex – Groove, oomph and drive).  Brilliant bluesy edge to this, with that old sex agenda that can always be relied on.  They do it so well!  Vibrant and upbeat, with a diamond rhythm.  Very cool fade out riff.

Dirty Girl – Driving straight in there with a typically rocky hard hitting drum beat and rockin’ and rollin’ vocals and riffs, to make a perfect closing track.  The age-old formula of women and sex which always somehow works in rock songs has been taken full advantage of here and to stunning effect, it has to be said.  Searing rhythms and sexy tones, going out with a bang.  It works).

Overall – Magnetic rock ‘n’ roll motion.  If you thought you’d never hear anything like the greats of rock ‘n’ roll history again, you were mistaken, cos here it is.  A new wave resurrection of all the classic metal and rock eras, combined.  The making of a piece of rock ‘n’ roll history lies right here. A revival of the true sound of rock.

10/10 **********

For fans of Motley Crue, Aerosmith, Poison, Warrant, Vixen and all your favourite hair metal and old school rock ‘n’ roll bands. 


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The Heretic Order ‘All Hail The Order’   3 comments

Classic metal band The Heretic Order was born in 2014, in London.  Ex Breed 77 guitarist Danny Felice began composing songs for the album in 2013.  Completing the line-up are Stuart Cavilla, (also Ex Breed 77) bassist, Ernie Negara, Ex Savage Messiah, on drums and Marcel Contreras-Chalk, from Brit metallers Affluenza.

Their influences are Black Sabbath, DIO, Mercyful Fate, Motorhead, Angel Witch and their brand of ‘evil rock ‘n’ roll and shock metal’ also encompasses pagan and satanic philosophies.

Metal Hammer online premiered their Hammer House of Horror inspired debut video clip ‘Burn Witch Burn’, prior to their live Bloodstock performance, well received by fans. Before Bloodstock, they played London Metal to the Masses and have since played Hammerfest, supported Exodus at Camden Underworld and were main support to Diamond Head, the following day.  Recently signed to renowned German record company Massacre Records, this, their debut album, released on 25th September 2015, is now unleashed to the world.

Track 1 – Banging hard, heavy, doomy intro, followed by gorgeous melodic riffs and power vocals, dripping with enthusiasm and combined with a few growly roars.  Very doomy bass line, standing out from the crowd in a big way.  A distinct funereal thread runs through this track, yet it comes alive with energy simultaneously.  Loving those power driven riffs).  Quick paced, catchy and also dark and maudlin.

Track 2 – Rapid paced intro, yet also flitting between that and the graveyard imagery evoked by the doom laden bass and palpable stoner mood throughout it.  It’s both vibrant and sombre and somehow manages to inject opposite sounds in a workable, exciting way.  You just want to hear more.

Track 3 – Somewhere between the last 2 tracks in pace and feel; a rollercoaster of racing riffs and hooks, to drag you along in its wake.  Plenty of colourful melodies, packed inside the classic heaviness of new wave of old school metal.  It delights and excites in equal measure.

Track 4 – Liking the intro here.  A metallic power ride of ecstasy and joy.  Catchiness in spades.  So much fun’s packed into this that you just find yourself getting straight into it and travelling along with it till the end.  It’s really just a prime example of how power metal should be done.  The perfect uplifter.

Track 5 – Slightly more downtoned in tempo and downbeat in feel, yet never losing any of that vocal zest or instrumental life.  These guys are able to convey emotional contradictions with such passion and skill that not an ounce of energy is lost in the telling.  It still comes across in such a life affirming way.  Beautiful riffing and the whole thing is a wonderful package of aural pleasure.

Track 6 – The drums become the central emphasis here; their pace depicting a rhythmic race around the Top Gear track.  Full to the rafters with well worked metal fire and fury; ending way too soon.

Track 7 – What’s happened here?  Have WASP just entered the room and begun playing ‘Inside The Electric Circus’?  Oh no they haven’t, as now the doomy, yet still fun feel has re-entered the equation.  Very much a modern American rock feel to this.  Performed with ease and familiarity; it also displays elements of bluesy grooves and slight sleaze rock, within the overall classic power metal vibe.  Some very tasty melodies and beats here.

Track 8 – Metal rain on a grey, overcast day.

Track 9 – A riff fest of epic proportions, with a combo of light and shade.  Like being catapulted through a metallic kaleidoscope of colours and shapes, into a flexible, convex world of unreality, to send your senses reeling.  Slowing the pace for a while, before taking it back up again, it’s got more twists and turns than a spiral staircase.

Track 10 – Really just more of the metal magnificence we’ve already heard.  This, though, gives the vocals more of a chance to shine, in places.  Those riffs are the best.  Scaling higher and higher, they never fail to capture your imagination.  How weird!  I’ve just been listening to the Sabbath track ‘Hand of Doom’ being re-played in this closing section!  Talk about eerie…..

Track 11 – Sufficiently and fittingly doomy for the closer.  Loads of sexy riffage and cutting vocals.  Metallically rhythmic drum beats and just, generally, a manic, fun filled feast of steel.  It takes you to the heights of metal paradise and back.  Some lovely acoustic riffing at the close, you could happily get lost inside.  Very Sabbathesque at the end, with the church bells and wind and rain effects resonant of ‘Black Sabbath’.  A perfect touch.

Overall – An exciting and eclectic funfair of metal mayhem, with all the buzz of the circus, only better, with metal performances instead of tricks.  You need this in your life.  Wherever you want to go, this cutting-edge metal will take you.  Even your wildest imaginings will never conjure anything as good.  Buy it now and keep it on endless repeat.

10/10 **********

For fans of power/speed metal, sleaze metal, NWOBHM, WASP, Black Sabbath, Slash, Guns ‘N’ Roses, Duff Mckagan, stoner metal and most American metal. 

Album available now.

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Cold Raven ‘Equilibrium And Chaos’   5 comments

Cold Raven formed in January 2013.  An obscure ‘black melo-death’ band, their lyrical inspirations include alternative ancient religions, theories of the universe and world philosophy.  Their first full-length album, ‘Equilibrium And Chaos’, was produced within three months.  Influences include black metal originators of the early 90s and some of the later, broader-based bands.  Having previously supported Nargaroth, Infernal War, Dark Funeral, God Dethroned, Belphegor and Unleashed, Cold Raven have begun performing live and are now ready to bring their unique shows to the fore.  E and C was released early this year, internationally, via Sliptrick Records.

Intro – Nice steady intro, with dark overtones and a haunting atmosphere.  Acoustic driven and eases itself in nicely.  Riffs accompanied by stormy sound effects.  Good start.

No Mercy – Whacks it straight out of the park, with no hesitation.  Growly, feral and evenly paced all at once.  As throaty as these lyrics are, there’s something slightly Rammsteinesque about them.  More spoken than sung and distinctly noticeable.  Confident instrumental and vocal performance.  Decent rhythm and good overall quality.  Nice smooth riffs towards the close.  Increasingly monster like roars, fading out on a low riff.  Consistent tone and pace; evoking a shadowy sense throughout.

In Worship With My Inner Darkness – Great title.  Loud, clearer intro, with more melodic flavour, generally.  Some very adept drum rolls.  Slightly more tuneful in places, in contrast with the title, but with plenty of unpredictable twists and turns.  Maintaining a good steady rhythm and mixing it up with various riffs and an alternation between dark and light.

Equilibrium And Chaos – Opening with noticeably great melody.  Still, those dark growly vocals don’t change.  Upping the pace, periodically; employing more variety in the style of the riffs and heightening the pace of the drums towards the end, it still remains resolutely dark in its lyrical focus.

Trapped In A Cult – Similar sound to previous tracks.  The more you hear, the more you can picture the band name, visually.  There’s a certain resemblance to stepping into the dark heart of the forest in the black of night.  You definitely sense the sinister implications of the song’s title in the music.  Some really nice riffs and rolling drum hits in the final section, consolidating the song, with the closing spine chilling words, ‘we’re trapped in a cult’.  Very very black.

Eons Of False Prophets – Bilge filled sputum are the words which spring to mind.  That’s as close as you’ll get to a visual reference.  Somehow, it’s a paean to dark imagery; along the lines of vomiting black bilge from the blackest depths of the blackest of souls.  There’s no denying the catchiness of the final closing riffs, though.  An abrupt and undebatable ending.

The World Is Doomed – Not a track for gloomy moods.  Nevertheless, an aptly titled closing track, which certainly makes its point.  Faster paced, or so it seems, but maybe that’s just the effect of the way the drums are being battered.  An ideal late-night horror/thriller soundtrack.  Some very appealing variations in riffage and drum tempo towards the end, accompanied by some creepy whispers, before the best (imho) most exciting riffs yet and a final roared closing vocal.

Overall – The blackest of black nights in the blackest of places, summarised musically.  It’s got the fear factor down pat.  Visually evocative, with impressive audio quality.  Consistent, yet diverse.  Darkness personified – it delivers precisely what’s expected from its given genre title.  One for the black metal/death metal enthusiasts.


For fans of black metal, death metal, doom metal, horror/gothic, fantasy metal and melo-death.



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Mindfield ‘(W)hole In The Head’   4 comments

Mindfield are a Polish metal band, formed in 2008.  Their debut EP, ‘Snap of Fingers’, received lots of air play and was widely acclaimed in music magazines.  They’ve played alongside bands such as Hey, Ira, Acid Drinkers, Coma, Myslovitz, Kult, Hurt and Frontside.  In 2010, they won first place at the all Poland contest, which took place at Cieszanow Rock Festival.  In 2012, their first LP, ‘Teeth Marks’, won at Rokowa Noc Fest, in Rzeszow. In 2013, work began on the current album, which features several guest appearances by members of Acid Drinkers, Decapitated and Los Agentos. It was produced and mixed by Jaros Iaw Baran, who’s previously worked with Fear Factory, amongst others.  On January 20th, 2015, the video for ‘Public Killa’ was released.

Bloodstone Part 1 – Creepy, ‘Coma’ like intro – makes good use of the short time length, incorporating plenty of atmosphere, both vocally and instrumentally.  Intriguingly melancholic, in a rocky way.

40 + Four – Exploding into life; with a real sleaze metal feel – this is a very fun track).  Gritty, heavy and thoroughly sexy.  I’d definitely want to hear this again.  It contains all the right ingredients – memorable melody, gravelly vocals, solid drum rolls and easy riffs to lie back and melt into.  A good, reliable rock song with all round catchiness.

DARK – Loud and clearly directed intro – continuing with more of the same generally pleasing rocky grooves, throughout.  Nice fast riffs and well paced rhythm, great powerful and equally exhilarating vocals.  It’s got that something which will make you remember it.  Hook laden metal pleasure)…… yes the title is meant to be capitalised.

Pinky – Gradual high-volume intro, with that special quality, compelling you to just get straight into it.  It just sort of rolls along in an exceedingly seasoned way.  A nice touch on the harmonica towards the end and some really gorgeous slide guitar in the closing section.  There’s a distinct feel of a combo of all the best bits of sleaze, sludge, blues, stoner and melodic metal, thrown together to create a specialised and highly workable metal hybrid, with a country rock atmosphere.  Very likeable.

Find Myself – A gentler approach to this one, but certainly no less enjoyable.  Acoustic based and very beautiful.  It’s actually one of those that’s just so catchy, it becomes hard to focus on reviewing it, rather than just listening and singing along).  Unique and can safely be said to be the versatility card.

Public Killa – Some varied and intriguing possible cultural influences here.  Liking the different styles within it, musically and vocally.  This is where we hear the growly/screamo abilities alongside the softer, more melodic vocals, with various instruments at certain junctures.  An open-minded and multi-skilled track which still retains the fun factor.

Lazarus – Admittedly unusual intro – demonstrating elements of space rock/maybe even trance music, in parts.  Still, it doesn’t lose its essential melodic flavour.  It carries a Middle Eastern sound inside the female vocals, just after the mid-section, before returning to the noticeably manly gritty vocals, accompanied by the hard and heavy instrumentals and still manages to include lower, softer elements in quite a magical way.

Down – Crashing onto the scene, with wild, metallic abandon, before alternating the tones slightly again and generally, keeping that high-quality sound and all-round listenability throughout.  Particularly passionate vocals here, especially towards the end.  Energised and fuelled, high octane rock).

Wild – Excitability factor down straight away.  Immediate, heavy, sexually charged and totally enthralling.  Clever use of fading around the mid-section.  It works.  Catchy riffs aplenty.  In fact, I’m too preoccupied with them to write any more about this.  Except that I like the sound effect of crumbling rocks at the end.

Bloodstone Part 2 – Nice wind and rain effects, with the mournful piano intro.  Real feeling’s injected into the vocals here, conveying almost palpable sadness, loss and desolation.  There are rare instances when you can literally hear and feel a person’s pain, inside their music and this is one of them.  These guys have really poured their hearts and souls into this.  True, transparent and eloquent.

Overall – A deeply magical, complex journey through an entertaining and vibrant miasma of metal, to haunt your soul forever.

10/10 **********

For fans of G’N’R’, Slash, general sleaze, sludge, stoner, melodic, blues and gritty American rock/metal.


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Pokerface ‘Divide And Rule’   6 comments

Formed in Moscow in 2013, Pokerface are an old school thrash metal band, who’ve gone through phases of various line-ups, whilst producing original material, both live and recorded.  Their influences are old school thrash bands, such as Slayer, Testament, Sodom and Kreator.  Their first EP, ‘Terror Is The Law’, was released in 2014, with the female vocalist Delirium Tremens.  In spring 2015, they played tour support for Sepultura and in summer, they toured with Overkill, Claustrofobia, Children Of Bodom and Vader.  Then, their Internet single, ‘Kingdom Of Hate’ was released, prior to the debut album ‘Divide And Rule’, which came out in autumn.  Since then, they’ve played with Megadeth, Kreator and Infected Rain.

All Is A Lie – Gradual eerie keyboard intro, giving way to an explosive instrumental and truly impassioned growls and screams of pure unadulterated rage.  The riff scales and banging thunderous drums accompanying them equal the depth of rage, leaving no room for doubt as to the extreme emotions behind the music.  Subtlety, be damned.  Hellish fury just about covers it.

Kingdom Of Hate – Opening with a very welcome Slayeresque riff; joined by more measured, but no less passionate drum rolls and alternating speaker echoes…. speaking of echoes, here lies an unmistakable Prodigy influence.  Rapidly followed by a riff section that could have come straight from Slayer’s ‘Seasons In The Abyss’.  Heightening the riff tones to orgasmic territory; this just does it for me.

The Chessboard Killer – Haunting riff intro, which wouldn’t be out of place in a vampire film.  Quickly chased by more raging instrumentals and vocals to conjure the dead.  Just a pure continuum of rage is probably the best way to sum this one up. Aha and just as you think it’s becoming predictable, they add in some techno beats and then metal it right back up again, hammering your brains to bits till the end.  Loving those Slayeresque riffs the most).

Existence – Bang!  Crash!  It’s one of those intros that just fires straight into life, with a crescendo of metal.  One thing’s for certain – they’ve nailed those ‘Reign In Blood’ type riffs like kings.  Or maybe that should actually be raining blood type riffs, as frankly, the whole track just feels like being rained on by blood-soaked metal.

Into The Inferno – Drum intro to beat your senses black and blue.  The riffs get faster and faster till you think you’re being chased by them.  The whole feel of this track is one of a game of metallic tag, with wolf like howls and growls thrown in.  Battering the drums in the closing section to splinters, it’s said its’ piece loud and clear.

Human Control – Liking the mix of melodic tones, lightning fast riffs and solid, heavy as fuck drums, beating the life out of the song.  Some magnificent riffs just after the mid-section and I actually think this singer is a wolf, not a human at all.  Fuck me, where did that song go?!  A short, but succinct full on and very pleasurable metal attack.

Age Of Terrorism – Slightly more Testament like in feel; with a highly catchy drum fill and a really fun power scream, followed by what have to be totally throat wrecking roars of rage.  Those brilliantly toned and perfected sexy as fuck riffs from metal paradise just continue till the end and there’s just no other word, but mind blowing.

Killed By Me – Seguing straight into the exuberant riffage and drum hits we’re now familiar with; really going for it with those possessed screamo vocals.  If ever you need a shock to wake you up in a hurry, when the alarm clock just doesn’t cut it, I recommend this.  Devilish and acutely pleasing.

Shut Up – Hardness incarnate.  Keeping on with that same crazed manic pace, uncompromising heaviness, with melody still alive within it.  Deathly, yet vibrant and pulsing with life force at the same time.  Like being brained by half a dozen saucepans simultaneously.

Divide And Rule – Heavy with energy and boundless adrenaline; retaining the melody, while proving their propensity for steel toe-capped attack.  Metallized propulsion – it speaks for itself.

Overall – A ferocious and angry beast of an album, to knock down your door, break down your defences and invade your soul, like a demon possessed.  You could easily be forgiven for mistaking them for Slayer.  Satan obviously overcame them long ago.

10/10 **********

For fans of Slayer, Testament, Exodus, Anthrax and generally, old school thrash metal.

Soundcloud link:

Promo vid from European metal channel:

Album available digitally from:




Amazon Music:



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Battlecreek ‘Hate Injection’   2 comments

Founded in Bavaria, Germany, in 2004, Battle Creek are an old school thrash metal band.  In 2008, they established themselves in the European metal scene, with their demo, ‘Demolition’, reaching the finals of the Wacken metal battle in 2009.  In 2011, their debut album, ‘Wake the Plague’ was released and  in November 2015, their current album, ‘Hate Injection’, came out.

Dealing Death – Beautiful acoustic riff intro, followed up by a wave like gradual amped up melody that simply melts into your veins….. until….. one of the most forceful, crashing instrumentals, bringing to mind the words ‘thrash till death’, cos nothing else would fit. Orgasmic riffs to die for and old school thrash at its best.  If you wanted a return to the heydays of thrash metal, you’ve got it right here.

Redneck Riot – Bang!  Right in there with killer heavy drums and an absolutely blazing hot fire of riffage and angry raging thrash vocals to better the likes of Testament.  A metal crusade to end them all!  I have no more words to do it full justice, so I’ll end there.

Kill Or Be Killed – Blistering opening, with more of the same.  A veritable melting pot of steel.  We’ve entered ‘school of metal’ territory and it just gets better and better.  Mood lifter straight from metal heaven.  Now we’re cooking and I have nothing more to say.

Hate Injection – As if you needed any more evidence of Battlecreek’s rightful place in the Wacken finals, here it is.  It truly is mind blowing.  Some use of growly vocals in here, blended in with the more thrashy ones and it suits this particular track well.  Ending on a final blasting drum hit, it speaks volumes.

Blood For The President – Opening with a crackling riff fest to kill for, demonstrating their absolute clinching of metallic rhythm, a sheer explosion of unrepentant thrash blitzcriegs, straight from the Gods of Metal.  Climbing in intensity and hitting its peak at the end, on that heavenly riff, this is the biz.

Fuck The Demon – Getting in there with some no hesitation melodic hard and heavy riffing; it really doesn’t get any better.  Pure lightning storms of metal).  A very fitting and damn good title.  You’re in safe and experienced metal hands here.  If you need a pick me up, this is the one.

Hell in a Cell – Dark, rapid, considered and instinctive all at once.  I think I’m being pleasantly assaulted by a barrage of sensory attacking thrash!  I doubt I’ll ever be the same again.  I mean, this is pure manna from Heaven.  Have Slayer, Testament, Exodus and Anthrax reconvened secretly and combined their talents in the guise of Battlecreek?  It certainly sounds like it.  Full on steel!  It’s about time someone bought me a box of drumming resistant pens!

D+Adldi D+Adldi D+A – Unpronounceable title, so I’m not going to try.  Still, the riffs and drum rolls more than compensate.  This is just a complete and total riff and drum hammering of your senses until all but metal is obliterated.  Quite right, too.  Some of the most beautiful riffing ever, just after that mid-section.  Absolutely flawless compositions and ending on a somewhat Yngwie Malmsteenish classical style riff which it seems is the ideal cherry on the top of the icing.  Sublime.

Nodeng Of Darkness – A final closing demo of the stunningly steel instrumentals we’ve already heard; this time, accompanied by deep throated monster like growls.  Smashing it big time here, they still introduce some variety here and there in tempo, volume and pace; ensuring it’s never predictable.  A sound conclusion to a convincing and ear-rending album of thrash extravaganza.

Overall – A believable thrash metal banquet, to quash the doubts of all non-believers.  One of those rare finds which actually lives up to its PR and then some.  Real, honest, plausible thrash at its very finest.  You need this in your life.

10/10 **********

For fans of Testament, Exodus, Slayer, Anthrax, Bay Area/crossover styles of thrash and all old school NWOHM. 



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