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Mindfield are a Polish metal band, formed in 2008.  Their debut EP, ‘Snap of Fingers’, received lots of air play and was widely acclaimed in music magazines.  They’ve played alongside bands such as Hey, Ira, Acid Drinkers, Coma, Myslovitz, Kult, Hurt and Frontside.  In 2010, they won first place at the all Poland contest, which took place at Cieszanow Rock Festival.  In 2012, their first LP, ‘Teeth Marks’, won at Rokowa Noc Fest, in Rzeszow. In 2013, work began on the current album, which features several guest appearances by members of Acid Drinkers, Decapitated and Los Agentos. It was produced and mixed by Jaros Iaw Baran, who’s previously worked with Fear Factory, amongst others.  On January 20th, 2015, the video for ‘Public Killa’ was released.

Bloodstone Part 1 – Creepy, ‘Coma’ like intro – makes good use of the short time length, incorporating plenty of atmosphere, both vocally and instrumentally.  Intriguingly melancholic, in a rocky way.

40 + Four – Exploding into life; with a real sleaze metal feel – this is a very fun track).  Gritty, heavy and thoroughly sexy.  I’d definitely want to hear this again.  It contains all the right ingredients – memorable melody, gravelly vocals, solid drum rolls and easy riffs to lie back and melt into.  A good, reliable rock song with all round catchiness.

DARK – Loud and clearly directed intro – continuing with more of the same generally pleasing rocky grooves, throughout.  Nice fast riffs and well paced rhythm, great powerful and equally exhilarating vocals.  It’s got that something which will make you remember it.  Hook laden metal pleasure)…… yes the title is meant to be capitalised.

Pinky – Gradual high-volume intro, with that special quality, compelling you to just get straight into it.  It just sort of rolls along in an exceedingly seasoned way.  A nice touch on the harmonica towards the end and some really gorgeous slide guitar in the closing section.  There’s a distinct feel of a combo of all the best bits of sleaze, sludge, blues, stoner and melodic metal, thrown together to create a specialised and highly workable metal hybrid, with a country rock atmosphere.  Very likeable.

Find Myself – A gentler approach to this one, but certainly no less enjoyable.  Acoustic based and very beautiful.  It’s actually one of those that’s just so catchy, it becomes hard to focus on reviewing it, rather than just listening and singing along).  Unique and can safely be said to be the versatility card.

Public Killa – Some varied and intriguing possible cultural influences here.  Liking the different styles within it, musically and vocally.  This is where we hear the growly/screamo abilities alongside the softer, more melodic vocals, with various instruments at certain junctures.  An open-minded and multi-skilled track which still retains the fun factor.

Lazarus – Admittedly unusual intro – demonstrating elements of space rock/maybe even trance music, in parts.  Still, it doesn’t lose its essential melodic flavour.  It carries a Middle Eastern sound inside the female vocals, just after the mid-section, before returning to the noticeably manly gritty vocals, accompanied by the hard and heavy instrumentals and still manages to include lower, softer elements in quite a magical way.

Down – Crashing onto the scene, with wild, metallic abandon, before alternating the tones slightly again and generally, keeping that high-quality sound and all-round listenability throughout.  Particularly passionate vocals here, especially towards the end.  Energised and fuelled, high octane rock).

Wild – Excitability factor down straight away.  Immediate, heavy, sexually charged and totally enthralling.  Clever use of fading around the mid-section.  It works.  Catchy riffs aplenty.  In fact, I’m too preoccupied with them to write any more about this.  Except that I like the sound effect of crumbling rocks at the end.

Bloodstone Part 2 – Nice wind and rain effects, with the mournful piano intro.  Real feeling’s injected into the vocals here, conveying almost palpable sadness, loss and desolation.  There are rare instances when you can literally hear and feel a person’s pain, inside their music and this is one of them.  These guys have really poured their hearts and souls into this.  True, transparent and eloquent.

Overall – A deeply magical, complex journey through an entertaining and vibrant miasma of metal, to haunt your soul forever.

10/10 **********


For fans of G’N’R’, Slash, general sleaze, sludge, stoner, melodic, blues and gritty American rock/metal.



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