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Cold Raven formed in January 2013.  An obscure ‘black melo-death’ band, their lyrical inspirations include alternative ancient religions, theories of the universe and world philosophy.  Their first full-length album, ‘Equilibrium And Chaos’, was produced within three months.  Influences include black metal originators of the early 90s and some of the later, broader-based bands.  Having previously supported Nargaroth, Infernal War, Dark Funeral, God Dethroned, Belphegor and Unleashed, Cold Raven have begun performing live and are now ready to bring their unique shows to the fore.  E and C was released early this year, internationally, via Sliptrick Records.

Intro – Nice steady intro, with dark overtones and a haunting atmosphere.  Acoustic driven and eases itself in nicely.  Riffs accompanied by stormy sound effects.  Good start.

No Mercy – Whacks it straight out of the park, with no hesitation.  Growly, feral and evenly paced all at once.  As throaty as these lyrics are, there’s something slightly Rammsteinesque about them.  More spoken than sung and distinctly noticeable.  Confident instrumental and vocal performance.  Decent rhythm and good overall quality.  Nice smooth riffs towards the close.  Increasingly monster like roars, fading out on a low riff.  Consistent tone and pace; evoking a shadowy sense throughout.

In Worship With My Inner Darkness – Great title.  Loud, clearer intro, with more melodic flavour, generally.  Some very adept drum rolls.  Slightly more tuneful in places, in contrast with the title, but with plenty of unpredictable twists and turns.  Maintaining a good steady rhythm and mixing it up with various riffs and an alternation between dark and light.

Equilibrium And Chaos – Opening with noticeably great melody.  Still, those dark growly vocals don’t change.  Upping the pace, periodically; employing more variety in the style of the riffs and heightening the pace of the drums towards the end, it still remains resolutely dark in its lyrical focus.

Trapped In A Cult – Similar sound to previous tracks.  The more you hear, the more you can picture the band name, visually.  There’s a certain resemblance to stepping into the dark heart of the forest in the black of night.  You definitely sense the sinister implications of the song’s title in the music.  Some really nice riffs and rolling drum hits in the final section, consolidating the song, with the closing spine chilling words, ‘we’re trapped in a cult’.  Very very black.

Eons Of False Prophets – Bilge filled sputum are the words which spring to mind.  That’s as close as you’ll get to a visual reference.  Somehow, it’s a paean to dark imagery; along the lines of vomiting black bilge from the blackest depths of the blackest of souls.  There’s no denying the catchiness of the final closing riffs, though.  An abrupt and undebatable ending.

The World Is Doomed – Not a track for gloomy moods.  Nevertheless, an aptly titled closing track, which certainly makes its point.  Faster paced, or so it seems, but maybe that’s just the effect of the way the drums are being battered.  An ideal late-night horror/thriller soundtrack.  Some very appealing variations in riffage and drum tempo towards the end, accompanied by some creepy whispers, before the best (imho) most exciting riffs yet and a final roared closing vocal.

Overall – The blackest of black nights in the blackest of places, summarised musically.  It’s got the fear factor down pat.  Visually evocative, with impressive audio quality.  Consistent, yet diverse.  Darkness personified – it delivers precisely what’s expected from its given genre title.  One for the black metal/death metal enthusiasts.


For fans of black metal, death metal, doom metal, horror/gothic, fantasy metal and melo-death.




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