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Kickin’ Valentina was formed in early 2013 and the debut album ‘Super Atomic’ was recorded in 2015, with renowned producer/engineer Andy Reilly, (Bruce Dickinson, Cradle of Filth, UFO, Asia, The Quireboys) and released in November.  The band has since played headline shows and festivals, supporting Buckcherry, Queensrÿche, Skid Row, LA Guns and Faster Pussycat and was named Rock Band of the Year at the Georgia Music Awards in 2014.  Their debut singles ‘Get Ready’ and ‘Alone’ both feature in new horror movie ‘Altered’ and they’ve also been nominated for best rock band and video of the year for ‘Wrong Way’ at the 2015 GA Music Awards.  European dates are in the pipeline.

Sermon – That’s different!  An ‘anti-rock’ sermon, decrying the evils of supposedly satanic rock music).

On My Side – You couldn’t have asked for a better follow-up than this high-grade, catchy rock and roll blast.  Imagine you’ve just stepped back into the heydays of metal and pure rock gold and here, we have a modern version, followed by the tinkling of glass.  Nice touch).

Wrong Way – Sassy beat and sexy rhythms, to hook you in immediately.  Raw power.  Hard-hitting drums, heavy riffs and high-class, raunchy vocals, with an equally sexy, rhythmic bass line all add up to pure rock in experienced hands.  You’ll love it.

Get Ready – Rolling straight along there, with sex appeal to die for; it’s immediate, catchy and uplifting.  This aint gonna leave my stereo ever again.  Fiery, fast and fun.  It’s all you could want in a rock song.  No living being could fail to love this at first listen.

Fist ‘n’ Twist – It just gets better.  Classic old school and filled with raging rock ‘n’ roll fire.  It blisters along, with some great solo drum fills, fast-paced riffs and class act gravelly rock vocals.  I think he’s swallowed glass and made it sound metal).

Super Atomic Poster Boy – I’ve just been transported to Sunset Strip, with Motley Crue headlining an extended set.  Got to love the way he hits those drums.  It rocks and it rolls and there’s just no other way to say it.  Bliss.  It’s happened.  I’m too busy singing along to write any more.  This just rocks!  Big time.

Alone – This is one of those which injects a unique atmosphere right at the intro, never losing that far away feeling of being somewhere else.  Fantastically paced, unrelentingly catchy and warm with feeling.  You’ll wonder where these guys have been all your life.  Just like one of those moments of instant mutual attraction between two people who know they’ve met before in another life.  I swear, you’ve been waiting all your life for these guys to come along.

When You’re Gone – Retaining that high level rocky vibe and likability; it just carries you away with the beat.  Some fabulous backing vocal harmonies in here too.  It’s the height of rock purity.

Anita – In here, you can hear a range of old school influences, wrapped up in a new wave flavour.  This one’s for all those 80s hair metal fans and that ‘when rock was young’ generation.  It’s all about Anita, obviously.

Some Kind Of Sex – Groove, oomph and drive).  Brilliant bluesy edge to this, with that old sex agenda that can always be relied on.  They do it so well!  Vibrant and upbeat, with a diamond rhythm.  Very cool fade out riff.

Dirty Girl – Driving straight in there with a typically rocky hard hitting drum beat and rockin’ and rollin’ vocals and riffs, to make a perfect closing track.  The age-old formula of women and sex which always somehow works in rock songs has been taken full advantage of here and to stunning effect, it has to be said.  Searing rhythms and sexy tones, going out with a bang.  It works).

Overall – Magnetic rock ‘n’ roll motion.  If you thought you’d never hear anything like the greats of rock ‘n’ roll history again, you were mistaken, cos here it is.  A new wave resurrection of all the classic metal and rock eras, combined.  The making of a piece of rock ‘n’ roll history lies right here. A revival of the true sound of rock.

10/10 **********

For fans of Motley Crue, Aerosmith, Poison, Warrant, Vixen and all your favourite hair metal and old school rock ‘n’ roll bands. 



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