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Cypher 16 combine metal and industrial sounds, to create an original sound.  They’ve played alongside Amaranthe, Fear Factory, Children of Bodom, Behemoth, Lamb of God and Slayer already.  They’re already confirmed for Hammerfest in March 2016 and prepped to tour internationally to promote the album.

I Am The Great Surveyor – Very unusual intro.  A bit like a film soundtrack of an ocean based adventure movie, initially.  Seguing gradually into the industrial section and ending abruptly.

The Whole Sea To Cross – See?  Told you it was something to do with the sea.  Melodic industrial, mixed with standard rock; strong beats and generally, strong sound, which strikes me as a possible acquired taste.  More of a visual track for me than anything else.

In My Line Of Country – Accomplished and eloquent, with just a hint of sentimentality about it.  It does have a catchy feel to it, but definitely carries more of a new metal sound than an old school/classic vibe.  Unquestionably articulate, but so far, I’m still waiting for that ‘something unique and memorable’ to appear.

The Deep Six – Again, it does an excellent job of evoking visual imagery, especially that surrounding film soundtracks, but audibly, I’m afraid I can’t find anything that does it for me or stands out from anything else.  Their musical skills are certainly without doubt, though.  Nice fade out.

Open The Dark Door – Fresh and clear intro.  Still, though, this has too much of a ‘pop’ sound for my liking.  This track holds more of a gentle feel and pace.  A tad too light for the title, really.

Before The Reign – Very samey sound to previous tracks and whilst it shows their musical aptitude clearly, I just can’t find anything to distinguish it from other tracks or to make it noticeable in itself.

Castle – More of the same.  A slight melancholic feel to this.  There is a booming sound to it and you can hear the industrial influences clearly.  I’m just not feeling it, though.  It does have some very pleasant riffs at the close, but I’d have liked a lot more of those.

Down A Level – Part 1 – Quite a dark quality to this track; don’t listen to this when you’re feeling down.  It’s a shame, cos as with previous tracks, it’s not their performance abilities in question; simply the monotonous form it takes.  It does contain some brief almost exciting riffs, but they’re soon overtaken by the repetitive, dull lyrics and tones.

Down A Level Part 2 – I’m sorry to say it gets worse. I apologise, but I think I’m going to slit my wrists.

Curtains Close – I thought they already had.

Overall – Unfortunate. In terms of instrumental and vocal competence, it’s good, as is its general sound production, but it’s let down by morose, samey repetition and some distracting skipping during a couple of tracks. Very little exists to differentiate one track from another, or even where one ends and another begins, after the first few tracks. I don’t usually say this, but to my ears, it’s boring, with very little to redeem itself.

4/10 ****

For fans of industrial, techno and pop rock, with the emphasis on pop.



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