Dangerous, ‘Metal Heritage’

Dangerous began in 2006; influenced by thrash bands Megadeth, Anthrax, Metallica and Exodus.  Their first songs came to life after several months rehearsing.  Within six months, that same year, their first project, ‘The First Attack’, was recorded and debuted live at that time.

The following year, line-up changes led to the second EP, ‘Imposing Terror’, being recorded, prior to the next project, ‘Dangerous Strikes Back’.  Various gigs followed, including more line-up changes, before the band recorded their first studio demo, ‘Genocide Solution’, in 2009, which was promoted widely via the Chilean underground scene, to positive acclaim.

After briefly dissolving in 2011, Dangerous reformed in 2012, with another new line-up, during which Raul Carreno (Chaotic Bastard) was invited to play live and shortly afterwards, joined the band officially.  The first self produced full-length album, entitled ‘Metal Heritage’, was created with the current line-up, over six months and released on November 24th, 2015.

Intro – Opening with intriguing sound effects and some gorgeous melodic riffs; this holds a deep sense of feeling and sincerity.

Metal Heritage – This blasting intro couldn’t be more different; bringing out an explosive sound, revealing a real depth of emotion, sweeping from one extreme to another and here, we sense the ensuing frustration and chaos following the low and ultimately, the lightening of mood, as presented through the heavier, more vibrant riffs and drum rolls.

Victims Of Hate – Growing steadily heavier and more upbeat; within this, are the Slayeresque tones and more ‘extreme’ undertones.  Great paced rhythm and exuberant riffs after the mid-section.  Plenty of life force here.  Vocals confident, powerful and matching the Slayer- like instrumentals well.  Cohesive and energised; a well performed track.

Thrash On The Streets – Opening with some very nice power riffs, upping the pace and excitement factor even higher; imaginative and loud, it works.  Visual in such a way that I’m imagining a crazy cartoon character chase, with a metal soundtrack.  Liking those drum fills a lot!  The riffs get better and better, faster and faster till you’re swept away by them.  Somewhat like being happily trapped on a merry-go-round, with the guitarist whizzing it round faster till your head spins and you enter another world, before falling, stunned, flat on the ground, with a smile on your face.

Murderous Tradition – Loud, clear, exciting riff intro, filled with strong melody and life.  Fast-paced, with lots of expressive vocals).  Fun and upbeat – I can’t fault it.  Gorgeous fade out.  An ultimate mood lifter.

Sacrifice – Nicely done downtoning to a more sludgy, stonerish feel.  There we go.  I knew it wouldn’t be long before the inevitable pen drumming began.  You know what this means.  It’s catchy and fun in a very big way.  I can’t compete with those intricate drum rolls following the mid-section, though.  There’s a very new wave of old school vibe about this and I like it lots.

Dangers Return – Air raid siren intro!  That’s a new one on me.  Points for originality.  Yet more awesome guitar riffs and complex drum work and somehow, increasingly catchy, tuneful vocals.  It’s simultaneously dark and light.  This is another of those which just get you too carried away to be able to write much.  Involving and engaging.  You’ll love it.

Batalia Final – Continuing with more of the same ace, high-powered metalness; the vocals are toned up a notch and so openly expressive, you can sense the energy of them.  Shredding heaven and persistently powered drumming – something about this song seems to breathe life into you.  Exhilarating is really the only word.

Executioners Of Mankind – Hardness factor down straight.  Immediate, heavy, forceful and certain.  That’s what I like to hear.  Rapid paced strength in spades.  Especially liking the rhythm of this and its unapologetically steel flavour.  Very heavy lyrics, matching the sound and performance well.  Ending with the same solid certainty that permeates the whole track.

Running Amok – Bang!  Yes, it’s of that ilk).  Sometimes, there’s just no other way to describe it, but bang!  Following said intro, with consistently frantic, manic shredding and drumming, to complement the highly energised, metal fuelled vocals.  Can this get any more fun?  Oh, it’s over (.  Well that was unfair!

Overall – I think I’ve already said it all, but in case you’re still in any doubt, this here album is a metallic dream and I can do no better than give it a full 10/10.

10/10 **********

For fans of Slayer, Testament, Municipal Waste, Anthrax, Sludge and Stoner metal and generally, New Wave of Classic Old School Metal.

Vlad Promotions online for more info/links.



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