Spreading The Disease, ‘Viral’

Introducing ‘Viral’, the debut EP from Spreading The Disease.  Formed in May 2014 in Kent, influences include: Pantera, Stone Sour, Slipknot, Machine Head, Breed 77 etc. Debut album expected early 2016.

F.U.C.K.U. – Cue creepy tunnel-like acoustics, followed by aggressive drum beats and air rending screamo growls to leave you in no doubt as to the anger behind the lyrics embodied within the track title.  Great energy and real truth.

Lost Generation – Very Skreameresque, this one.  Steady rhythm, plenty of edgy riffs, providing some nice melody inside the blatantly apoplectic rage and fading out on an equally decent riff.

Bulldozer – Crash!  Banging, crunching intro; heavy, hard, groove and riff filled piece of metal, combining stoner, blues, melodic and screamo styles, to create something altogether different, but clearly noticeable.  It stands out a mile.  As was once said re: Led Zep’s ‘Black Dog’, “love it or hate it, but you will not ignore it”.  Chugging riffage just after the mid-section, raging angry screams and growls, thundering drum rolls and precisely directed bass licks combine to make this a track to remember.  At 6 mins, 56 secs, there’s plenty of time to get right into it.  Aggressive, loud and hard-hitting; finishing with the sound of a bulldozer doing its work.  Couldn’t be more apt.  Reach for the throat lozenges, cos you’re gonna need them after this.

Evolution – Different gentler vocal style initially used in the intro, before seguing back into familiar growly territory, with matching dark riffs and heavy drum work; injecting some gorgeous melody intermittently and again at the end.  Closing with a lovely acoustic riff and whispered vocal.  One thing that can certainly be said for this is that it does variety well.

Overall – Killer metal, without a hint of convention.  This stands on its own and hold its ground well.  Variety, versatility and intrigue aplenty; this little gem of individuality is proof of what can be created from a mish- mash of styles which refuses to conform.  I like that.

9/10 for sheer wow effect *********

For fans of screamo/growly/dark stoner/sludge/death/melo-death, especially Skreamer.




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