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Every now and then, a band comes along and frees up your spirit, blows all the cobwebs away and energises you with their sheer originality, provoking a eureka like outburst of ‘Aha! Something different, fresh and exciting!’  Such a band is Stereo Love.

Evermore – Nice smooth intro, with a rocky feeling right from the start.  Warm, rhythmic and accomplished.  Talent this young is a rare thing, to be cherished.  I like the melody and the general roll of it.

Crazy Town – Slightly heavier in just the right way you’d expect from a far longer established band.  Faultless, flawless performance, with a catchy feel and bags of passion.  Hits the right note every time.

Rock ‘N’ Roll Addiction – Very very real!  This is one of those that belongs in every true rockers collection.  There it is…. the singalongability factor, right there).  Some great riffs in there too.  The main thing in this track is slick, smooth performance and production, that just glides down nicely like a glass of ice cold chocolate).  Reminds me of Poison’s ‘Love On The Rocks’.

Spiders And Snakes – Fun factor down immediately.  Great faster pace and even more catchiness.  It’s got a special kind of rocky sweetness about it.  Fresh, enthused approaches like this are why the unsigned bands need to be heard.

Never Enough – Seguing straight into the track, with complete competence and confidence and an ease of style which will take them far.  You can’t help but get involved.  Engaging, sincere and appealing.  Performed with real skill and truth.

What Do You Want – The emotion’s really brought out and comes to the fore in this.  I love to hear such audible feeling.  A great uplifter.

Straight Up – Wow!  Just such maturity and well honed vocal skill within that voice, for one so young.  It really stands out.  There’s a sophistication there, way beyond her years.  Just a very enjoyable track.

Hot Or Cold – A slower, but certainly no less enjoyable track.  You have to hear this to get a feel for how much atmosphere it creates and be able to picture the scenes it seems to evoke.  That in itself is a rare and special kind of talent.  One which ordinarily takes much longer to acquire than it has here.  If ever there was a band born to rock, it’s this one.

Let Me Ride – Taking the pace back up a few notches, they’ve somehow injected even more passion and expression into this.  It speaks volumes about the kind of freedom of self-expression encouraged within this family and the massive benefits it’s reaped.

Fox On The Run – Aha!  This isn’t the cover track I was expecting and frankly, I’m glad, cos it’s even better and much rockier.  It’s got a really good vibe about it.  Fun fast pace, uplifting melody and closing with a perfectly synched drum and riff combo.  (Yes, sorry Judd, I realise I’ve reached the end of the review and this is the first time I’ve mentioned the drums.  Can I just cover it, by saying they rocked all the way through, which they did?  Thanks). I will say that Judd’s drumming style is unique, in that it stands back to allow the vocals and guitars to come to the forefront, blending nicely into the background, whilst still providing a solid and highly competent base for the music.

Overall – It’s all been said.  Top drawer.  So I’m just going to pay them the biggest compliment I can, which is to say that the Joan Jett influence is unmistakable and highly agreeable.  They were born with rock music in their blood.

10/10 **********

For fans of Joan Jett, Poison, 4Bitten, St Jude, Joanne Shaw Taylor, blues rock and rock ‘n’ roll, generally.





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