McDEATH – ‘Lord Of The Thrash’

Founded in 1998, Mcdeath originate from Germany.  They are a pure thrash band and have played gigs alongside Sodom, Sacred Steel, Powervice or Torture Squad.  They also played Wacken in 2007.  Their first demo was released in 2003, their initial full-length debut, ‘Spit of Fury’, in 2006 and ‘Lord Of The Thrash’, their current self-produced album, in 2015.

Baptized In Black – Gorgeously haunting acoustic intro riffs, packed with atmosphere and melodic beauty, giving way to typically thrashy riffs and hammering drums, accompanied by some truly thrashy lyrics and vocals made for this track.  Some very clear Maiden and Metallica influences there and they couldn’t have been better placed.

Reborn – Now there’s a nice thrashy opening).  Great War themed lyrics, reminding me of Exodus’s ‘War Is My Shepherd’.  Clear tones, combining melody with extreme styles and somehow, getting it just right.  A really satisfying track.  Catchy rhythms, with real sheer heaviness, even if it does end a little abruptly.  A very noticeable track, rammed with power and aggression.  Works for me.

Lord Of The Thrash – Straight in there with some of the thrashiest, classiest riffs, joined by equally accomplished thrash screams and perfectly synched battering drums, combined to create one of the best examples of how thrash is done best.  This is shaping up as the next Slayer.

Evil Lyn – And on it goes, with more of the same utterly pleasurable, raw sounds and high-class performances, with their immense talents shining out clearly for all to see.  If you’ve been after some genuinely impressive, therapeutic metal lately, this is the band for you.

Metal Diplomacy – Breaking it up a bit, with an intriguing intro section, it soon segues into the familiar thrash territory, with lots of ace hooks and catches and some really well honed vocal harmonies.  Heavy and fun at once and ending with an unexpected and very tasteful acoustic vocal harmony.  This is set to be a firm favourite.

The Wytchburner – Bang!  It’s one of those intros.  I’m particularly liking the catchy rhythms in this one, along with the sinister overtones.  Some brilliantly performed lyrics and evil cackling, so fitting and just adding to the intriguing flavour of the song.  Closing on some of the wildest, most enjoyable metal power screams I’ve ever heard).  This is one you just have to hear.

Stronger Than All – Good, smooth drum and riff intro.  Got to be one of the most classic extreme thrash songs out there – especially in lyrical terms.  There’s something very likeable about these vocals and this is a band set to do well and capture hearts very quickly.

Through Hell – Great aggressive intro, slightly reminiscent of Pantera’s ‘Domination’.  It’s got a really fun pace about it, which it maintains well.  Flawless, clean production and performance, with a characteristically thrashy sound about it, generally.  Loving those riffs.  So much melody and vibrancy, within the overall heavy feel and sound.  A very fitting closing lyric section and keeping it’s catchiness throughout.

Pale Grey Sky – Beautiful gentle riff intro, accompanied by a far softer, yet still heavy vocal style, eventually growing harder.  This one could have come from a completely different album, its style and sound is so inherently different – yet it still remains resolutely metallic, holding its own strength.  An interesting deviation, but no less enjoyable.  It just led me to wonder why they’d messed with a winning formula, with this sudden change of tack, but the enthusiasm’s still audible.

Kingdom Of The Dead – Ooh, very dark mediaeval fantasy, brought up-to-date.  This is more of a reversion to form, which seems more fitting.  A more visual song, somehow, evoking more pictorial imagery than the rest.  It’ll fit as the perfect soundtrack to the next other world fantasy series in my imagination.

Overall – Modern thrash metal is not dead!  It’s alive and well in Mcdeath and if there’s any justice, they should be placed alongside ‘the big four’, to create ‘the big five’.


For fans of Slayer, Exodus, Testament, Metallica, Anthrax and Pantera. 


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