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Torous – ‘Paint The Sky’   1 comment

Introducing a brand new EP from Torous – emerging Celtic Alt Rock outfit from Birmingham, UK.

Paint The Sky – Very Pentangle-esque folky acoustic intro, soon becoming heavier and more edgy, whilst still retaining that alt/folk feel, with distinctive Celtic angles.  Marc’s voice is really coming into its own here and reflects his Celtic roots very prominently.  Gorgeous track, packed with lots of feeling.

Feed The Fire – Softer intro, again reflecting early folk influences, combined with alt and celtic aspects.  You can’t help but feel that this is where Marc’s voice is truly at home.  That gritty texture’s still audible, amongst the gentler emphasis and there’s a definite hint of haunting atmospherics about this track.  Some very fluid and beautiful guitar work, moving so easily between styles and fitting right into the whole essence of the song.  Lovely rhythms and melodies.  You could listen forever and still hear enough variety to preclude any level of boredom.   Evokes imagery of gypsy encampments, making you wish you were sitting round a campfire, listening live.  Wondrous and naturally progressive.

This One Is – Mysterious echoey type intro. Nice touch.  Something like a magical echo chamber.  Leading up to such powerful melodies, it carries soul like little else.  A pure and beautiful instrumental, which needs no words at all.  The music speaks for itself.  Heartfelt, smooth, real.  There really is nothing more to say, except… stunning.

Overall – Pure unbridled genius.  Intense flavour of the genuine article.  Gets inside you and sings and speaks to your heart in that way that only true musos will ever feel and comprehend.  Proof positive that Torous are now hitting their peak.  Resonant, warm and sincere.  ‘Paint The Sky’ is a truly accomplished, perfected and still very real work of art.

10/10 ********** 

For fans of Pentangle, Sandy Denny, Odin Dragonfly, Mostly Autumn and Celtic folk and alt rock, generally.


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Pelugion – ‘Bide My Time’   3 comments

Welcome to the new single from up-and-coming hard-rock/heavy metal band Pelugion.

Ooh, great crashing, doomy, yet exciting intro.  Very Sabbathesque quality about it.  Vocals, although higher than expected, hold plenty of enthusiasm and bags of potential.  Very rhythmic, bluesy sound to the instrumentals.  Good sense of timing and finishing on a volley of drums.  Utilising the song length well, to combine the doom, stoner, blues and rock influences to impressive effect, the future of Pelugion looks promising.

Overall – A great start to a hopefully positive future.

8/10 ********

For fans of Black Sabbath, ‘Load’ and ‘Reload’ era Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Down and stoner, blues and hard rock, generally. 

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The Superphone (self titled) EP   1 comment

Introducing a welcome breath of fresh air, in the form of a gentle, acoustic based project, brimming with true heart and soul.  

Guardian Angel – Wonderful fresh, vibrant feel to the intro.  Catchy, light-hearted and fun.  So much warmth, it just makes you smile.  A great start and one of those classic examples of the beauty of acoustic music.

Love Will Find A Way – Taking the tone down slightly, in a way which you just feel so deeply, yet still retaining the sheer beauty of sound – this time, incorporating a piano.  A very striking, tuneful and honest voice you won’t forget in a hurry.  This song will touch your heart forever.

Weekend Millionaire – Changing the tone again, reflecting the variations of the moods expressed within the music.  Again, so catchy, I find myself singing along with it.  Affecting, haunting and deeply, deeply touching.  Very memorable lyrics and frankly, I could listen to this till the end of time.

Overall – A soulful, emotionally evocative and incredibly beautiful piece of music, with clear and resonant folk, alt and soft rock influences.  Such compelling and meaningful songs, destined to melt even the hardest of hearts.  Flawless production and general audio quality and it speaks to me very strongly.  Rarely will you hear such genuine passion, sentiment and raw talent, delivered in such an engaging way.

10/10 **********

For fans of Green Day, The Levellers, acoustic, folk and alt rock, generally. 


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Art Block, ‘Borderline’   3 comments

Introducing a taster sampler from Art Block’s forthcoming ‘Borderline’ EP.

Borderline – Lovely acoustic track, filled with gentle, soulful sentiment and so visually evocative, it’s almost like being transported to another place.  Much softer than most rock songs on my radar, there’s a real truth and beauty about this, to which the voice is well suited.

Breaking Point – Slightly heavier and louder, but still gentle in its own way.  Echoes of Radiohead, The Verve and Travis; leaning more towards the soul/jazz rock angle, with various alternative elements.  A bit of a downbeat tone, through which the feelings behind the track are easily audible.

Overall – Expressive, emotional sound for more laid-back, contemplative moods and not one for low frames of mind, but it definitely holds a uniquely independent aspect, potentially hard to categorise and resonates gentility and quietness of spirit.

7/10 *******

For fans of Radiohead, The Verve, Travis, folk/soul/jazz rock.

Produced by Ben Walker of Folkroom Records.   


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