Art Block, ‘Borderline’

Introducing a taster sampler from Art Block’s forthcoming ‘Borderline’ EP.

Borderline – Lovely acoustic track, filled with gentle, soulful sentiment and so visually evocative, it’s almost like being transported to another place.  Much softer than most rock songs on my radar, there’s a real truth and beauty about this, to which the voice is well suited.

Breaking Point – Slightly heavier and louder, but still gentle in its own way.  Echoes of Radiohead, The Verve and Travis; leaning more towards the soul/jazz rock angle, with various alternative elements.  A bit of a downbeat tone, through which the feelings behind the track are easily audible.

Overall – Expressive, emotional sound for more laid-back, contemplative moods and not one for low frames of mind, but it definitely holds a uniquely independent aspect, potentially hard to categorise and resonates gentility and quietness of spirit.

7/10 *******

For fans of Radiohead, The Verve, Travis, folk/soul/jazz rock.

Produced by Ben Walker of Folkroom Records.   



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