BattleX – Imminent Downfall

Break Your Bones – Nice guitar break and drum intro and a very noticeable and pleasing Hetfieldesque voice – full of that same grit and melodic passion.  Liking the melody, pace and general catchiness of the song, which is inherently likeable and filled with great, zingy riffs, harmonies and fun, engaging metal.  The ideal pub metal for diehards).

Raise Hell – Good bluesy intro there.  Imagine a harder edged version of ‘The Answer’.  I dare you not to get into it immediately.  Just gorgeous.  Warm, rocky and convincing.  Brilliant drum fills, riffs aplenty, vocals full of edgy, gritty, metallic energy and packed with a 90s/naughties flavour.  I hear a slight ‘Black Tide’ influence in there too.

Final Confrontation – Dropping the bass intro right down, to a more sombre, macabre feel and slower pace, before the speed riffs kick in, with more of those fab, fun drum rolls and of course, another taste of those born to rock vocals.  So much catchy melody, you’re just compelled to get involved. Riffs from paradise and just a real feel good sound.  Love it.

Face To Face – Fast-paced intro, only slowing down marginally, before speeding right back up again and launching straight into a very ‘Testament’ like sound.  If you like ‘Days Of Darkness’, this is for you.  Faultless.

Dignity – Single note opening, with more of a vocal emphasis and doing it justice in a big way.  Anthemic and powerful.  I’m just loving those vocals and riffs.  The drums hold an even heavier quality here and every harmony is performed immensely well.  Sexiness in spades.

The Hierophant – Beautiful acoustic opening, with something of a mediaeval Folky feel, till the vocals morph into a spoken word form, moving fluidly between spoken and sung form.  This here is the versatile capacity of BattleX, in full flow.  It really brings out their skills and talents in the most profound way.  Once you hear this, you’re going to want to hear it forever.  There’s true magic in that voice and you need it in your life.

Whispers In The Sand – Here’s something different!  Very much a reverb kind of intro, moving rapidly into a groove metal sound.  Intriguing lyrics and glorious riffs.  You’ve got to love the way he plays around with those drums and just the absolute, immaculate timing.  Sheer brilliance.

Circus Of Trust – A more even flow to this.  Imagine the songs you’d choose on the metal jukebox at your favourite music venue and this would be amongst them.  It’s essentially, a safe, adaptable song, to get you in the mood.  Short and sweet, its strength lies in its rocky essence.  With hints of ‘Municipal Waste’, there’s even a little bit of growl, towards the end, for those who like the blacker stuff .  Still retaining that Testament feel, it may be short, but you’ll get a lot out of it.

The Ascent – Now this is definitely more along the flamenco guitar lines.  A very deeply continental flavour to it.  Brief, but flavoursome.  A bit of a wild card, again, it’s versatile and breaks up the heavy, for a short interlude, though some of us might prefer the heaviness consistent.  Still very beautiful in its own way.

Imminent Downfall – More of the flamenco-esque style to this intro; soon seguing into heavier territory.  Something about that voice is just so appealing and seems to hold a very classic old school tone to it.  Immediate, strong and reminiscent of all your favourite classic artists combined.  Made for total engagement.  Exquisitely timed closing section.  Memorable in a humungous way.

Overall – One of those rare gems which gleams with metal magic.  Impacting, hard-edged, groove metal, with bluesy twists and power screaming throughout.  Buy it now.  You’ll never want to be without it.

10/10 **********

For fans of Metallica, Testament, Municipal Waste, power/speed metal, stoner, groove and blues rock. 


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