Grave Cross ‘Nothing But The Night’

Welcome to the current EP from Grave Cross.

Nothing But The Night – Somewhat sinister intro of a child’s 999 call to the fire brigade, but happily, soon seguing into some very enjoyable and safely rhythmic music.  It’s nicely rocky, effortlessly catchy and a welcome relief from the disturbing intro.  It may be slightly repetitive, but there’s no denying its catchiness and it’s still a good melody, with a smoothness about it which would work well whilst driving down empty lanes on a sunny day.

The Curse Of The Witch – Drum beat and riff intro, launching straight into another catchy song.  The vocals are of a softly competent quality and it’s really quite a mellow track, yet still contains some great twiddly riffs.  At some point, I guarantee you will start singing along, in which respect, it passes the test of easy likability and you’ve got to like that classically new wave closing section.  Another fun driving song.

Grave Cross – Nice opening riffs.  Just a really vibrant song, with sunny vocals and generally, evocative of sunshine).  Some gorgeous tones and fairly fast-paced and at the risk of repeating myself, you’d enjoy driving to this one too.  A great beat to it and guaranteed to lift even the darkest of moods.

The Devil’s Skull – Loving that intro riff.  Imagine ‘The Wicker Man’ and you’re there.  Given the title, it’s got a very light-hearted feel to it.  Mid-paced, catchy, easy flow and unusual use of small percussion, adding a touch of uniqueness.  Something about the drum section around 3/4 of the way in reminds me of a boxing ring.  Bizarre images, some of these songs cause).  Anyway, an intriguing song, with unexpected twists!

Overall – If you haven’t already got the idea, it’s a fun  CD to drive to.  Or even just to listen to in the background, to brighten up a dull day.  Fun, effortlessly light-hearted and it’s got the riff factor down well.  Likably catchy, with a new wave essence.

8/10, for sheer likability. ********

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4 Responses to “Grave Cross ‘Nothing But The Night’”

  1. Thomas Says:

    Great post! Have nice day ! 🙂 a0zuj

  2. Schlüsseldienst Mainz Says:

    Sehr schön, Danke!

  3. Schlüsseldienst Mainz Says:


  4. Schlüsseldienst Mainz Says:

    Echt gut!

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