Shadows Of Violence – ‘Through The Looking Glass’   1 comment

Formed in 2007, Shadows Of Violence, from Leeds, have played many UK-based towns and cities since then, making significant achievements, in reaching the finals in Bloodstock Festival, Metal to the Masses and in Mammothfest UK Underground.

The ‘Rise’ EP, from which ‘Through The Looking Glass’ is taken, was created in 2015, to wide acclaim.

Fizzing and crackling into life, in a blaze of blistering riffs and raw, angry vocals, this track doesn’t mess around.  Aggressive, menacing intent resonates throughout the sharply expressed lyrics; in themselves, strongly evocative.  I’d recommend the EP on the basis of this track alone, for its sheer stomping metal assault feel.

9/10 ********* 

For fans of NWOBHM


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