Sue’s Idol – ‘Six Sick Senses’

Sue’s Idol are an American heavy metal band from Nevada, Las Vegas.

Following on from the internationally acclaimed success of ‘Hypocrites And Mad Prophets’, written and released in 2014, ‘Six Sick Senses’ was written (mastered by The Mighty Zeus; cover art by JP Fournier) and released in February 2016.  Follow-up work is already in production.

Six Sick Senses – In true sci-fi style, this intro begins with robotically formulated speech output, taking you, briefly, to another world, before the gorgeously performed slide riffs come in, with what are curious sounding vocals, (in keeping with the unusual themes of the song), sung as if from inside an echoic steel shelter of some kind.  Unmistakably powerful, hard-hitting drums and unnerving tones, played in obscure keys, this is a track requiring intense concentration.  If you wanted to be transported to an alternate universe, this is the one for you.  I keep expecting Doctor Who to step out of the Time Machine any minute.  You may need a teleportation device to make sense of this one, but it’s nothing if not intriguing.

DMO – That’s more like it.  A nice fun, predictable heavy riff and drum intro).  This is more lyrically explicable of the otherworldly imagery it maintains, through the highly unusual music, but definitely more melodic and eventually rolling towards a rockier ending.  Withnail’s about to emerge from the depths, saying, ‘I feel unusual’. Nice pace, though.

Halls Of Mourning – Now this metals it up a bit, returning us to safer, more happily metallic territory.  Here comes the catchiness I’ve been waiting for).  Ah, there it is!  The classic essential hook, ubiquitous to all good metal.  Really clear lyrics and greater musical focus, somehow.

Scion Pariah – Nice steady drum beat and riff intro, moving easily into more involved riffs.  Such an unusual voice!  Was that a G’ ‘N’ R’ influence I heard in that, ‘pearls of wisdom’ line, I wonder?  It sounds so ‘other’ in vocal style, there’s an overriding sense that he’s singing it from inside a steel chamber.  Great guitar work and they harmonise well.  The riffs are the highlight for me and there’s a definite memorable quality about that voice.

Kill Or Be Killed – Wobble effect intro, with an underwater essence, quickly merging into a marching, almost operatic metal flavour.  Very powerful lyrics, with a noticeably strong emphasis on the realities of war and this song is perhaps the strongest yet, holding an implacably plausible feel.  Fabulous acoustics and towards the closing section, you just have to join in and sing along.  Nicely catchy and familiarly believable.

Luna Sees – Classic power riff opening, immediately catchy vocals and ideal drum and bass background.  Picking up the pace at the mid-section, briefly, following up with some cracking guitar harmonies.  Maintaining the same relentless drive of the beat and tone, with the closing chorus.  Strong, in and of itself.

Metal Octane – Gradually increasing the opening volume, then pounding into life, with a particularly Crue-esque feel.  Well, it couldn’t very well be anything other than old school, with a title like that).  Liking the sound.  Who wouldn’t join in with that closing section?  Only a dead man walking.

Gears Of War – Another of those curious intros, designed to make you wonder wtf’s going on in the background, prior to seguing into a compellingly heavy rhythm and melody.  Alternating pace; again, there’s a clear sense that the war themes are where they’re most familiar.  Well-placed use of the acoustics and dark, doom-laden closing tones.  Well chosen ending, consisting of fading battleground sounds/scenes.  The war elements are definitely prominent.

Taste This Evil – Speed riff intro, with hard-hitting drums and a still sinister, yet more classically metallic melody.  Haunting’s not too strong a word.  Deeply intriguing lyrics, relating to the cruel and cold machinations of dictatorships.  They create a creepy sense of terror and doom well within their music.

A Minor Requiem – Very dark and fitting, with beautiful haunting piano sections.  Vocals and instrumentals blend well.  It’s actually quite compelling in its own way.  Quite unforgettable riffs and a positively doom-laden organ section at the end.  A typical, if noticeable Requiem.

Lady Painted Death – This is the kind of riff intro I like).  It’s very typically and enjoyably NWOHM.  All your favourite bands of this ilk, combined.  It’s really catchy and that’s its big strength.  Just chock-full of great fun riffs and power vocals you’ll love.  The perfect closer.

Overall – Complex, imaginative, unpredictable and rich.  Certainly not afraid to experiment, these guys are hard to categorise, as their style is so unique and unusual.  There are elements of so many weird and wonderful influences within their music and really, it just has to be heard to be fully appreciated.  If ever there was a category for ‘inexplicably complex metal’, this band is it.

10/10 ********** for rare complexity.

For fans of NWOHM, American metal, speed/power metal and experimental metal. 

‘Six Sick Senses’ is released on Indie label ‘Crushing Notes Entertainment’. 

‘Hypocrites and Mad Prophets’ is available from Amazon Itunes and premium music outlets nationwide.  (Except for Wal-Mart)!



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