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The King Must Die – ‘Murder All Doubt’   5 comments

Welcome to the brand new album from TKMD, available now from Itunes, CDBaby, Amazon and Spotify.

Well Being – Riding straight in there, with a racing horse like drum roll and similarly paced vocals and riffs.  Imagine a fantasy film scene, of the four horse men of the Apocalypse riding towards you on their charges and that’ll give you a flavour of the feel of this track.  Exciting, catchy, rapid and life affirming, fading out on a final throaty growl, this is what I call an intro).

In Blood – A raging riff storm of aural pleasure.  Vocals packed with passion and energy; drum beats alive with pizzazz – you’ll fall in love with it at one listen.  Filled with tons of great life enhancing melodies, fun paced and even sporting a few deep-throated harmonies, it’s the metal equivalent of an action adventure film and it gets my vote.

Murder All Doubt – Yes!  Raging, roiling and blistering with metal force, the title track does exactly what it says, ensuring you’ll remember it.  Positively pouring their hearts into this, it’s got all the main ingredients.  Quick paced, catchy hooks, lively riffs and energised vocals, strong, noticeable drum rolls, lovable fiery melodies; I could go on forever.  You need to hear it.

A New Hell You Embark – Even angrier intro, it blazes and etches itself onto your senses immediately.  Clear fire fuelled imagery to this.  Those riffs just blitz their way through the song, in perfect harmony with the intensely energetic vocals and drums; it’s melodic metal paradise.  You’ll find yourself joining in with those closing lyrics, when the rhythm hits you.  Intensely flavoursome stuff.

Choose Them Wisely – Banging, crashing and raging into life; there’s no mistaking the sheer force of will behind this track.  Immensely catchy, pleasurable and racy, you will love it.  Did you hear me?  YOU WILL LOVE IT!  Filled to the rafters with pure metal wonders, it’s an instant hit.

Reflection Spills – Oh, here’s a completely different intro -made of a slow, creeping, low down bass line, getting under your skin…. and then…..CRASHING into life, with delightful heaviness.  Exhibiting some brand new vocal arrangements, with equally changed, strategically placed instrumentals, to intrigue your aural senses and fill you with awe.  Still, though, just as heavy and forceful as you could want.  Thrilling in proportions.  Wondrous in others.

Broken – Probably the loudest, most forcible intro yet!  Racing into life, with more of the right stuff; it’s proper party metal!  For comparison’s sake, it’s a little like The More I See, in it’s basic sound.  The drums stand out well here – beating and pounding the life out of the song, for all it’s worth.  You’re going to love those fine melodic riffs after the mid-section, as it races on towards the end.  Ending on a veritable volley of drum hits and raw, ferocious vocals, it states its case well.  If this doesn’t hit home, you need to wake up and open your ears.

The Only Way We Bleed – Oh yeah, loving those flame filled opening slide riffs!  That’s the way to start a metal song!  Nicely catchy, whilst still enjoyably heavy.  In fact, the vocals here take on a growly aspect, teetering on the edge of black metal territory.  It’ll have you air drumming, air guitaring and shouting the lyrics till you’re hoarse.

For This We Live – Yes!  More gorgeous heavy riffing and drum hits, combined with more fun fiery lyrics.  In here, you’ll be reminded slightly of Testament’s ‘Trail By Fire’.  Oh and you will definitely love those beautiful riffs after the mid-section.  Great lyrics!  So affecting!  Those harmonies are equally fabulous.  No!  It’s over!  Trust me, you’ll want this on endless repeat.

These Later Years – Oh, that intro will get you immediately.  Too powerfully hard-hitting to describe.  This is one of those perfect closing tracks, holding so much unfettered power within it, you just can’t put it into words.  The ideal summation of the entire album.  Melody, ramped up vibrant vocals, drums so hot they’re on fire and riffs straight from metal paradise.  Impossible perfection.

Overall – Metallically majestic magic.

10/10 **********

For fans of melodic heavy metal, power/speed metal, Testament and other Bay Area/thrash bands and NWOBHM. 


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Visions – ‘Shake The Earth’   9 comments

Wet Bandits – Unusual quirky riff intro.  Chugging, chunky, raucous instrumentals of earsplitting proportions.  Industrial feel, with touches of melo-death about it.  More of a crossover style than any one category of metal.

Eurotrucker – Instant, immediate, hard-hitting drum intro, with slightly more melodic vocals this time.  Alterations in tempo, pace and rhythm; catchier sound to the chorus and an overriding feel that it’s all about volume.

It’s Only A Time – Slightly gentler drum intro, but the shouty vocals compensate.  A tad generic in sound, interchanging melodic and deathy vocals, creating a firm melo-death impression in this track.  Hard to pinpoint any real individual traits, but there’s unmistakable effort in the performance.

Breaking Away – Okay, here we have a variation in a gentler riff intro and a more melancholic tone.  A nice bit of crooning around the mid-section and the vocalist is clearly well able to experiment with and change between different pitches, styles and techniques.  An admirable quality.

Deadweight – A bit more intro experimentation, varying the tones, riffs and rhythms.  A definite melo-death thread throughout this.  Not much more to say of note.  Nothing’s grabbing me about this.

These Days – Good, loud drum and riff intro there, with some nice drum rolls and a noticeably more passionate sense to the vocals – especially in the well-placed harmonies.  Still, though, the overall feel and sound doesn’t do it for me.  It does have unquestionable power, but for me, it’s lacking in essential hooks.

Korma – A change in the initial style of the vocal intro, quickly moving back into the same growly essence.  It’s angry.  That’s all I feel in it, though – other than sporadic mood-lowering sombre sections.  It’s just hard to find anything novel or attention grabbing about it.

Shake The Earth – Now here’s a nice melodic riff intro, containing more upbeat feeling, joined by some well timed drum rolls with a similar essence.  Oh no, though, the vocals following them let the instrumentals down, to an extent, with their downbeat tones.  However, they do become slightly more uplifting in places and their power never dissipates.  The riffs also lift after the mid-section, returning to the pleasant, lighter sound at the end.  As a title track, it needs more about it, to make it stand out.

Artemus Clyde – Ah, a more groovy sound to this intro, with a clearly catchier, easier feel to it.  This is an easier and more pleasant listen, overall; rolling along well.  The growly/deathy vocals still appear sporadically, but there’s a much more melodic sound permeating it, making a welcome change.  The rest of the album could have done with a much bigger dose of this melodic slant.

Overall – An average, passable project, with obvious melo-death leanings.

6/10 ******


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The King Must Die – ‘Sleep Can’t Hide The Fear’   6 comments

Confidential – Bang!  Right in there, with a blazing fury of metal!  Unhesitant, crazed riffing, aggressive drumming and anger fuelled vocals.  Melody, heaviness, rhythm and rawness.  It’s got the lot.  Full-scale metal explosion, not unlike the image of volcanic eruption.  Face melting metal at its best.

Your Grip Is – Another full on metal attack intro, leaving no room for hesitation.  Catchiness, loaded with passion, encased in great rhythms.  More fun riffing, of epically enjoyable stature, equally fun and enjoyable drumming and strong lyrics….. which have me wondering what they’re referring to!  Like it.

No Forgiveness – Blazing and crashing into life in much the same way again, it’s just as I like it.  Heavy, melodic, fun and passionately performed.  Predictable to some, perhaps, but I say it shows strength and consistency.  Some great battering ram type drumming in here, blending brilliantly with the high-powered vocals, riffs and bass line.  Ending on a classic clean cut abrupt note and lyric, it’s really a typically well-powered metal song, which could easily be cut from a variety of influences, with added weight from its own spin.

The Mountains Wept – Oh yes!  I’m liking the sound and rhythm of the opening riffs.  Loads of catchiness here, with a definite Slayer feel.  It’s the riffs that stand out here, but again, there’s no denying the thunderous aspect to the drums or the strength and sincerity that’s gone into those vocals – especially towards the closing section.  It’s a good combo of anger, focus and momentum, in style, note- holding and volume.  I really felt the emotion behind the lyrics – particularly towards the end.

The Invisible Disease – Crash!  Such total and utter power in that drumming and riffing.  The vocals could have been made for these very instrumentals.  That’s how well matched they are, in every respect.  A metal treat of huge proportions.  They just pound the life out of this song.

The Birth Of War – Slightly more movement in this intro, creating that sliding impression within the riffing,  making it seem as if it’s already well into the song.  There’s a certain fluidity to the feel of the whole track.  Packed with really vivid riffage, of the imagery evoking kind.  Metal Movie soundtrack territory.  The ending’s reminiscent of Slayer’s ‘Expendable Youth’, fitting the title well.

Treacherous And True –  A different sound to this one.  High-pitched, siren like intro, with a slight Crue-esque riff tone, even more rapidly followed by another change of vocal style, to a slightly more Rammsteinesque sound, in places, alternating with something edging towards screamo/growly style and ending on a final murderous scream.  To call this powerful would be an understatement.

Notongue – Opening with engaging riffs, more of a Slayer type rhythm and vocal harmonies shouted in perfect angry sync.  Nice melodies in here, towards the mid-section and it’s just inherently catchy, from that point on.  You’ll just want to join in.  A really fun paced track.

Fall Of Man – Banging, attacking drum intro of a tribal nature – apt, given the massacre themed lyrics.  This band actually convey horror in an audibly enjoyable way.  Liking those riffs after the mid-section.  Despite the subject matter, there’s an uplifting quality about this song.

You Know This – Now here’s more of a terror inducing sound.  They did that sinister intro well – a good thing, considering the assassination theme.  They also do the final complex riffs magnificently.  Some quite intricate notes to hit there and they hit them with complete ease.  A very accomplished song. 

SINthetically Wasted – This truly is a volley of battering ram drums – joined by the same high impact quality to the vocals and riffs.  Here, the volume’s turned up to the max.  Again, some great melodies prior to the mid-section and a distinct Maidenesque riff to it, as in the end of ‘Wasted Years’.  This is simply a really fun medley type sound that’ll get under your skin and into your head, where it’ll stay.

This Day This Life – Good, catchy riffs and drum intro, followed by more shouty vocals at this point.  Loving the pace and rhythms of those riffs and drums.  It’s another easy one to get into.  A slight Exodus feel to this, reminding me of ‘War Is My Shepherd’.  Loads of really enjoyable rhythmic riffs and vocals.  A shorter track, but certainly no less enjoyable for that.

Overall – A fabulously fun, powered up piece of heavy fucking metal!

10/10 **********

For fans of Slayer, Maiden, Exodus, Horror and Goth Metal and Heavy Metal, generally.

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Split – ‘In Union We Thrash’   1 comment

Warning!  This will blow your fucking brains out!

Introducing an immense collaboration between members of Soul Collector (‘Thrashmageddon’) and Reanimator.  (‘Horns Up’).

Intro – It Is Time – Nice rain effect intro.  Always wins me over.  Sinister, yet beautiful acoustic riff intro, soon followed by the heaviest, most ball-breaking drum and riff section, continuing with the rain and ending on a macabre, funereal church bell tolling in the wind and all the time, a creepy rhythmic clipping, percussive tone plays in the background, along with an even creepier dark laugh, revealing itself intermittently.  If ‘Black Sabbath’ ever freaked you out, this will have you reaching for the lights and pulling the covers up over your head, to keep out the ghouls that lurk within the darkest recesses of your room.

The Pledge – Fucking hell!  That drum intro just scared the shit out of me.  Riffs to kill and loaded with heavy as fuck drum and riff sections and a voice to get inside your skull and weird you out for all eternity!  WTF?! I’ve honestly never heard vocals like these in my life.  It lies beyond description.  From the mid-section on, you’ll just be hit by amazing riffage, killer melodies, with maximum impact, to thrill like little else.  Ending on an awesomely metal drum fill – it’s simply metal as fuck!

Never Enough – More sombre, downtuned intro, initially, for the briefest of moments, before rapidly seguing into a classic ‘Hit The Lights’ riff.  Exciting, alive and truly awe-inspiring.  Those vocals are incredible.  They deserve an award for sheer, mind blowing, unique originality.  As does the sound and production quality.  Metallica fans, bow down and kiss the earth, cos here, you’re gonna be in heaven.  Great vocal harmonies aswell as some of the heaviest, most truly vibrant, epic, brain-slamming riffs and drum rolls you’ll hear this side of the grave.  Spectacular.  Brilliant ending).  If you do nothing else this year, listen to this and marvel at those wacky, weird and somehow, irresistible vocals.  It’ll blow your mind.

1968 – Banging intro.  As steel as it gets.  Catchy as hell, injecting more melody into those otherworldly vocals.  Hard as hell and beefy as you’ll hear – this just screams metal. Whoa! What’s that faint lawnmower sound I hear?  Is that Split, mowing down and decimating everyone in their path?  More than likely.  Fuck me, these drums and riffs get harder and heavier till you just want to scream!  If there’s one thing this band get top marks for, its enthusiasm and sincerity.  You’re gonna love this to the death.  God Damn, that track just raised so much pen drumming paradise, my pen flew out of my hand.  The stuff of magic.

Peaceful Eradication – Crash! And straight in there again, with even more of that metallic mayhem.  It rocks, it rolls, it batters the place in and razes it to the ground.  Some very welcome Slayeresque touches here.  Power ramped up to beyond the max.  Stunning momentum.  Few bands manage to keep up this level of energy and that’s got to be admired.  A few Testament nods there aswell.  Always very pleasing.  Metal vitality in spades and then some.

Beyond That Burning Mask – Cheekily misleadingly faded down intro, till it suddenly blazes back into life again.  The vocals here are more classically metal, with some sludgy tones here and there.  Loud, proud and strong.  Real emphasis on the riffs and those startlingly powerful vocals just get stronger and stronger till the end.  Full-scale metal territory.

The Abominatour – Oh yes!  Crazy riff intro to this, quickly chased by not just more of those ace vocals, but also some really catchy, strong vocal harmonies, fitting very nicely indeed.  Brief sinister tones, before crackling back into life and cranking it back up again, to raise the roof.  This has just reminded me of the ending on Judas Priest’s ‘Ram It Down’.  Closing with an affecting riff based steel echo –  that’s what you call a metal statement!

The Mosh Master – What a title!  A metal drumming avalanche, combined with emphatic vocals and heavily powered riffs.  I can hear lots of Testament and Slayer here and it works so well.  These harmonies were simply made for this track.  Perfect cohesion and it sums up its title well).

Rush For The Mosh – This’ll wake you up fast!  Nothing like metal of this calibre to pick you up and keep you up.  Rapid paced, catchy as fuck, engaging, involving and passionate.  You have to love it and there’s no two ways about it.  Just as with the preceding track, it summarises its title amazingly well.  Get. In. The. Pit. 

Overall – 100% metal purity.

10/10 **********

For fans of Metallica, Testament, Slayer, Judas Priest, power/speed and NWOBHM. 


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The Superphone – ‘Take It Live’   Leave a comment

Fast, upbeat, percussion intro, joined by uplifting, breezy riffs and vocals.  A slightly sentimental flavour to the lyrics, performed with light-hearted meaning, rather than melancholia – no easy feat.  There’s a very strong Levellersesque feel to this track and as with all previous Superphone tracks, it just speaks warm, fresh, vibrant tones to your heart.  One for feelgood moments.

9/10 *********

For fans of The Levellers, Green Day and folk and alt rock generally. 

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