The King Must Die – ‘Sleep Can’t Hide The Fear’

Confidential – Bang!  Right in there, with a blazing fury of metal!  Unhesitant, crazed riffing, aggressive drumming and anger fuelled vocals.  Melody, heaviness, rhythm and rawness.  It’s got the lot.  Full-scale metal explosion, not unlike the image of volcanic eruption.  Face melting metal at its best.

Your Grip Is – Another full on metal attack intro, leaving no room for hesitation.  Catchiness, loaded with passion, encased in great rhythms.  More fun riffing, of epically enjoyable stature, equally fun and enjoyable drumming and strong lyrics….. which have me wondering what they’re referring to!  Like it.

No Forgiveness – Blazing and crashing into life in much the same way again, it’s just as I like it.  Heavy, melodic, fun and passionately performed.  Predictable to some, perhaps, but I say it shows strength and consistency.  Some great battering ram type drumming in here, blending brilliantly with the high-powered vocals, riffs and bass line.  Ending on a classic clean cut abrupt note and lyric, it’s really a typically well-powered metal song, which could easily be cut from a variety of influences, with added weight from its own spin.

The Mountains Wept – Oh yes!  I’m liking the sound and rhythm of the opening riffs.  Loads of catchiness here, with a definite Slayer feel.  It’s the riffs that stand out here, but again, there’s no denying the thunderous aspect to the drums or the strength and sincerity that’s gone into those vocals – especially towards the closing section.  It’s a good combo of anger, focus and momentum, in style, note- holding and volume.  I really felt the emotion behind the lyrics – particularly towards the end.

The Invisible Disease – Crash!  Such total and utter power in that drumming and riffing.  The vocals could have been made for these very instrumentals.  That’s how well matched they are, in every respect.  A metal treat of huge proportions.  They just pound the life out of this song.

The Birth Of War – Slightly more movement in this intro, creating that sliding impression within the riffing,  making it seem as if it’s already well into the song.  There’s a certain fluidity to the feel of the whole track.  Packed with really vivid riffage, of the imagery evoking kind.  Metal Movie soundtrack territory.  The ending’s reminiscent of Slayer’s ‘Expendable Youth’, fitting the title well.

Treacherous And True –  A different sound to this one.  High-pitched, siren like intro, with a slight Crue-esque riff tone, even more rapidly followed by another change of vocal style, to a slightly more Rammsteinesque sound, in places, alternating with something edging towards screamo/growly style and ending on a final murderous scream.  To call this powerful would be an understatement.

Notongue – Opening with engaging riffs, more of a Slayer type rhythm and vocal harmonies shouted in perfect angry sync.  Nice melodies in here, towards the mid-section and it’s just inherently catchy, from that point on.  You’ll just want to join in.  A really fun paced track.

Fall Of Man – Banging, attacking drum intro of a tribal nature – apt, given the massacre themed lyrics.  This band actually convey horror in an audibly enjoyable way.  Liking those riffs after the mid-section.  Despite the subject matter, there’s an uplifting quality about this song.

You Know This – Now here’s more of a terror inducing sound.  They did that sinister intro well – a good thing, considering the assassination theme.  They also do the final complex riffs magnificently.  Some quite intricate notes to hit there and they hit them with complete ease.  A very accomplished song. 

SINthetically Wasted – This truly is a volley of battering ram drums – joined by the same high impact quality to the vocals and riffs.  Here, the volume’s turned up to the max.  Again, some great melodies prior to the mid-section and a distinct Maidenesque riff to it, as in the end of ‘Wasted Years’.  This is simply a really fun medley type sound that’ll get under your skin and into your head, where it’ll stay.

This Day This Life – Good, catchy riffs and drum intro, followed by more shouty vocals at this point.  Loving the pace and rhythms of those riffs and drums.  It’s another easy one to get into.  A slight Exodus feel to this, reminding me of ‘War Is My Shepherd’.  Loads of really enjoyable rhythmic riffs and vocals.  A shorter track, but certainly no less enjoyable for that.

Overall – A fabulously fun, powered up piece of heavy fucking metal!

10/10 **********

For fans of Slayer, Maiden, Exodus, Horror and Goth Metal and Heavy Metal, generally.


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