Visions – ‘Shake The Earth’

Wet Bandits – Unusual quirky riff intro.  Chugging, chunky, raucous instrumentals of earsplitting proportions.  Industrial feel, with touches of melo-death about it.  More of a crossover style than any one category of metal.

Eurotrucker – Instant, immediate, hard-hitting drum intro, with slightly more melodic vocals this time.  Alterations in tempo, pace and rhythm; catchier sound to the chorus and an overriding feel that it’s all about volume.

It’s Only A Time – Slightly gentler drum intro, but the shouty vocals compensate.  A tad generic in sound, interchanging melodic and deathy vocals, creating a firm melo-death impression in this track.  Hard to pinpoint any real individual traits, but there’s unmistakable effort in the performance.

Breaking Away – Okay, here we have a variation in a gentler riff intro and a more melancholic tone.  A nice bit of crooning around the mid-section and the vocalist is clearly well able to experiment with and change between different pitches, styles and techniques.  An admirable quality.

Deadweight – A bit more intro experimentation, varying the tones, riffs and rhythms.  A definite melo-death thread throughout this.  Not much more to say of note.  Nothing’s grabbing me about this.

These Days – Good, loud drum and riff intro there, with some nice drum rolls and a noticeably more passionate sense to the vocals – especially in the well-placed harmonies.  Still, though, the overall feel and sound doesn’t do it for me.  It does have unquestionable power, but for me, it’s lacking in essential hooks.

Korma – A change in the initial style of the vocal intro, quickly moving back into the same growly essence.  It’s angry.  That’s all I feel in it, though – other than sporadic mood-lowering sombre sections.  It’s just hard to find anything novel or attention grabbing about it.

Shake The Earth – Now here’s a nice melodic riff intro, containing more upbeat feeling, joined by some well timed drum rolls with a similar essence.  Oh no, though, the vocals following them let the instrumentals down, to an extent, with their downbeat tones.  However, they do become slightly more uplifting in places and their power never dissipates.  The riffs also lift after the mid-section, returning to the pleasant, lighter sound at the end.  As a title track, it needs more about it, to make it stand out.

Artemus Clyde – Ah, a more groovy sound to this intro, with a clearly catchier, easier feel to it.  This is an easier and more pleasant listen, overall; rolling along well.  The growly/deathy vocals still appear sporadically, but there’s a much more melodic sound permeating it, making a welcome change.  The rest of the album could have done with a much bigger dose of this melodic slant.

Overall – An average, passable project, with obvious melo-death leanings.

6/10 ******



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