The King Must Die – ‘Murder All Doubt’

Welcome to the brand new album from TKMD, available now from Itunes, CDBaby, Amazon and Spotify.

Well Being – Riding straight in there, with a racing horse like drum roll and similarly paced vocals and riffs.  Imagine a fantasy film scene, of the four horse men of the Apocalypse riding towards you on their charges and that’ll give you a flavour of the feel of this track.  Exciting, catchy, rapid and life affirming, fading out on a final throaty growl, this is what I call an intro).

In Blood – A raging riff storm of aural pleasure.  Vocals packed with passion and energy; drum beats alive with pizzazz – you’ll fall in love with it at one listen.  Filled with tons of great life enhancing melodies, fun paced and even sporting a few deep-throated harmonies, it’s the metal equivalent of an action adventure film and it gets my vote.

Murder All Doubt – Yes!  Raging, roiling and blistering with metal force, the title track does exactly what it says, ensuring you’ll remember it.  Positively pouring their hearts into this, it’s got all the main ingredients.  Quick paced, catchy hooks, lively riffs and energised vocals, strong, noticeable drum rolls, lovable fiery melodies; I could go on forever.  You need to hear it.

A New Hell You Embark – Even angrier intro, it blazes and etches itself onto your senses immediately.  Clear fire fuelled imagery to this.  Those riffs just blitz their way through the song, in perfect harmony with the intensely energetic vocals and drums; it’s melodic metal paradise.  You’ll find yourself joining in with those closing lyrics, when the rhythm hits you.  Intensely flavoursome stuff.

Choose Them Wisely – Banging, crashing and raging into life; there’s no mistaking the sheer force of will behind this track.  Immensely catchy, pleasurable and racy, you will love it.  Did you hear me?  YOU WILL LOVE IT!  Filled to the rafters with pure metal wonders, it’s an instant hit.

Reflection Spills – Oh, here’s a completely different intro -made of a slow, creeping, low down bass line, getting under your skin…. and then…..CRASHING into life, with delightful heaviness.  Exhibiting some brand new vocal arrangements, with equally changed, strategically placed instrumentals, to intrigue your aural senses and fill you with awe.  Still, though, just as heavy and forceful as you could want.  Thrilling in proportions.  Wondrous in others.

Broken – Probably the loudest, most forcible intro yet!  Racing into life, with more of the right stuff; it’s proper party metal!  For comparison’s sake, it’s a little like The More I See, in it’s basic sound.  The drums stand out well here – beating and pounding the life out of the song, for all it’s worth.  You’re going to love those fine melodic riffs after the mid-section, as it races on towards the end.  Ending on a veritable volley of drum hits and raw, ferocious vocals, it states its case well.  If this doesn’t hit home, you need to wake up and open your ears.

The Only Way We Bleed – Oh yeah, loving those flame filled opening slide riffs!  That’s the way to start a metal song!  Nicely catchy, whilst still enjoyably heavy.  In fact, the vocals here take on a growly aspect, teetering on the edge of black metal territory.  It’ll have you air drumming, air guitaring and shouting the lyrics till you’re hoarse.

For This We Live – Yes!  More gorgeous heavy riffing and drum hits, combined with more fun fiery lyrics.  In here, you’ll be reminded slightly of Testament’s ‘Trail By Fire’.  Oh and you will definitely love those beautiful riffs after the mid-section.  Great lyrics!  So affecting!  Those harmonies are equally fabulous.  No!  It’s over!  Trust me, you’ll want this on endless repeat.

These Later Years – Oh, that intro will get you immediately.  Too powerfully hard-hitting to describe.  This is one of those perfect closing tracks, holding so much unfettered power within it, you just can’t put it into words.  The ideal summation of the entire album.  Melody, ramped up vibrant vocals, drums so hot they’re on fire and riffs straight from metal paradise.  Impossible perfection.

Overall – Metallically majestic magic.

10/10 **********

For fans of melodic heavy metal, power/speed metal, Testament and other Bay Area/thrash bands and NWOBHM. 



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