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Dystonia, from Siberia, formed in 2011.  Originally a covers band, playing tributes to old school thrash bands, a year later, they began producing their own original material, the first track being ‘Holocaust’, followed by ‘Justice’?

Following the usual line-up changes, they recorded their new single, ‘Consumer’, which preceded an international tour, supporting bands such as Nightrage (Sweden), Neurasthenia (Italy), Lacerated and Carbonized (Brazil), etc.

Currently, the band are busy promoting this, their debut album, ‘World Wide War’.  The background of WWW revolves around global concepts such as the near future, wars, genocide and nuclear winter.

Starvation – Right in there, with a magnificent drum roll and a totally thrashy scream, which bodes well.  I can sense the anger in those lyrics and riffs immediately.  Always a good sign.  It’s raw, punchy, aggressive and loud.  Just the way thrash is meant to be.  Great job, right from the off.  Slick performance, heartily delivered.  Get in there.

No Chance To Return – Even louder, angrier drum intro!  You can hear the Testament influences in there, for sure.  Oh, loving those riffs!  Slightly more melodic and harmonious, in places, but still maintaining the solid thrash basis.  Even a bit of growl in there too.  Slightly Panteraesque, here and there.  In fact, the Pantera sound grows bigger towards the end.  Clean, clear ending.  Done.

Consumer – Ooh, very original intro of shop tills doing their thing, before crashing into life, with a really classic thrash sound.  Fast-paced riffs, ferocious vocals and battering drums, combining, to create a very tasty heaviness, to calm and kill the worst of moods.  A damn good demo of what thrash is for.

Justice – More of a fun element to this kick drum intro, but no let up in the relentlessly furious pace of the riffs and sound of the vocals.  Well honed screams and a general feel of righteous anger, befitting the title.  A veritable volley of drums up to the close and ending on an aptly anger-charged scream of ‘Justice’!  Fabulous job, brilliantly performed.

We Are All Condemned – More metal mayhem, with more of a party flavour and some cracking melodies.  Fantastically cohesive harmonies, especially at the end.  Just filled with such noticeably enthralling music.  One of those that hooks you in and doesn’t let go.  (Standout track).

Holocaust – That doomy, yet vibrant feel returns.  This has got a lot going for it.  Immediate, catchy and alive.  A thoroughly passionate, sincere performance.  So driven.  Energy fuelled, life affirmingly quick paced and genuinely delivered.  It rocks and then some.  The height of thrash mania.

Eternal Nuclear Winter – Loving the catchy, head bugging intro.  This has more of a new wave sound/feel to it.  It’s cleverly placed itself in the middle of several possible sub- genres/influences.  Fairly short, but immensely powerful would be an understatement.

Downfall – Wow!  In a complete change of tack, here’s a hauntingly beautiful piano instrumental, which is poignant, sinister, melancholy and attention grabbing, all at once.  Perfect closer, to summarise the central themes of this album and their potential outcomes.  Filled with feeling.  Nothing could have said it better.

Overall – A highly compelling, contemplative concept album, simultaneously mood-altering and entertainingly thrashy.  Food for thought, with fun and aggression combined.

10/10 **********

For fans of Testament, Slayer, Pantera, Avenged Sevenfold and all genres and sub genres of thrash metal, new and old.



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