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Introducing Obey, from Stoke-on-Trent.  Taken from the forthcoming ‘Maelstrom’ album, due for release in August 2016, ‘Gutless’ is the first single to appear on it.

Nice hard, heavy intro and a great general thrudding feel to this.  Catchy, melodious beat, bluesy tones and a fabulously earthy, gritty voice.  Uplifting tones, delicious riffs and hammering drums.  Everything you could want.  You’ll love it.  Crank it up loud.

10/10 **********

Youtube video of ‘Gutless’:

Carrying much the same power as the audio track, the visuals just add to the effect.  Imaginative use of visual effects, incorporating scenes of handwritten lyrics being obliterated by fire and an aptly, well captured, shaded dark background, with plenty of band shots, for added pleasure.  Impressive sound and visual quality; no easy feat on youtube vids and an overall memorable, enjoyable feel, which’ll make you want to revisit it.  One of the best youtube vids I’ve seen in a long time.  A very high class quality production, which rocks hard.  For comparison’s sake, it’s like a faster paced, crisper version of Down.

10/10 **********






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