Le Lizard Royale – ‘Hotel’

Welcome to the debut album, ‘Hotel’, from Le Lizard Royale, formed in Southampton, in 2015, by members of Lo-Fi Poet Band, The Spiraltones and Zen Juddhism. Incorporating hard rock, indie grooves, punk and psychedelia into their music, Le Lizard Royale are a highly unusual and surreal addition to the scene.

Guilty Conscience – Very punky intro.  More spoken than sung lyrical form.  Some nice riffs in there.  A short track, with an intriguing format, which could just do with a bit of explanation re: its influences.  It does leave you wondering, but perhaps that’s a good thing.

Le Lizard Royale – Very Doorsesque!  That’s a good thing, IMHO.  Lots of very controversial themes and a downbeat, melancholy tone, with a lot of bass emphasis.  Steady beat, good sound quality, with a clear psychedelic leaning, but the socio-political content tends to distract from the music.

The Song Remains The Same – Not a Led Zep cover!  A more upbeat, rocky opening, with a very traditional 50s/60s slant.  Definitely catching and more melodic.  Increasingly alternative in its sound and greater capacity for visual imagery.  Dance halls spring to mind, but actually, this would work well at this year’s Glastonbury.

Human Sponge (acoustic)- Now, here’s a folkier, funkier feel, which slides down nicely).  Liking the rhythm.  Unusual style of constant background vocals, at the same time as main vocals.  It definitely has something about it, though the overriding melancholia may just defeat the object.  Meaningful, if nothing else.

On The Graft – Good punchy start.  Cohesive and collectively, going places.  This particular track actually has classic hit written all over it.  All the right stuff, in all the right order, to be memorable and successful.  More bass than is usual, which works well for this specific style of rock and I can already hear it on a Classic Rock magazine album.

Dirty Noise – Stars – Is that a wobble board I hear at the intro?  Nice touch, if so.  This has just moved right to the other end of the scale and entered noise rock/punk/anarchic arena.  Is it just me or do they seem totally at home here in this genre?) Forgive me for this, guys, but for some reason, I’m imagining a load of market traders, yelling at each other and indulging in dodgy dealing, ‘Only Fools And Horses’ style).  Wacky, weird and somehow, wonderful.

St Mary’s Woman Ft Issa – Great opening riff, reminiscent of Lenny Kravitz’s ‘American Woman’.  Oh, such nice lyrics lol!  This is one which has to be heard to be grasped.  It lies beyond description.  Retaining that same Kravitzesque beat throughout, it’s certainly imagery provoking.  Bluesy and filled with gangster type bluster.

Overall – I’ve never heard anything like it before in my life!  If nothing else, it has to win points for sheer originality, diversity and fearlessness.  It goes places most other albums don’t and reaches beyond experimentation, to outright assertive anarchy.  Each track offers something different and draws you in, with its heightened level of bizarre intrigue.  Authentic and extremely odd; like an altered sense of reality.

7/10 *******

For fans of surreal, alt, psych rock, with punky anarchy and bluesy intonations.




Latest Vid: https://youtu.be/Yvu4prszi4Q




2 Responses to “Le Lizard Royale – ‘Hotel’”

  1. Le Lizard Royale Says:

    Robt Spasiano

    Welcome to the debut album,

  2. Le Lizard Royale Says:

    Dion Barris

    Welcome to the debut album,

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