Zen Juddhism – ‘Zen Juddhism’

Introducing Zen Juddhism’s forthcoming self titled album, ‘Zen Juddhism’.

Chocolate Cake – Delicious title!  Nice cool bass opening, followed with rather bluesy vocals and the whole thing carries a lounge music atmosphere.  Quite a high vibe about it, plenty of melody and there’s definitely that feeling of being taken back in time.  A psychedelic flavour, with an old school sound.  If you remember ‘Happy Days’, you’ll know where I’m coming from here.  Anyone under 30, go back to sleep, cos that’ll mean nothing to you.

Private Banks (So Cold) – Good solid drum intro, a feel good vibe and an overall sound probably best described as ‘eclectic’.  More alt than rock, imo, but very melodic.

Want To Be Free – Liking that bluesy, stonerish opening and those pleasantly surprising female vocals, with a definite Chrissie Hynes essence.  However, it is a tad too lyrically repetitive.

Concrete Beat – This has got an instantly likeable slide intro and a really cool, relaxed upbeat bluesy tone, with lots more rock and even a touch of soul.  One for mellow, chilled out moods.  So much rhythm, you could figure skate to it.

Heart Removal – Ooh, now this has got something!  Catches you immediately.  Loads of rhythm, some decent finger picking going on there and a memorable chorus.  Liking the closing riffs.  Takes me back to my early student days, when ‘ambience’ was the name of the game.

Clash From Oblivion – Now this reminds me of Kyuss’s ‘Demon Cleaner’ – definitely a good thing.  Unusual lyrics, but that makes them more memorable.  Lots of catchiness here.  Standout track, possibly.

Am I Alive? – Ah and now, the mood changes down a gear, with some particularly classy female vocals, which really do the song justice.  Soulful groove rock, if ever I heard it.  Effortless and smooth, gliding along and sliding down, like melted chocolate.

Green Eyes – Paul Weller, eat your heart out.  That intro could almost have been ‘The Changing Man’.  Again, hitting that rhythmic feel instantly; maintaining a slower, but steady pace now and just cruising along easily.  Speaking of easily, it does have slight evocations of The Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ track of the same name; carrying a very similar sound and atmosphere.

Hold – Hmm, a slightly more sinister edge to this, with an altogether darker feel, yet there’s still light.  Catchy drum beats and in spite of the innocuous lyrics, the tone of the whole song makes it sound like a warning of some encroaching threat of danger.  Still catchy, regardless.

East – Like that intro very much, which could easily be Hendrix’s cover of ‘Wild Thing’.  It’s really just like a Zen Juddhism instrumental cover of ‘Wild Thing’, set to the lyrics of a different, yet similar track.  Very powerful, pleasant female vocals give the whole thing an extra edge.

Temporary – Familiar ‘Changing Man’ rhythm again.  Very 50s/60s.  It’s got blues, it’s got soul, it’s got groove, with a melodic soft alt rock edge to it.  Imagine a ‘Heartbeat’ character, driving along the bleak, Yorkshire roads, with the car stereo on and this is what they’re going to be playing.  Yes, it’s got that very early rock feel to it, which, imho, is great potential.

Overall – A classy, groove laden piece of nostalgia, to send your mind back to all that reminds you of the media presentation of the glory days of the beginnings of rock and blues, in its pure and unadorned format.

8/10 ********



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