Stryctnyne – ‘Unfinished Business’

Stryctnyne are a hard rock/heavy metal band, from Long Island, N. Y., USA.  Established since the mid-80s, performing with various line-ups, Stryctnyne is currently composed of the original line-up.  They’ve previously opened for and supported legendary artists, such as Adrenaline Mob, Jake E. Lee and Joe Lynn Turner. ‘Unfinished Business’ is now complete and available via their website: and via digital downloads from CD baby, Itunes, Amazon, etc.  Currently looking for short-term vinyl/CD label support, for this release, live gigs are planned, to promote current and past material.  New music is now in process, which will begin pre-production at the close of 2016.  The band’s facebook page is now at 9000 and growing.  For all music press enquiries, PM the band on facebook or contact them via their website.

Blasphemer – Ooh, incredibly growly, gritty intro.  A distinct power metal sound, with a hard, darker edge.  Some noticeably catchy, anthemic sections and tasty, melodic riffs.  Almost metallically choral in places, with a nice, strong, heavy roll to it, akin to a boulder being rolled along, with powerful intent.  The message is clear.  Don’t fuck with these guys.

Last Rite – Oh, liking that single bass note opening.  Conveying so much sinister purpose within that one note.  Here, you’ll find an impressively hard and heavy groove, which wouldn’t be out of place on the Crobar album.  Imagine walking into your favourite rock club, instantly hitting play on the jukebox and hearing immediate strains of the most classic rock pub inspired fayre.  All it needs is a vehicle, roaring away, with a squeal of breaks, on a gravel road, in a backstreet of downtown L. A.  Enough said).

Kill Or Be Killed – Fabulous drum intro!  Immediate and catchy and joined by equally intense vocals and riffs and even one or two sublime power screams.  This is one of those tracks which pours so much spirit into one simple message that it needs no more.  If this doesn’t get them a label deal, there’s no justice in the world.  Stunning vibes.

Line Them Up – Dark, brooding, menacing and that’s just the intro.  A rhythm which will hook you, effortlessly and a pace to match.  Simply filled with visual imagery to create an entire rock film in your head.  The stuff of legend.  It will get inside you.  It will eat you.  It will consume you.  Get the message?  Transportation to metal world incarnate.

Hammer Down – Now if that intro doesn’t carry you away, I honestly don’t know what will.  This time, the power screams come in right at the start and still, the manly, gritty, gravelly, deepness echoes throughout.  Uplifting, mood enhancing, metal therapy, right here.  These guys were simply born to rock!  This is what you call a choir of metal angels!  One listen and I guarantee you’ll be hooked.

Reality – Banging drum and power scream intro.  There’s a magical combo here of hard southern style, groove rock and high-level power metal and I just love it.  Deep, melodic, cohesive and perfectly pitched, all at once.  Top rate audio production and quality to die for.  Some truly fabulous stuff in there.  This band need to be signed now.

Satan’s Ride – Wow, what a growly, deep-throated, monster of an intro!  More spoken word stuff in here, but still retaining that top-notch melody, in the sung sections.  Lyrically, worthy of the likes of Sabbath.  Evil, dangerous and plausibly so.  Such deeply dredged aggression, it’s about to go up in flames.

ThunderGods – Here’s a change of tack, in an infinitely more sombre, sinister, funereal intro, which then segues rapidly into a fun, rocky, upbeat vibe, reminiscent of ‘The Monster Mash’; thus, proving Stryctnyne’s metal credibility as a band well capable of flowing easily from one sound to another, with total versatility.  This track’s a candidate for the ‘party rock’ genre, yet it still holds on to that constant thread of heaviness.  Now that’s what you call ‘metal’.

Turn The Power On – Oh yeah, straight into classic rock territory, with no holds barred.  Saxon, eat your heart out.  Just filled with proper old school riffs, to bang your head to.  The heart and soul of rock is alive and well.  Perfect simplicity lies right here.

WitchesHunt – Bang, crash, hard and heavy darkness lives).  The whole Halloween feel’s been captured so well here.  It’s almost a re-creation of a Witches’ Sabbath.  Dark arts have found their home.  Every elaborate story or myth you’ve heard about witchcraft rituals is imagined within this track.

The Power And The Glory – Crashing drum intro to blow your head right off.  Ooh, political content.  Well it had to rear it’s head some time.  It’s caught the mood of the moment perfectly, within the melody.  Strong, courageous and outspoken.  It wins points for that alone.  To have the courage of your convictions is one thing, but to depict them so clearly and cleverly, musically, while still maintaining an enjoyable sound, is another.  They’ve succeeded.

Keepers Of The Secret – Slowing things down and alternating the mood again, in another direction completely, this here is an ideal closing track, which still bears some lyrical relation to the last track.  Contemplative, urgent and affecting, simultaneously.  Such a fitting power scream, just prior to the mid-section.  Slight echoes of ‘Black Sabbath’, briefly, till the rhythm and pace picks up again, heating up the vocals to boiling point.  Fiery, in a very literal sense.  Ending on a magnificent power scream.  Truly brave, sincere, energetic, metallic sentiment.

Overall – Overflowing with fire, passion and infectious energy.  This could be the next Judas Priest.

10/10 **********

For fans of Judas Priest, Saxon, Steppenwolf, WASP, Black Sabbath, Motorhead, Enforcer, power metal, classic rock, groove and blues rock and NWOTM, generally.


2 Responses to “Stryctnyne – ‘Unfinished Business’”

  1. craniumbasher666 Says:

    This album kicks ass old school meets new school one hell of a ride.A+++

  2. Vincent Carollo Says:

    spread the disease \m/ x9 \m/

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