Slikk Wikked – ‘Savage’

Slikk Wikked are an emerging metal band from Tampa, Florida, USA, influenced by early rock and modern metal genres.  Established since 2011, playing a combination of styles and sounds, based on old school core values.  Energetic, enthusiastic personalities, stage presence and a belief in the music drive the band and their music forward.  Their objective of bringing the ‘metal to the masses’ (see what I did, there?) is assisted by the endeavours of their street team/fan club.

Equinox – Wow!  Dark melancholic, brooding intensity.  I wasn’t expecting that.  Pure instrumental, seguing into a ‘Parisienne Walkways’ type melody, ending with a couple of cymbal hits and leaving a lasting impression.

Savage – Thank fuck for that.  Some nice hard, heavy, vibrant metal).  Now I’m at home again.  Liking the enthusiastic combo of melodic and throaty lyrics.  Lives up to its title.  Great fiery riffs in there, with a lovely metal vibrato.  Sexy, strong, tuneful and direct.  That’s how you do it.

Death Never Rests – Yeah!  A practically velvet smooth riff intro, gliding down your throat, like an ice cold drink, on a hot summers day.  Great choruses.  Built on the solid bricks and mortar of old school metal and moulded carefully into new wave.  Fun, frenetic paced chaos.  Reign Of Fury fans will love it.

In My Blood – Blasting drum and riff intro, moving fluidly and effortlessly right into their stride, with pure, uplifting metal.  ‘Heavy Metal Killers’ needs this track.  Catchy as fuck!  For comparison’s sake, it’s very familiar to the strains of Crowning Glory.  All that’s left to say about this is that it’s got all the right ingredients.  Metal party territory.  Ending on a classic, timeless riff.  This is heaven.

Smokin’ With El Diablo – Very rocky and rhythmic, with an instant party flavour.  Loaded with oomph, sincerity and catchiness.  Packed to the rafters with glorious riffs and sheer metallic presence.  A throatier feel to these lyrics, ending with what sounds and feels like a road roller, grinding up the street, to flatten all in its’ path.

Ascent To Madness – Hitting those drums with eager force and propelling its way into your mind, this throws an eclectic variety of arrangements into the mix, maintaining the flow with each and showing it’s unafraid to experiment.  True focus, grit and determination.  Never losing the flow for a minute, closing on a perfected final riff and drum hit; it’s immense.

Dead In My Eyes – Right in there, with no hesitation.  Moving straight into the metal mood and throwing in some great volleys of drums and building momentum, with energy, feeling and drive.  Everything you need to make your night go with a metal swing is in this album.  Gigantic riffs, fast-paced, sexy vocals, solid, heavy bass, wicked drum rolls.  Fuck yeah!  This is where it’s at.

Use Your Head – Changing pace briefly, before returning to full on, loaded, metal intensity.  Now, though, they’ve hit on a slight touch of screamo extremity, for the briefest of moments, keeping it hard, but melodic.  Those riffs are just going to take you to paradise.  A very clever finishing touch of intriguing lyrics, likely to stay in your memory and make you wonder…

On The Rocks – Visualise a late-night film, showing a car chase, through the streets of America, in the dark and dead of night and you’re there.  Talk about metal values.  These lyrics are all about parading them, proudly.  A simple, but effective message.  It’s a banner for metal and all that it stands for.

Until The End – Opening with some truly beautiful riffs, sliding immediately into familiar heaviness and just sucking you right into the vortex of its’ power.  So catchy I just headbanged so hard, my necklace fell off.  This track possesses a very clear sense of being literally sucked right inside it and held there, so you never want to leave.  Pure orgasmic magic.

Don’t Push Your Luck – Oh yeah!  I just couldn’t help myself.  I just joined in with that power scream intro, just after the daytime car chase melody.  (Yes, I get some weird images in my head, but you know, cars and metal go together).  Loving those intricate riffs to death.  No live entity could miss the sheer power in here or fail to be entranced by it.

Like An Addiction – Now this intro’s reminding me of an obstacle race through an adventure theme park.  Involved, engaging, thrusting, powerful action.  A novel pitch around the mid-section, of some very high-pitched vocals, which fit weirdly well.  Ending, in complete contrast, with an unarguably heavy, pounding instrumental, to end all doubt.

When Angels Cry – Oh, delightfully fast-paced thrills, a blatant NWOHM sound and a little alternation with vocal style and pitch, from melodic, to growly; cohesive, to individual; dark to light and not forgetting more of those delicious riffs.  Point proved.  True metal love and devotion.

Solstice – Moving finale of pure, beautiful instrumental.  Raw emotional expression.

Overall – What more can be said to clarify the absolute magic of this band, that hasn’t already been said?  Their strength is immense and lies in their pure, simple and down-to-earth message.  They care about the music.  That much is obvious.  Not many modern bands live up to their PR ‘hype’.  This one does.  They’re real, sincere, genuinely talented and true to their metal faith.  I can pay them no bigger compliment.  If you only choose one album to enter your life this year, let it be this one.

10/10 **********

For fans of NWOHM, NWOTM, classic rock, melodic, speed, power and extreme metal.


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  2. Slikk Wikked Says:

    Harold Berthold

    Slikk Wikked are an emerging metal band from Tampa, Florida, USA, influenced by early rock and modern metal genres.  Established since 2011, playing a combination of styles and sounds, based on old school core values.  Energetic, enthusiastic person…

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