Torrefy – ‘The Infinity Complex’

From Victoria, Canada, Torrefy now present their next album, ‘The Infinity Complex’, following their previous offering, ‘Thrash And Burn’. This second project is a concept album, set to assault the senses, via an endless, electrifying journey, through chaos, mayhem and crazed, metal insanity, of stratospheric proportions.

Torrefy have thus far, played alongside greats such as, Havok , Skeletonwitch, Warbringer, Enforcer, Exmortus, Toxic Holocaust and Cattle Decapitation.  These combined influences have been melded into the style presented in this current album; a full on, loaded, intense school of thrash/death metal, once beheld, never forgotten.

Plank Epoch – What a gorgeous, mellow intro.  Unexpected and slightly sinister, in its surprisingly gentle opening.  Sometimes, though, it’s good to be thrown off course).

The Singularity – Opening with a similar style to the intro track, but this time, seguing, gradually, in a ‘Tallicaesque quiet/loud style, into an evil sounding performance, of classy death metal, to please the extreme, screamo fans.  Some lovely riffs in there, though, befitting the melo- death and thrash genres.  Growls aplenty, for the hardcores and still enough melody to cater for generic metal enthusiasts.  A mixed bag, with so much variety, it’ll keep you on your toes.

Hypochongea – Radio interference intro, soon followed by a few nice, chilled out riffs, yet there’s nothing chilled out about those vocals!  Ouch, those screams have got to hurt.  Speed riffs soon take over, in a very pleasing pace, but still, no vocal momentum is lost and those blackened screams continue.  Drums coming into their own at the mid-point, making themselves clearly heard, along with the bass line, providing a back-up of such unquestionable hardness, there’s nowhere else to go, but heavier all the way.  Driving himself insane, towards the end, with increasingly extreme, screamo vocals, one thing this singer does not lack is power.

Blinding The Beholder – Well that was freaky!  A short, but direct, announcement of imminent death, delivered in a cool, calm, ‘BBC’ manner!  Evidently, though, it removes nothing from the severity and aggression of the strong performance, following.  Speed, growly, screamo, thrash, with melo-death makes for a strong and urgent combo.  It’s striking, if nothing else.  You’re going to need your attention on full alert for this.

Thrashist Dictator – Very laid back drum and cymbal intro, with gradually involving riffs, joining in, before the deep and gory growls appear, evolving into crazed screams, gradually paving the way for a bit more melodic thrashy power.  Soon, though, the screams overtake again, with a few more growls, but the melody’s still present, actually upping its game, towards the end and going for it, with enough speed and power to make it clearly memorable.  Ending on a final, guttural grunt, there’s enough incensed aggression here to cause nightmares of meeting face-to-face with this bands’ anger, on a dark night.

Killed To Death – Opening with a ‘Tallicaesque riff section, but just in case you thought you could sit back and relax with some melodic stuff, the vocalist throws a bit more violent aggression at you.  He’s got to win an award for sheer vocal violence.  You can’t fail to notice a few Slayeresque riffs in there, though.  Pleasing to any old school purist’s ears.  Relentless driving pace and equally relentless and murderous tones make this track what it is.  An infinite ride through the harshest, yet most comprehensive metal landscape imaginable.

Infinity Complex – Title track.  Opening volley of rhythmic drums, with the now familiar strains of the Monster from the deep, along with some rather pleasant riffs, marrying melody with extreme death, again.  Enjoy a bit of melodic riffage around the mid-section, while you can, before your ears are attacked again, by the furious, rage-filled death screams.  It seems the end of the world is nigh and vocal extremity will soon be in short supply.

Celestial Warfare – Very ‘Tallicaesque stop-start riff intro, but wait….. it doesn’t last long, before being almost overshadowed, by spleen rending fury of the vocal kind.  The drums hammer their message home, like a battering ram, at that point.  You’ll still hear some skilled melody, here and there, but you just won’t escape the absolutely livid wrath of those blood-drenched lyrics, for a moment.  Frankly, you’ll be begging Freddy Krueger to make an appearance, to give you a rest, for a bit.

Trial By Stone – Another ‘Tallica type riff intro, before the screams return.  There’s a speedier essence to these riffs and you can actually sense that the drummer’s knackered himself, with the amount of sheer energy he’s thrown into maintaining such heavy momentum and that he’s reaching the end of his rope.  Oh!  What’s this?  Is the pace actually finally slowing?  No.  I thought not.  The aggro and full pelt action had to come back out, for one final hurrah.  Oh, but, it does appear to be moving towards a merciful slow close.  You won’t forget it, though, thanks to that seemingly endless echoey fade out feedback riff.

Overall – Bloody hell!  This is one shining example of aural destruction, at its most intense, determined and downright explosive.  I suspect that this is what ‘The Big Bang’ sounded like, if there was such a thing.  Total planetary implosion.  They were aiming, with this new release, for cataclysmic impact.  They’ve succeeded.

8/10 ********

For fans of extreme, noise metal, thrash, death, melo- death and good, old-fashioned, heavy fucking metal. 



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  1. Torrefy Says:

    Billy Carvana

    From Victoria, Canada, Torrefy now present their next album,

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