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Formed in January 2016, Euphoria are influenced by Death, Vektor, Slayer, Megadeth, Pantera, amongst others, including punk.  Their first gig was in March, to a sold-out crowd of 200.  ‘Operation: Genesis’ was recorded following that.  ‘OG’ is a concept album, about experiments with evolution, involving various life forms and conspiracies to destroy humanity.  Released in June, at another sold-out launch show, after which, they received radio play from 101.1 WRF – Detroit’s commercial hard rock/heavy metal station.  Their first US tour (self co-ordinated), began in August.  It will continue into 2017, when they plan to tour Europe aswell.

Intro – Rather cool whammy bar intro, complete with Sabbath like funereal church bells and rain; followed up by simply gorgeous melodic power riffs.  Fading out nicely, it’s a good start to the album.

Theoretical Conception – Liking that snappy melodic speed intro and the way the same trad speed rhythm’s maintained.  Classic power metal fayre, with riffage aplenty and a tasty power scream thrown in, too.  Hugely fun and easy to listen to.  Goes down well in the Rock Queen camp.

Primordial Dominance – Single cymbal hit intro, rapidly joined by classically heavy riffs, vocals edging into growly territory, creating an element of melo-death, combined with the thrashy arrangements.  It’s very comfortable to hear and for some reason, makes me want to play pinball to it.

Cyberschizophrenia – Now that’s what you call a proper full on speed riff intro, cleverly followed up by one with more of those deathy vocals, moving it out of clear thrash and into death realms, whilst still retaining plenty of melody.  This fluid motion between different metal genres is what makes this versatile and the passion is plain to hear.  As is the musical demo of aspects of the songs’ themes.

Watchtower – Slightly gentler intro, soon seguing into extreme thrash vocals and some tasty and slightly anthemic riffs, before playing around with a bit more melo-death style stuff and flowing back again into some nice, cosy riffage, with which, it ends.

Aftershock: The Act Of War – That’s a very smooth, slick intro, with plenty in common with many of the classic styles.  Lots of deathy growly stuff, yet still carrying a catchy hook or two in those riffs.  I tell you what, though.  It’s that rumbling, building drum roll that really hits home in this track, towards the end.  I will say one thing.  These guys know how to create an effective ending.

Parasite – Well paced, with more drum focus.  The more extreme influences are becoming increasingly apparent, which leads me to wonder whether this was perhaps initially intended as more of a death project than a thrash one.  This track’s over fairly quickly, before you’ve had much chance to take it in.  A bit like a lightning flash of changing movement.

Black Dawn – Ah, now that’s more of a ‘Tallica type intro.  Don’t be fooled, though.  The blackened thread returns and this time, it really goes for it, giving it everything it’s got within its gory, dark, grimy soul.  Some real melo-death emphasis, but still, that vaguely anthemic sense returns, intermittently.  Liking those yummy riffs, just before the end.

The Andromeda Effect – One off cymbal hit intro again, with accompaniment from a markedly heavy guitar and drum section.  More cymbal action in here, for sure.  There’s no mistaking the enthusiasm in here and the timing’s spot-on, but it’s going to appeal more to those of the death/black metal persuasion.  Convincing volcanic rumble at the end.

Outro – Intrigue abounds here, in this fire like sound, crackling away, like a bonfire, on Guy Fawkes night.  Quite a nice touch, in fact.

Overall – In contrast with most metal albums, this one’s left a confusing impression, since it’s technically, a thrash album, but definitely contains far more death/melo- death/extreme metal leanings.  Very passionate ones, at that.  One thing it does have, in buckets, is enthusiasm.  Ultimately, it’s one for the black metal fans.

7/10 *******

For fans of Skreamer, Slayer, Amon Amarth, Eluvitie, black metal, death metal and melo-death. 


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