Obzidian – ‘Obliteration Process’

From Wolverhampton, West Midlands, the home of heavy metal, come Obzidian, thrash metallers, formed in 2001.  Obzidian have toured the UK, supporting such legendary metal heavyweights as Sepultura, Arch Enemy, Crowbar and Ill Nino, earning them the title ‘one of the UK’s finest thrash metal bands’.

Two full-length albums were released previously, both of which received critical acclaim amongst the likes of ‘Kerrang’, ‘Metal Hammer’ and ‘Powerplay’.  Their first release, 2007’s ‘Damned Eternal’, was launched via Casket Records.  In 2014, they signed to Rocksector Records, through which, the second album, ‘Concrete Psychosis’, was released.

Having recently signed to Bearded Monkey Promotions, Obzidian are presently preparing for their busiest tour schedule yet, encompassing the remainder of 2016 and 2017, which looks set to be their heaviest year to date, including some significant festival slots and live gigs planned further afield, including mainland Europe are on the horizon. 

They’re now ready to release their third album, ‘Obliteration Process’, their heaviest, most detailed album so far.  Artwork and single ‘Sins Here Are Purified’ video commissioned by Andy Pilkington, of the award-winning ‘Very Metal Art’. The single is now available on youtube and soundcloud. 

Sins Here Are Purified – Decent chugging groove edged intro – gradually intensifying the heavy feel and sinister atmosphere behind the themes.  A very raw feel to the vocals, with a versatility, enabling them to go from death/black emphasis, to groove metal, with pounding rhythm and accompaniment.

Perish The Thought – Well timed follow-up, with obvious thought having gone into it.  Some classic groove laden riffs, immaculate drum fills and a very deep background storyline.  Real precision emphasis on the instrumentals and an angry energy in the vocals.

They Led The Fall – Lots of drum emphasis here, it’s a blitzing storm of drum rolls, with a positively monster vocal, spewing out its bilge, in all directions, till you’re envisioning him bleeding from the throat.

Beaten Into Submission – You actually feel the physical emphasis of the words in the title here, through the instrumentals, the lyrics and the general feel.  Brutal isn’t too strong a word.  It’s almost like a speed train coming towards you at full pelt.  There’s no escape and you won’t get out alive.

She The Shadow – A blackened intro, so in your face as to eat you alive and then step in and wear your entrails as fancy dress.  There’s a viciousness about this track, so all-encompassing, it lies beyond words.

Obliteration Process – Banging, raging, thorough battery of assault, so complete and in depth, it’ll drain your senses and cause you nightmares till the end of time.

Desolate Creed – Hammering at your door, with incensed metal violence, till you open up and let it in, when it floods your aura with darkness, doom and blood red rage.  Murderous intention, by association.

Body Of Mass Production – Increasing the speed of metallic aggression, overtaking its immediate environment, with death fuelled intent.

Mistress Of Deception – There’s a more melodic edge to this, with the riffs taking centrestage, as the vocals take on a melodious aspect, the drums beat their hardened way through their path and the bass element becomes the word, as it makes itself heard and demands your full and undivided attention.  A rolling feel to the outro, it’s done its job well.

Behind The Angels Eyes – Racing forwards, with a blitzkrieg of energy, opening up wider and wider, till it’s plain for all to see, in its boldness, determined focus and absolute single-minded intent.

Like Maggots They Infest – Oh, you’ve got to feel that tunnel like visual, invoked by the arrangements here.  A rockier, groovier vibe in here, rolling along, powerfully.  There’s a sense of letting go completely, being fully within its element.  Uninhibited metal rhythm, riffage and drumming to astound.

Raven – A clearer melody and groove to this, you’ll get right into the rhythm.  Another showcase of growly, adept vocals and collectively, going for it, showing the full instrumental dexterity and capacity for sexy sounds and memorable choruses.  A rather lovely doomy acoustic closing riff, fading out spectacularly.

Overall – Imagine being trapped in an experiment ground for heavy industrial machinery, with a psychopathic mind of its own, which is coming towards you, at full throttle, about to catch you in its threshing components, from which there’s no escape.  Combine that with being caught in a macerator, preparing to meet your horrific and terrifying doom, which you can see straight ahead, but are powerless to stop.  That summarises the power at play in ‘Obliteration Process’.  Full-scale fireworks have got nothing on this.  Heavy duty metal artillery, fully charged and ready to kill.

8/10 ********

For fans of Spreading The Disease, Boltthrower, Kyrbgrinder, satanic, extreme, death, doom and black metal, generally.

Released 28th November 2016 on Black Rock Records, via all online stores. Pre-orders available from http://www.obzidian.co.uk/ .







All press and booking enquiries should go through the band’s contact page or through their agents at Bearded Monkey Promotions.







2 Responses to “Obzidian – ‘Obliteration Process’”

  1. Obzidian Says:

    Hey Jenny!

    Thanks so much for the amazing and articulate review. We are so glad you connected with and enjoyed the album!

    Obzidian loves you!

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