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Fusion Bomb, from Luxembourg, play old school thrash, with some deathy aspects.  Formed in 2010, since then, it’s evolved, to the current point, at which, ‘Pravda’, the debut album, is being released.  ‘Pravda’ is a lyrical, thematical take on the Soviet Union’s history, delivered in a humourously analytical context.  It promises loads of fun melodic thrash, in an old school spirit.

1986 – Well that was different!  Slight delay, followed by an orchestral performance of patriotic music, with news flashes and sirens in the background, creating a very slight nod to Disturbed’s ‘Indestructible’, in the closing section.  Nothing like a bit of intrigue, to get your senses working.

Powersource – If ever there was a starker contrast to the intro track, it’s this one.  It couldn’t be any thrashier or heavier, if it tried.  Speed riffs, deathy screams, and raw, powered aggressive vocals; there’s an instantaneous delight to my ears, it has to be said.  Hard, driven and throwing in some truly fabulous riffs.  Ending on a barely audible light percussion hit, after the raging storm of drums throughout; there’s no arguing with the starkly obvious fact of heaviness permeating.

Pravda – Another evidently Soviet theme to this intro, before seguing rapidly into a truly metallic storm, to excite the sensibilities of any true metal devotee.  An unmistakable thread of metal attitude, persistence and absolute, determined conviction runs through this.  Very pleasing to beholders of the faith.  You can definitely hear the tongue in cheek presentation of metal overtaking Soviet restrictions and it’s refreshing, in its own way.  Ending with a battleground sound, from which the metal never dies; it’s very apt.

On The Fields Of Katyn – Bang!  Crash!  Lightning flashes of thrash metal abound.  Touches of extreme, moving so fluidly, from that, back to Exodus style performances, vividly reminiscent of ‘War Is My Shepherd’.  Cohesive, uplifting, focused and cause driven, there’s nothing to dislike.  So heavy, your floorboards would cave in, if this song was dropped on them.

Masses Breakfast – Fuck!  That’s another doom laden heaviness opening.  An evilness infiltrates the feel of this, worthy of the darkest Satanic metal.  Mosh pit territory, with well-placed sublime riffs and a thunderous effect, to compete with Thor himself.

Beertroopers Of Death – (Bonus Track) – Laying down some real thrash material, right from the outset; even the most restrained, self-contained metaller would obey the urge to get in the pit.  This thunders along, to the end, where it closes on an animalesque howl of death.

Overall – An energetically short burst of politically driven thrash metal, to blast and singe its way into your brain, where it will stay.  Hard to fault, immaculate delivery and fun performance.  It gets my vote.

9/10 *********

For fans of Exodus, Testament, Slayer, Anthrax, high-quality thrash, extreme, death, doom, pagan, gothic and satanic metal.




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