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Muddy Moonshine’s debut album, ‘Muddy and Wild’, is released in December, via Secret Entertainment.  Founded in 2014, they’re an acoustic blues ensemble; playing a combo of covers and original material.  Their self recorded and published EP, ‘Distilled’ was produced in Finland, in 2015.  As a result of band evolution, increasing gigs and line-up changes, new and different material was written.  The record deal with SE led to the debut album being produced and a new vocalist joining the band.  Their single, ‘This Town Of Mine’, was released on October 13th and is available through spotify and youtube.

Back In Jail – Heavy blues chord opening, with a tasty edge, moving steadily into a smooth, hard blues riff and vocals to match.  Rhythmic, visual and lively, mid-paced blues fayre, boding well for the following tracks.  A positive intro to a promising sounding album.

Drunk As Fuck – That’s quite a strong intro, harbouring blatant influences from combined rock genres, working well, to create a successful modern blues rock project, well worth a listen.  An easy listening component is clear in here and the slowed down slide guitar closing section clinches it perfectly.

This Town Of Mine – Nice touch to this intro, bringing in a country rock aspect, with a catchy emphasis.  Reminders of Puddle of Mudd’s, ‘Bring Me Down’.  Unusually noticeable strong lyrics, somehow not quite gelling with the upbeat melody, but often a brave effort, to incorporate such emotive material anyway.  It’s somehow relentlessly cheerful, even in the face of such dark subject matter and if one thing stands out, it’s the hooks, of which there are plenty.

Moonshine Man – Very lounge rock style, instrumentally, at least.  More of the slide guitar emphasis, with an audible nod to the Rolling Stones,’ ‘Little Red Rooster’, which does hold a certain catchy appeal, it must be said.  A laid-back approach permeates this and you’ll remember the deep, gravel throated outro, for its manly quality, which in itself, stands out a mile.

Bottle Of Love – Aha! Picking up the pace now, there’s an evident early R’ and R’ feel.  In this case, it’s lyrically and instrumentally cohesive.  A very visual one, reminding you of old-fashioned dance halls, 50s programmes and the roots of blues.  As hesitant as I am to describe it thus, it is kind of … nice.  Especially with that gently strummed finale).

Funkytown – Okay, a very slightly darker, but somehow, easier sense to the movement and tone of this, so much so that you do actually visualise it as a climb down from somewhere above, into fun, eased back territory.  There’s a certain mix of sounds and styles in here, which seems to blend punk, funk, soul, psychedelic, blues and whatever alternative strands you want to throw in.  It’s likable, light-hearted and memorable.

River – Lovely riff intro, with a really tasteful, appealing sound.  Slight sense of Whitesnake’s ‘Till The Day I Die’, which seems to fit well into the background.  Quite visually evocative themes, a pleasantly paced track and generally, it’s easy to follow.  Post mid-section, you’re going to find yourself joining in with the catchy chorus, in spite of yourself.  It’s a really enjoyable track.

Blued Steel Blues – That’s how you do it!  Opening with a very sexy sounding slide riff section, getting into its stride, from then onwards.  There’s an essentially natural feel to the whole slide rhythm of this track and it really gets inside you.  Some truly great riffs, the vocal strength really comes into its own here and there’s just an overall fun feel.

Russian Pussycat Blues – Interesting deviation from form, initially, prior to resuming the typically rocking rhythm.  Continuing down that same rocky road, it’d make a good dance number.  Some pleasant slide riffs in there, even if it does have a somewhat unusual, not to mention abrupt ending.

Stomp – Gorgeous full volume slide intro!  So catchy, it rocks, from that aspect alone.  Varied pace to this one, increasing as it reaches the point just prior to the mid-section.  Slowing down again, following it and focusing wholly on the steady rhythm, till the end, in an almost hypnotic sense.

Succubus – Another enjoyably slide guitar focused track; intriguing lyrics, though you could say, typically bluesy.  It works, however.  It’s a classic note to end on, really – the hate and resentment filled lyrics, which somehow, just work, to create that experiential life emphasis, so beloved of the blues genre, expressing, through the music, the essence of hard-won lessons.

Overall – A decent slice of blues rock, well worth a listen, with plenty of yummy slide guitar and although repetitive, in places, it doesn’t seem to matter.  It’s still a laid-back, relaxing listen, with nothing to dislike.

7/10 *******

For fans of blues, groove, R and R, Southern rock, country rock and good old-fashioned rock.

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