Jackknife Seizure – ‘Starfisher’


Originating in North London, difficult to categorise, Jackknife Seizure are described as proggy grunge, infused with heavy groove. Winning London ‘Metal to the Masses’, in 2014, they played Bloodstock and following that, released their debut EP, ‘Time Of The Trilobites’. After a brief break, Jackknife Seizure recommenced gigging, producing new content for this current 5 track album. The ‘Starfisher’ release depicts supernatural forces at work, controlling the earth, via the bands’ own unique perspective. ‘Starfisher’ was released on 16th January 2017 and is available digitally and on CD. Recorded at Defiance Studios, London. Mixed and mastered in the Netherlands.

Johnny Little Pocket Versus Mickey Pork – Thrudding, heavy intro, of battle style drumming, riffs and vocals to match. Lyrically resonant with war and violence, solid, determined aggression and overall, epic beats.

Fornicate Galactic – Blast of metal power, steady, chugging prog, darkly rhythmic threads of groove laden grunge dominate throughout. It’s a powerful combo, living up to its description and clearly outlining its lyrical themes.

Betelgeuse – Slightly more free-form, looser style to this; more filler than killer, but it builds strength and impact, as it goes. Alternating pace and tempo, as most good prog does, in that in and out sense, which enhances the clarity of its associated visual imaginings.

Starfisher – Opening with a continuous electronic beat, much like that of a life-support machine, penetrating through your soul, till it finally morphs into some peaceful ambient riffs, just before piercing your brain. Ending on an underwater sensation, coming as a blessed relief, after the holes in your brain through which the almost incessant beeps still seem to be filtering. I’ll happily stay under the water.

Tappy Tapperson – Bang! Well that intro couldn’t have been more different. Something of a relief, I must say. This is more like prog nightclub territory and now, there’s something a bit Arctic Monkeys about it. An experimental track, essentially. Lots of variation, lots of enthusiasm, lots of mix tape feeling. Ideal stuff for transportation back to the hours spent in the company of drugged out friends, in box rooms, in university halls of residence, whilst you collectively analysed the sounds of ‘ambient rock’. Oh no, that infernal beeping’s back now. What are Jackknife Seizure trying to do to me? Okay, you’ve done it. You’ve got in my head and drilled into my brain with permanent prog.

Overall – A highly unusual blend of prog techniques, incorporating a cocktail of alt, grunge, groove and stoner). Beginning as one thing and ending as another, with a proggy dream in the middle. Uncategorisable as one thing or another, but clearly willing to experiment with whatever works in the moment. At least they’ll never be one trick ponies.

6/10 ******



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