Obey – ‘Embers’

Banging  intro, of epically heavy proportions. Slight echoic quality to this track, but plenty of hard groove and grit, still and some simply storming riffs. AIC fans will love the vocals here, so resonant are they of AIC’s grungiest, heaviest material.  Catchy, with very dark visuals, fitting the musical content, revealing little in their shadowy forms, requiring close, intense focus. Hints towards rituals, with sinister undertones, making great use of the creepy eyes, staring out, malevolently, from a largely faceless background. An equal balance of visual depictions, alternating between bar and rehearsal scenes and fire based rituals, in undisclosed, mysterious locations, always throwing in those haunting eyes, intermittently. Instantly catchy dark, doomy flavour, conveyed with a perfectly rhythmic beat, of the finest quality and the heaviest edge. This is groove metal at its best.

10/10 **********



For fans of AIC.




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