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Introducing Deathinition’s debut album, ‘Online’. A thrash metal band founded in 2008, the first track from the album was launched at the end of 2016 and can be found on YouTube. Stage appearances began from 2009 onwards. Their first demo was released in 2011 and their EP, ‘Art Of Manipulation’, in 2013. This gained rave reviews internationally. Reissued twice, first in tape format, split with Canadian band Terrifier, (2015, Tridroid Records, USA) and second, in CD form, split, part of Boot Camp series (2017, Divebomb Records, USA).

After many line-up changes, the current line-up was formed in 2014. To date, they’ve played approaching 100 live shows. Deathinition have shared a stage with bands such as Death Anger, Helstar, Vicious Rumors, Hirax, Kat ( with Roman Kostrzewski), Christ Agony, Bonded By Blood, Fuelled By Fire, Violator, Andralls, Suicidal Angels, Majster Kat and most of Poland’s emerging metal acts.

Having played open-air festivals, including Suwka Fest Chmielnki three times and Muszla Fest twice, last year, they played a smaller stage, at Rock Hard Ride Free, in Goleniow, alongside headliners Saxon. Deathinition headlined local day Juwenalia Bydgoszcz. Their vast experience has won them an assured reputation in the industry, as a band guaranteed to incite crowd involvement, mosh pits and headbanging.

Trueczina – Blasting into life, with a positive blitzkrieg of metal, exploding into your brain, at full impact. Great vibrant vocal thrashy harmonies. Exciting, fiery riffs, brilliantly lively drums, keeping a furious pace, with a battering rhythm and some fabulously well-placed deathy thrash shouts; uplifting and life affirming. It’s a collective metal feast.

Zlota Kariera – Ooh, got to love that ‘Wizard’-esque riff intro. Intriguing as fuck, it soon changes tack, moving smoothly into a wonderfully loud, anthemic style, destined to draw you into its lair. Riffage paradise. A total party piece, filled with seductively masculine vocals, ending on a final shout. Metal Heaven.

Zmierzch Wartosci – Introing with a power storm of deluxe thrash metal riffs, joining them with more delightful anthemic vocals and an even more delightful and undeniably orgasmic power scream. There’s no denying it. This rocks! And then some! Such a powerful ending.

Ludzkie Z.O.O. – Banging intro and straight in there, with another stunning riff fest. These guys truly are aces at the art of anthemic thrash vocals. This will shatter your brain. Bleeding pure metal, from every orifice; simply enthralling. Giving it all they’ve got, I’m amazed their instruments haven’t exploded yet, but even when my brain does, I’ll still be grateful.

Online – A slightly less explosive intro, but only slight and it soon slides into another fest of astounding metallic overload. Really striking pulse to this album, keeping that energy up throughout – there’s a barrage of drum rolls and lightning riffs 3/4 in. They keep that momentum, to startling effect. Epic riff and drum closing section. Mass thrash proportions.

KlamsTVa dla mas – Yet more stuff of brain bursting magnificence. Oh that power scream is just to die for! The riffs equal its power easily. Brief quieter mid-section, before launching, yet again, into more mind melting metal; ending on a spectacularly assertive drum hit and tight riff. A thrash extravaganza.

Dezinformacje24 – Very smooth twiddly riffs there at the intro, followed by rapid-fire drumming and earthy thrash growls. Well timed riff melodies, accompanied by a battering ram drum section and together, they create mind blowing territory. It’s a pure thrash metal Fest, from start to finish. That final shout just does it for me).

Rytm Konsumpcji – Blitzing into the fray with a riff party section, from your wildest dreams and continuing in that same vein. That’s it. The pen drumming’s started. Damn the fact it has to end.

Pozer Song – Deliciously darker, doomier intro, you can imagine it falling down, through the floor and deep into the basement below. This is simply packed with power. Really going for it, with this closing track, they couldn’t inject any more passion into this, if they tried. It goes out in a hail of metal bullets. I can now attest to the fact that it does, as is claimed, encourage – no, compel – full on headbanging – having just placed myself at risk, having done so, against medical advice, but I don’t care, as in the words of Phil Anselmo himself, the power of the riff compels me.

Overall – A thrash metal blizzard, to end them all. Enough said.

10/10 ********** list).


For fans of top drawer thrash metal, such as Anthrax, Exodus, Testament, Metallica and Slayer.


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