Teleport – ‘Ascendance’


Nihility – Intriguingly creepy horroresque intro, seguing nicely into a smooth, creeping riff, worthy of the best kind of horror film. Thoughtfully paced and constructed, it really ramps up the visual imagery, creating the darkest of atmospheres. Tension abounds.

The Monolith – Bang! And it’s straight in there, with plenty of noise filled extremity. Lots of growly emphasis here, alongside a well placed set of speed riffs, a slowly snaking drum rhythm and a dark tone overall. It’s all about the atmosphere and it hits it right on the nail. Don’t turn around, if you’re listening alone, in the dark.

Artificial Divination – Crashing and fizzing with lightning strikes and flashes of fire powered metal. Intensely extreme, with blackened vocals from hell. Even a Testamentesque riff or two in there. Now this is what you call ‘The Devil’s Music’. Criss crosses of thrillingly crazed metal riffs and drum licks, raging with burning fire. You can almost feel the heat coming off this track.

Realm Of Solar Darkness – Plenty of power to fuel this one. Steadier, but no less intense or visual rhythm. More of an action film soundtrack to these visuals. Racing ahead now, there’s a speed metal quality to the riffs here. Monster lyrics, with that same blackened edge and it’s over, having made its’ mark, fading out on darkened riffs.

Path To Omniscience – Quality sinister intro riffs, maintaining that solid, sinister momentum, whilst throwing in a random ‘Tallicaesque riff and drum section, reminiscent of The Black Album era. Never losing its starkly blackened evil edge, though, it’s nightmare territory, for certain. Keeping the hauntingly cold emphasis, within the outro, it comes full circle, returning to the point at which it started.

Overall – A terrifying source of night terrors, combining horror and thriller genres at once. This is so much more than thrash. The visual elements and scarily sharp, blackened edge take it straight into the realms of extreme gothic horror metal, making it perfect soundtrack material for late night action thrillers and horror films. Should come with a warning – not for sensitive ears. Regardless, it’s still quality faultless precision.

8/10 ********

For fans of Trivax, Exodus, Amon Amarth, Behemoth and all forms of extreme, black metal and horror, gothic, thriller noir metal.


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