Exist – ‘Get Your Own’

Thrash metal from Poland, founded late 2014, by 2 13-year-old guitarists and the drummer, a bassist soon followed. He was temporarily replaced, but returned 6 months later. Inspirations, mainly, NWOTM, with some old school/classic influences. Gigging began November 2015. They’ve so far played alongside Lefutray (Chile) and numerous Polish bands: Nocny Kochanek, Thermit, Deathinition, Roadhog, (see previous reviews for those last 3), Rusted Brain, Savior, Highlow, Stormer, Over The Under, Kontagion and Soundfear. Their demo EP, ‘Get Your Own’, was recorded from late 2016-early 2017 and released as pro CD-R in February 2017. The 18-year-old bassist is the oldest band member!

Get Your Own – Powerfully affecting acoustic, flamenco like intro, with a definite haunting edge. Seguing into a heavy electric riff and drum storm, whilst still retaining the flamenco sound; this is a rare and effective sound, which clearly works. Gradual progression into heavier territory, considering the young age of the musicians, their material carries just as much power, energy and skill as many an older, more seasoned band. In fact, it eventually explodes into a face meltingly metallised arrangement, worthy of any known trad metal band you care to name. Ending on a direct, confident drum hit or two, it’s fair to say that with ‘Get Your Own’, Exist have firmly stamped their name on the heavy metal genre already. You may just hear a Metallica-esque riff in there, too.

Lawlessness – Blisteringly metal riff intro there, of a Slayer-esque nature. The vocals come into play here and again, I’m taken aback at the young age of such immense talent. Great strategic use of rhythm, timing and pace in here and a sheer delight of genuinely metallic compositions, blending awesomely hard electric sounds, with strikingly amazing acoustics. A proper blitzfest of epic proportions.

On Your Own Accord – Booming drum intro, rapidly followed by glorious shredding which could easily have come straight from the likes of Slayer or Testament. It’s just so likeable as well as being the epitome of true heavy metal, of a calibre seldom heard. Already, they’ve got the hang of combining enjoyable music with intense intelligent craftsmanship – a skill very few established bands can crack, in such a memorable way. Filled with magical riffs, intuitively mature vocals and banging drums, all balanced out by an exquisitely handled bass. It’s authentic and truly unforgettable.

Exist – Bang! It’s one of those intros). These drums don’t half mean business. Loving that deep, dark, smoothly delivered riff section. Very Reign Of Fury-esque. Blasting straight into a performance direct from Metal Heaven, raining down metallic blood from paradise. Moshers, headbangers, riff meisters, metal vocal athletes alike, you will love this to the death! Crammed chock full of all that’s best about metal and closing on a decisive drum hit, to end all arguments; this is pure gold.

Overall – If you can imagine Metallica, Slayer, Testament, Megadeth, Exodus and WASP, entering a room and playing one combined riff medley together, it would sound like ‘Get Your Own’. Exist could give many a far more seasoned band a run for their money and then some. Few manage to achieve such fun, uplifting songs, performed with such intricate musicianship. They’ve cracked it. If this is what a band of such short duration, composed of teenagers are capable of, this early in their careers, it can only lead to greatness. An absolutely startlingly brilliant EP, from start to finish. Do I have to say it again? Pure metallic gold.

10/10 **********

For fans of Metallica, Slayer, Testament, Megadeth, WASP, Exodus, Reign Of Fury and all other pro riff-meisters and thrash metal legends.




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