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dbcoverAlt metal from Manchester and Liverpool, Death Blooms carry the torch of melodic sounds and meaning, packing their songs with strongly resonant social themes relating to the metal community and also about the struggles we all have to contend with, daily and the lessons which emerge from them. This, their debut EP, is currently hailed as one of the best underground band releases of the year.

Last Ones – Exploding into life, at full impact, it’s certainly hard stuff and doesn’t mess about. Catchy and colourful, its main draw, it rocks hard. Stand-out track.

I’m Dead – Ramping up the heavy factor, it’s a surprising mix of melodic, thrash, blackened death and NWOBHM, unexpected in alt genres, but it works. Definitely more death than alt. Then again, its’ style fits the title well.

Sick – More of a modern feel to this, which’d also fit well in metal core circles. Similar, though, to ‘I’m Dead’. Short, but acute and packed with aggression.

Hate Die – Getting heavier, still, but now, throwing in more sinister tones, it’s pure anger and really, just expresses it in and through various shades. Difficult to find anything unique or striking about it, but one thing it certainly has, in spades, is passion and enthusiasm, without a doubt.

Overall – It definitely can’t be said that these guys don’t pour their heart and soul into their work and that comes across clearly. For me, the stand-out track has to be ‘Last Ones’. However, it’s lacking in individuality markers and I have to say, general substance. Hard to find anything memorable in it, but given that it’s a debut and given the obvious energy inherent within it, that potential will hopefully be built upon, to create improved originality in future releases.

6/10 ******

For fans of melodic, cross-over and sub-genres, including metal core, grind core, death and alt metal.

Released 12th May 2017

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