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Having played Bloodstock’s ‘New Blood’ stage, in 2015, after winning Metal To The Masses, From Eden To Exile are about to release the debut album, ‘Modern Disdain’, on 2nd June 2017.

After throwing everything they had into the album, both the band and producer Neil Hudson (Krysthla/Gutworm) feel that it’s vastly opened up their potential, released all past limitations and demonstrates the best they have to offer at present.

Gospel Untold – Rolling in there, with rapid fire drum rolls and growly roars, it’s impacting and carries a battery of riffs, which although melodic in themselves, highlight the need for some level of vocal melody/clarity, since it’d be good to be able to decipher the story behind the lyrics.

Modern Disdain – Samey and not so far easily separable from ‘G. U.’, yet does inject some differing arrangements and again, it’s really the guitar melody that saves it. Slightly short, but hey ho.

Volatile – Very fitting title, given the style, evidently favouring a hard line, aggressive approach. Interesting riffs and slightly more melodic vocals, in places, but never deviating from the deathy technique. Fading out on a roared scream.

Victim – Marginally more gradual intro, throwing in a bit more light, here and there. Generally, very dark, with a rapid pace and similar anger, yet there’s greater lyrical audibility and thematic expressions of regret, around the edges of the mostly murderous centre.

The Dreamer – Another quick-fire paced piece of rage fuelled evil. Growing even heavier throughout, those roars appear to be filled with hate and yet again, it’s the riffs that stand out.

From Eden To Exile – As the band name, this should probably be fairly self-explanatory. Though there is definitely increasing energy here, along with various alternating techniques, I’ve got to say, it’s not that unique.

What You’ve Done – Slightly more lightning energy and pace, in places, but at risk of repetition, that mostly comes across through the riffs. The drum sections do come forward a tad more in here, yet there isn’t much to distinguish it from the rest. Fading out on a solid drum roll.

Sentiment – So there’s a lot of anger in this album. That’s one thing that’s clear in ‘Sentiment’, as in every other track. It does contain some incrementally more individual riffs, with brief alternations in pace and rhythm, but otherwise, the hoarseness inducing roars continue, with no real variation.

Overall – The strength of ‘M.D’. is in its instrumental artistry. That’s one unarguable point. It is clearly accomplished musicianship and the main theme and feeling of raging resentment is definitely present. So it can be said that F.E.T.E. express themselves and their energy well. Other than that, it’s largely unoriginal, uninspiring and would definitely benefit from greater lyrical focus, but would go down well with fans of the darker, more extreme side of metal.

6/10 ******

For fans of death, black, sludge and extreme genres.

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