Daniel Trigger – ‘Time Of The Titans’

Daniel Trigger, singer/songwriter from the Midlands, UK, writes and performs melodic heavy rock and has done so for most of his life, having taken his initial inspiration from a live Europe gig, after hearing ‘The Final Countdown’. From then on, he’s aimed to create the same sort of sounds in his own music. Following experience performing with a succession of bands, Dan formed ‘Trigger’ in 2003. His wife Sally and brother Jez also form part of the complement of band members. From 2011 onwards, Dan continued with Trigger as a solo artist, releasing his first album, ‘Infinite Persistence’, in 2012. Working briefly with German label, ‘Pure Steel Records’, he began creating increasingly powerful music, culminating in the highly acclaimed ‘Army Of One’, in 2014, which received very positive feedback from Classic Rock mag. Having signed to Aspire Music Management, in 2015 and performed, briefly, as a solo acoustic artist, Dan has now produced a third album, ‘Time Of The Titans’, featuring guest slots from former Trigger members. Available in both CD and digital formats. All sale proceeds go to and are divided between the following charities: – Marie Curie Cancer Care, Dementia UK and the Diana Award Anti-Bullying Campaign.

Promised Land – Earth-shattering intro, of equally stunning vocal and instrumental power. Immediate anthemic catchiness, uplifting feel and lyrically inspiring quality. Well titled as the intro track, as it is, in fact, very promising. There’s a soaring sense and enlivening atmosphere to the whole of the track, which will work well for all classic and melodic rock fans who just crave true escapism.

Losing My Faith – Lifting up the power and the senses, with it, this is like a heavier Bon Jovi; creating an impression of height and somewhat incongruously with the title, it’s overwhelmingly positive both lyrically and sound-wise, offering up a volcanic edge to the explosive vocal strength, which truly astounds, with its energetic emotional expression.

Here Comes The Rage – Opening with a variation on the emotional theme, changing direction, making space for another emotion, just as striking, plausible and sincere in its delivery. You’re gonna love those sexy riffs! Oh those lyrics are killer and will appeal to all on a similar mission to assert their power, lose the negativity of being walked over by others and change their energy, to reach a place of personal power and confidence. Affecting and memorable.

I Was A Titan – Moving into a hauntingly ‘other’ sounding intro, instantly profound and meaningful. Slower rhythm and deeply nostalgic sense to this. Intriguing lyrical themes, holding a phenomenal amount of power. Enthralling and it’s just not long enough.

Welcome To The Real World – Turned right up to the max, there’s no arguing with the strength of this! Positively blasting out the power, especially from the drums. A dream delivery, especially for all we power metal fans, for whom it’ll resonate so deeply, you’ll think your being’s been invaded by a gang of marauding and very welcome metal …. well, there’s no other word for it …. Titans.

Do You Know Who I Am – Oh yeah, now this begins in true anthemic metal style). Seguing, from there, ever so smoothly, into a gentle, almost ballad-like section, of such intense feeling, it really is breath-taking. Dan hits and holds those notes so well, you can feel his conviction through his voice, in the most astonishing way. Sheer spectacular power.

Sell My Soul – Introing this with a genuinely convincing fantasy film soundtrack opening, then once again, moving seamlessly, into the most mind-blowingly sensational power section, you’ll be singing along within no time. Absolutely filled with grinding sex appeal and I just want more!

Ready To Fly – Opening with an aptly sounding take-off effect, from where, it just soars into life again, with total, limitless passion. So much melody sings from those guitars, it just pours right into your very being, filling you with undaunted life force. An exercise in pure energy release.

Rain – Effective in such a real sense, it’s almost physically palpable. Some lighter shades of gentler areas, here and there, but largely, still every bit as hard-hitting, passionate and fierce. There’s one thing can be said of this and it’s that if all the passion, enthusiasm and joy of melodic heavy rock was bottled and the lid fell off, it would spill all over this track and indeed, this album, till the entire surface area was covered and soaked and still, the immense power of those feelings would seep right through.

Close My Eyes – Crunching riffs and drum rolls intro, stepping up the heaviness even more, with giant chord progressions, giant vocals and bass lines and generally, a gigantic feel to the whole thing. It truly is gargantuan and one of those standout albums that go beyond any degree of analysis, since they simply hit you with continuous passion, power and strength, so consuming and sincere, as to go beyond the point of description and critique, into almost spiritual realms of experience. That’s the level of conviction presented throughout.

Personal Asylum – Rocking it up yet again, with an instrumental experience much like a visual audio impression of a scene in which actual rocks are thrown at you relentlessly, as they rain down on you, in an unforgiving mortar attack. A vocal powerhouse of sheer, unlimited energy.

Pendulum – Nice touch on the guitar and drums, swinging into a smoother performance, of total, cohesion, synergy and connection. Lifting you up, with the high, happy vibes. Just a relentless joy, lyrically reassuring and somehow, protective, in its cheerful, meaningful melody.

Reach Out – Great closer, hopeful, assuring and adaptable to all, in its meaning and message. Overflowing with cheering, comforting words and energy, delivered in a short, concise, but endlessly and heavily meaningful way. It will hit home for us all, in some way and reach into the very depths of your soul, lifting you up, as it re-energises and re-awakens you, to new heights of feeling and expression.

Overall – A gigantic, gargantuan store of power, conviction and intense pleasure. Above and beyond the compliments of any critique and the level of justice they could do it. To hear the real, true heart and soul of what lies behind heavy melodic rock and the love that creates it, give ‘TOTT’ a listen.

10/10 **********

For fans of Fahran, Saxon, Scorpions, Shinedown, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Slash, Myles Kennedy And The Conspirators and loud, anthemic rock/metal, generally.







Artwork by Andy Pilkington at Very Metal Art at http://www.verymetal.co.uk


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