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Gravehuffer, from Joplin, Missouri, USA, formed in July 2008 as Krom and subsequently changed their name to Gravehuffer in 2011. Their debut album, ‘Chaotic Evil’, on Reality Impaired Recordings, was initially released under the name Krom, in June 2009 and then re-released, in July 2012, as a Gravehuffer production, entitled ‘Blasphemusic’, with the same record company, but with 6 extra tracks. Their new album, ‘Your Fault’, also on Reality Impaired Recordings, is available now, on CD and in cassette format.

Gravehuffer – Very intriguing forest like sound effect intro, seguing into the considerably more sinister sound of a grave being dug and a tombstone removal, from what may actually be a cemetery – apt, though, however disturbing, for the band name and title track. Moving, from there, into a deeply growly vocal section and melodic riffage, of a surprisingly uplifting quality, given the deathly theme. A blackened nature to this one and definitely one for the black/death metal enthusiasts.

Of Fish And Men – Opening this time, with more exciting, stoner riffs and a clear doom emphasis. More of a spoken format emerging from the vocals, but keeping that monster roar within them, it’s too brief to elicit much more analysis than that. Suffice to say, though, the visual imagery of the creature rising from the black lagoon strikes immediately.

Kill For Sport – Striking riff and drum intro, with a clear increase in drum emphasis. Still, the consistency of the deathy vocals remains, yet it’s the guitar riffs that really stand out, as those of an evidently accomplished nature. Again, brief track length, so any further scrutiny would be milking it.

Dead Peace – Opening with a clack of drum sticks, before making way for a sound which is more jingle than song territory and as such, is over in a flash, before you even know what’s happened. You can’t help but wonder why such competent musicians are limiting themselves in this way.

Shut Up And Skate – Launching straight in with increased energy, noticeably more passion and somehow, greater volume. Great riff work, once more and ultimately, instrumentally cohesive and though it does last slightly longer, there’s still a reluctance to showcase their full potential.

Powers That Be – Now that’s a memorably classic extreme thrash riff to intro with. Rhythmically sound and this time, an enjoyable crack at a more sung form of vocals, with immediately obvious suitability for dark thrash/Bay Area/possibly even new wave genres. More could be done with these vocals and they’re definitely developed enough to branch out into different styles and territories.

Destroyer Of Worlds – Riffs coming forward once more, providing a glimpse of their greater potential. Good to hear the drums also becoming more present and here, there’s a catchier sound, overall. This is more like the kind of focus that holds attention and memory. Starting to increase the track length here, to a fuller, richer experience, showing great progression. I’d still like to hear more of this sound.

Death Caprice – Bringing that Slayer like essence to the intro riffs and somehow, an edge of hard rock attitude to the vocals, giving an enjoyable glimpse back into the joys of 90’s rock and the Axl Rose School of vocals so beloved of many. It’s just not long enough and comes to an end just as you’re getting into it, but if there’s one thing Gravehuffer have developed well, it’s whetting the appetite for more. Quit teasing, though and lengthen the songs.

Worms Of God – The doom emphasis really comes out to play here. An interesting near diversion into more melodic realms takes centre stage here and those riffs are growing ever more exciting, but yet again, it ends before you’ve had chance to absorb it properly.

Prince With A Thousand Enemies – Slightly more noise rock aspects to this track, but it does retain that death vibe about it, permeating throughout. Yet, there’s still that edge of G’N’R’ s ‘The Spaghetti Incident’ in there somewhere. Too brief for more reflection, again, but I can’t help feel that curious sense of more, struggling to get out, yet simultaneously reluctant to emerge.

Chains Around You – In a brave change of direction here, a slow funereal piano intro makes itself known, accompanied by a performance reflecting a far greater degree of diverse potential, into which all the emotional expression of the entire album appears to have been poured. Closing on the fascinating sound of clinking glass, followed by the similarly visual sound of chains rattling – in keeping with its title. The closer seems to be where most of the energy’s gone and you wouldn’t forget this track easily.

Overall – A demonstrably fast blitz through an album which feels, for all its accomplished craftsmanship, like it’s running out of time. Incongruous, as the more you hear, the more aware you become of just how great the potential is within it, but owing to the acutely short (mainly) track lengths, you don’t get chance to hear it fulfil the full extent of its own potential. Whilst the riffs are its guiding light, those vocals are also capable of more and would benefit from further exploration. It’s ultimately skilled, able and multitalented, yet, for some reason, sells itself short. I just want to hear more.

7/10 *******

For fans of doom, stoner, extreme, death and black metal sounds and also specific melodic 90’s hard rock.

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