Grindpad – ‘Shark Bite’

Born in 2006, the casual, nameless band, which in 2007, became Grindpad, bonded over their love of old school metal. Having in common, their distaste for modern, samey sub-genre trends, they morphed their own music from death/grind, into true pure energetic metal. Their two EP’s and live shows won them the Dutch Metal Battle, in 2010. After this, gigs continued and they supported Boltthrower, Benediction and Tankard.

Despite the usual line-up changes, JG and Axel, the original guitarists, remained. Even in the face of losing most of the band in 2011, they still kept the metal flame alive, retaining the same eternal passion as ever. From there, they moved the music into the sound of which they’d always dreamed – classic thrash! Knowing this was a winning formula, they set out to prove it.

Joined in 2012, by new members, Olivier (vocals) and Remy (bass), the dream came together and new material was produced. Featuring a guest appearance from Paul Beltman, (River Of Souls, ex Sinister and Judgement Day), on drums, the new EP, ‘Sharkbite’, is now ready for the world to hear. Grindpad’s main focus is to maintain the traditional sound of forceful, loud, aggression, which makes metal what it is.

Not Fucking Dead – Bang! Crash! Wallop! That’s about the size and shape of this full throttle metal assault, measuring about 100 on the Richter scale. Loving the sentiment behind these lyrics and overall performances. If ever a thrash band said what they mean, it’s Grindpad. All the anger, rage and raw, powerful emotion they aim for is there, for certain. If you want proof of the continued existence of old school thrash metal, with sincerity of feeling, it’s right here. Believe it. Listen and learn.

Sharkbite – Axe attack central. Imagine all the true thrash masters of metal in a room together, with the volume turned up to 100 and this is it. Just feel those riffs. An old school thrash fan’s dream. The speed, the power, the passion and the anger. It’s all here. Slayer, Testament, Anthrax, Exodus, Pantera, eat your heart out. Along with all the thrashiest tracks to be found on The Crobar – Volume 1. Perfection incarnate.

The Lion’s Strife – Coming in with an absolute killer riff and following it up with more, the sheer force of aggression coming from those vocals hits you full in the face, while the drums beat the living shit out of you, for fun and the bass just thrums and throbs with power. All combined, provide the perfect ingredients for the exhilarating joy that is true thrash. You think they don’t make them like that anymore? Listen to this!

Come In Peace (Go In Pieces) – Full-scale metal attack fronts you up and floors you in seconds, with the sheer power it throws at you. You’d seriously be forgiven for mistaking them for Slayer, at their very best. That’s the utter magnitude of their genius. Bow down and kiss the feet of the astounding greatness that is Grindpad.

Outro – Battering your senses, with the immense forcefulness of their performance, this all too brief instrumental closer shows them in the glaringly dazzling light of their full and awesome power. With brilliantly deployed use of tremolo, wah wah pedals and all the stunning strength and unmeasurable quality you’d expect to find in a Slayer production, of their greatest works, it takes you straight to Metal Valhalla.

Overall – Fuck me, it’s almost too good for words! An absolute shining masterpiece of thrash metal Heaven I’m convinced is being channelled by the spirit of Jeff Hannemann himself. Either way, he’d still look down and smile on this, as his legend continued. For those of us who crave the old school sound and passion, with the philosophy that goes with it, in this, we’ve found The Holy Grail.

10/10 **********

For fans of Slayer, Exodus, Testament, Pantera, Municipal Waste, D.R.I., Iron Monkey, you get the picture.


2 Responses to “Grindpad – ‘Shark Bite’”

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    • jennytate Says:

      Not sure what you’re referring to here, as this is a music review site. I think maybe this has been posted in the wrong place? I’m afraid I don’t know anything about resistance bands, but again, this wouldn’t be the place to discuss it. Sorry I couldn’t help, but you might want to try a health site instead. Music and review comments on here only please. Thank you.

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