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Track title ‘Black Waters Deep’ is metaphorically related to struggling to keep your head above water, whilst the pressures and stresses of life drag you down, till you drown.

Formed in 2004, the initial idea behind In My Embrace was to create darker, stronger music than they were used to, influenced by old school and Viking black death metal. In 2010, IME began writing new music and reproducing older material. They recorded their EP, ‘Dead To Dust Descend’, in 2012 and the end of 2013 saw them working with Sliptrick Records, through whom ‘DTDD’ was released in spring 2014. The EP received widespread acclaim, adding a music video for its track title, with contents approved by the Blizzard Entertainment video game ‘Diablo 3’.

More band members joined for live gigs and the album, ‘Black Waters Deep’ was released, as a full-length. As a Swedish melo-death/black metal album, the music within it varies somewhat, in pace, feel, sound and style, with some structural variations aswell. Taking a unique and eclectic approach to each individual track, it could fit into multiple genres and is hoped to meet with diverse tastes.

The Coming Storm – Cautiously deep, gradual shadowy intro, just long enough to intrigue, mystify and hold your attention.

Black Waters Deep – Bringing in the noise now, ‘BWD’ intro’s the darkened, blacker aspect to their music, injecting it with a steady rhythm, a sinister feel and a mysteriously grungy backdrop, enabling the very accessibility they aim for. There’s a strong sense of a careful attempt at an interplay of different genres, which in fact, works on some level. Intricate craftsmanship is immediately apparent.

Into Oblivion – Crashing its way onto the scene, with visual imagery aplenty; it’s a really appealing blend of Viking, melodic, black and death metal, worthy of the highest level of recognition. Creative and vibrant, it’ll infiltrate your mind, with images of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, charging into battle, with full body armour and a whole battalion of metal styles and influences as their ammo. Even for the most hardened purist, this’ll open up new metallic vistas in your mind. It’s fresh, breezy and unique and it goes down very well indeed.

Of Ache And Sorrow – A banging intro, of a different kind, shifting direction, to a new perspective, tinged with slightly more blackened emphasis, yet equal parts melody, uplift and diversity. Well constructed, with winning arrangements and an overall buzz factor, making it one you’d want to return to. Even at first listen, you’re struck by its power and made aware that each consecutive listen would provide new elements and sounds to create novel storylines worth following.

Thy Abhorrence – Pure violent rage this time, leaving you in no doubt as to its strength and still, holding such creative melody. There’s definitely something for everyone here and one thing you won’t ever be by IME is bored. A challenging, yet fulfilling ride through Nordic landscapes and uplifting territories – it’s a bold statement of individuality and cross-over genres, which, together, bring a whole new and enlightening sound and structure to the metal arena.

The Road Of Hanging On – Opening with an ever so brief wobble board sound, for the shortest interval, before launching right into a harder edged tempest, every bit as fun and enjoyable. Blizzard-like, in delivery and so refreshing, it’ll keep you on your toes till the last.

Next Chapter – Hauntingly beautiful piano intro, seguing, smoothly, into a leaner, more melodic sound, still incorporating that battle hardened edge, whilst just trimming it back discreetly, to the bare bones of melody. Inspiring, evolved and edgily catchy, as the song progresses further. Ending on a return to the mesmeric piano solo, it’s a true art form and that’s not even doing it justice.

Voyage Of Thoughts – Throwing down the power and laying it out on the floor, to be played for all it’s worth, here lies a source of unbreakable defiance. Banging out the metal, with the energy of an army; it’ll leave you stretched out on the ground, sated, yet still asking for more.

Killing Spree – Mysteriously opening, with a sound akin to a heavy boulder, or possibly a tombstone, being rolled to one side, it soon moves into total melodic thrall, whilst continuing that death tinged essence and overall heaviness. Consummate professionalism, it’s a storm of hardened metal to go out and play in.

Autumn Storm Despair – Moving gently into life, with a melancholic acoustic section, reminiscent of Avenged Sevenfold’s ‘So Far Away’, accompanied by the most perfectly fitting, sorrowful, yet comforting rainfall. The ideal way to end.

Overall – A newly discovered gem of first rate, metallic cross-over combos, to challenge, enthuse and enthrall all metal devotees, regardless of favoured genres. Amalgamating complex arrangements, with intelligently crafted song structures, vivid visual imagery and highly sentient sounds, producing evocatively involving music, of a deeply memorable and striking nature.

9/10 *********

For fans of new and innovative melo-death, black and death metal, old school Viking metal, thrash, melodic and combo/cross-over metal.

Out now on Sliptrick Records. (Video with licensed Diablo 3 material).

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